How to protect floors when moving

How to protect floors when moving

How to protect floors when movingYou are going to move to another state, and it’s great. You are heading for better future.  You must be excited, but there are still some things to do to complete the moving process. Your moving day is approaching, and your stress has hit its limit. You don’t need to panic, contact trustworthy Trico Long Distance Movers to ease your move and relocate your property in the best possible way. You can rely on our experienced, skilled and kind crew to safely transport your precious belongings to your new place. We are proud to offer you an outstanding service at a very competitive price. We aim to have a happy client so contact us to hear some useful tips and schedule your moving day.

As your moving day is approaching, it’s not only packing you have to think of. There is another crucial thing to consider: protecting floors when moving, both the ones in your old home and the ones in your new house or flat. You should avoid damaging them since it could complicate things and cause additional costs. If you ruin your present rented home, you may not get the security deposit back. In case it is your own home, damaged floors can cause a decrease in your price.  Regarding your new home, you don’t want to scratch or ruin the floors when moving in. Let’s see how to keep them damage-free:

–    Measure your furniture before moving in: The worst thing that can happen to you is when you are trying to get into the position to force a large item through a tight doorway. You will easily avoid such unpleasant situation and save your floors and walls from damaging if you know in advance that furniture can fit securely in each room.

–    Don’t drag your furniture: Most flooring can be easily damaged when dragging. Carry the lighter items in your arms, such as boxes and chairs. Floors can’t be destroyed if there is no direct contact with the elements. Anyway, wrap the edges and feet of the tables and chairs with furniture blankets. Use furniture sliders for furniture, appliances or other types of bulky items to eliminate the friction between the object and the floor. When you place the slider under each leg of the item, you can safely slide it around the room to put it where you want. Don’t ever pull heavy furniture, always push it. If you can’t afford purchasing sliders, use some pieces of protective furniture blankets or some thick cardboard instead of the sliders.

–    Using a dolly with rubber wheels: This type of equipment is one the essential ones for floor protection. There are dollies with two wheels and the ones with four wheels; it’s just important that they have soft, rubber wheels in order not to scratch the floors at all.

–    Place doormats and cardboards: No matter what the weather will be like on a moving day, place one doormat in front of the entrance of your house and the one as soon as you enter it. They will enable everyone to wipe off their shoes thoroughly before they enter any room. First, the floor will not be slippery from possible rain or mud, and secondly, the floors won’t get wet or dirty. Then, place big sheets of thick cardboard along busy areas in the house, such as the hallway. You can make cardboard from the boxes you won’t use any more. Just break them apart and create pathways which will protect your floors from any dirt and scratching.

Having helpers you can trust is undoubtedly the best method you should use. Trico Long Distance Movers will appreciate if you hire us. Give us a call now!