How to Cope with Moving Away from Family?

Whether you are leaving for a new job, college, moving into a new house, or getting married, relocation can be a traumatic experience. And it doesn’t matter if it’s long-distance or just down the street. That’s why it is crucial to know how to cope with moving away from family since this often stressful process changes your complete life.

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September 19, 2019 Posted in How-to

Familiar living environment, routine, and habits will disappear and you’ll have to adapt to all the differences and changes that a fresh start brings along. But since you have your goals and reasons why you moved, you need to find a way to overcome homesickness and cope with this major shift in your life.

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How to Cope with Moving Away from Family – a Step-by-Step Farewell

If you are leaving “home, sweet home” for the first time, don’t fret about it and hesitate. Every beginning is hard and causes tough moments and a mental crisis. But if you follow some general and practical tips on how to overcome going away from your dearest ones, you’ll be able to adapt to the strange environment much faster.

  • Stay in contact with your loved ones
  • Be active on social media and keep in touch 
  • Use video chats
  • Email or write real letters and respond to them
  • Plan come back trips and call your friends to visit you
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Use This Method to Alleviate Moving-Related Depression

If you accept that your departure is the primary ingredient for a more prosperous and fulfilled future, you are already on the right path to overcoming sad feelings. Try to find benefits of a fresh start – many opportunities, possibilities to learn and grow as a person and independent individual, achieving your dreams with self-confidence. The truth is that a strange city and an unfamiliar environment will give you a fresh perspective. And the essential thing is you’ll become stronger – emotionally and mentally.

What should you do to ease the everyday struggle of living without your loved ones:

  • Keep yourself occupied. Don’t give yourself space for leisure. It’s all right if your day-to-day schedule is established and you don’t have blues mood moments. Find tasks to occupy your hands and minds, especially during the first month after going away.
  • Routine is important. The daily, well-known little things make our lives meaningful. You need a routine to give you a sense of security and strength.
  • Preserve your old habits. Are you used to doing some ordinary things at a specific time? Well, you should keep doing them. When it’s time for dinner, just have it. If you like riding a bicycle on Sunday, just do it. These activities will help you to reconnect with your inner being and restore order in a strange setting.  
  • Prepare your favorite meal. Do you adore vegetable soup or meat pasta? Ask your mother for the recipe and cook your most favorite food yourself. A delicious bite will relax you and evoke sweet home memories.
  • Get a pet. If you feel like the most lonely person on the planet, then it’s maybe the right time to get a pet. A cat or dog will make your every day hours more meaningful, funny and fulfilled.
  • Write a diary. Your mind is full of impressions, ideas, feelings. And in the beginning, you won’t be able to share them with someone dear whenever you have the need. Writing a diary can be helpful. It will preserve your memories of this hard period and give you a chance to look at life through a unique prism.
  • Create plans. Planning holidays with mom and dad and friends will give you strength and motivation to survive day after day and to overcome the hardest periods.
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Bring the Keepsakes with You

The most beautiful and emotional moments are preserved as happy memories and keepsakes. These priceless items will provide calmness when you start missing your people. Before the relocation, you should pack family pictures, old greeting cards, favorite stuffed toys, family albums. All these things will be your reminder of a happy life after you move. In the moments of sadness, they will be great therapy and memento that you are loved despite the current loneliness. 

Leave Sad Thoughts Behind You

Be aware of the fact that in the beginning, you will have a hard time to accept anything different from your life before. Living with these kinds of emotions every day is not easy. But with a little effort, you can overcome that. 

  • Treat it as an adventure. A fresh start gives you so much space for exploring. Taste the local cuisine, visit museums, try local activities, like skiing or surfing.
  • Befriend your neighbors. People living next to you can give you advice and tips about living in your area. And you will gain friends that way.
  • Find the places you love. Whatever you need you can find on local websites and in newspapers. Fill your days with different events. And who knows what amusements and great possibilities you will find out.
  • Be patient. It is maybe the essential point when it’s about relocation and adjustment. New places and unfamiliar people won’t always be strange to you. After a few months, you will realize that you began to feel relaxed and comfortable. But there are cases when a person cannot cope with the separation and feels constant unbearable sadness. If that is the case, it’s probably time to talk to a psychotherapist as you might be suffering from separation anxiety.
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Make Relocation to a New Home Easy and Stress-Free

Packing belongings and finding the right way to transport them is usually the first factor of stress in the moving process. Try to facilitate it by doing things according to a well-made plan. If you are moving away for the first time, there are some first apartment tips you should consider before anything else.

You can save yourself the hassle of handling items and boxes by hiring a professional and experienced company. They are experts in their job and they will take care of all the aspects of the exhausting relocation and packing process. By properly organizing your tasks and creating a shopping list for your future apartment, you will have more time to dedicate to your family before leaving. Your only task is to find adequate and reliable movers with reliable moving services to handle this job successfully from start to finish.

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Make the Thought of Your New Place a Pleasant One

To begin your story in strange surroundings, there are several ways to make your everyday activities more relaxed and more comfortable. Arrange your living space as it suits you.

  • Make it functional and cozy
  • Put your favorite books on shelves
  • Surround yourself with cherished things, like an old blanket or small pillows
  • You can organize some of your stuff in the same way as they were in the former apartment
  • Decorate walls with favorite pictures and photos 

Don’t Avoid Weddings and Other Entertaining Occasions

Maybe the last thought in your new surroundings is to be active in social life as much as possible. But, this is one of the crucial steps for your recovery and a better mood. Get involved in the community on goings and accept all invitations you get. Whether the occasion is a wedding of your colleague or a request to join clubs, organization or sporting teams, you shouldn’t reject them. Those are unique opportunities to enjoy, make friends and eventually to cope with your departure.


Your family will always be with you and you can see each other whenever circumstances allow. And they can never be replaced. Because of that, you shouldn’t tolerate your isolation and sadness, especially if these moments are prolonged. New activities and experiences will occupy your mind and will help you to feel at home in your new environment. 

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Apart from being a freelance writer and moving expert, Jane is also an art and museum lover.



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