How to pack your furniture

How to pack your furniture

How to pack your furniture

Before you start the tiresome process of packing boxes for moving, you should learn some tricks to find the best way to deal with it. Packing your clothes or books might not be that tricky, but we have to admit that that’s not the case when it comes to your furniture. So, if you decide to do this without professional assistance, do not forget to take some precautionary measures to make sure your valuable items are safe from any possible damage during the transportation. Here are some steps that you should bear in mind.


  1. Gather all the necessary supplies

First of all, you need to make sure that you have all the required moving supplies. We suggest that you create a list of everything you’ll need to pack your furniture, and do not start packing until you gather all the material from your list. For instance, check whether you have enough packing tape, bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, sofa/mattress covers, and the like. Some of these might be more difficult to find than the others, but if you can’t seem to find everything you need, remember that your chosen moving company can provide you with moving supplies, so ask them to help you out.  


  1. Clean and dust your furniture

The next step you should take is clean and dust all your pieces of furniture. Of course, you need to do that before you pack a single item. Naturally, this is of utmost importance because it is less messy to pack clean furniture. But in addition to this obvious reason, remember that you’ll find it much easier both to unpack and set up your furniture if it has been previously cleaned and dusted, right?


  1. Disassemble

Before you judge some of your furniture items to be too bulky to pack, check whether there’s a way to disassemble them. For instance, you should remove the legs from your tables and couches, remove the cushions, take your bed frames apart, etc. If you want to do that right, make sure you stick to the manual so as to avoid any possible damage. We suggest that you put all the screws you remove into a sealable plastic bag. That way, you won’t lose any hardware during the transportation.


  1. Wrap

We have already mentioned that bubble wrap should be on your list of necessities when preparing for your move. Now it’s time to use it! When you’re done disassembling your furniture, remember to wrap each and every piece of it, as these could get damaged in some way in the moving truck if not protected properly. Use bubble wrap to protect your delicate wood pieces, glass tables, mirrors, etc.

  1. Think about placement

Last but not least, we should warn you that you will have to pay special attention to the way you place your items in the moving truck. To prevent your furniture from getting damaged, you could put boxes of the same size in such a way that you create a “wall” at the back of the truck and then continue with square furniture, mattresses, upholstered items, etc. You can also ask your movers to load and unload your boxes, in which case you don’t have to worry about the placement, because they will find the best possible way to organize the containers in the truck.

So, all things considered, packing your furniture does not have to be stressful – not if you remember to stick to the previously mentioned tips, and, of course, leave enough time to do it. For more packing tips, do not hesitate to contact Trico Long Distance Movers. Good luck with your move!