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How to make moving easier to your child

Are you going to move to another country? Have you already prepared a list of all the things to do to plan your move well? Good job. Now it’s time to search for a reliable long-distance company that you will trust to transfer your belongings. You don’t need to worry; Trico Long Distance Movers is the one that will do it the best way possible. We are experts in all long-distance moves. As many of our former clients can confirm, our priority is to have a satisfied customer. Contact us to hear all the necessary info you need to know and set your moving date.  Relocating is a big change for everybody and it is especially stressful for kids. Our experts have some advice for you to make moving easier to your kid.

How to make moving easier to your child

–          Get them ready: Start talking about the move at least one month ahead. The kids need some time to process this information. Don’t talk about the things which will be different, tell them all the things which will stay the same. Their new room should be very similar to the old one, so they can quickly adapt and feel comfortable, surrounded by their toys, books, pictures, and posters. Find some photos or pictures of a playground, pool or a park close to your new home, so he or she can look at them whenever they want.

–          Maintain your old routines: Keep up rituals to build a sense of consistency. Have your family meals as you used to have, maintain all the rituals in the same order, such as going to bed. Similarly spend your weekends by going to the nearby park where there is a big chance to meet some new friends,

–          Allow your kid’s sadness: Don’t make your child feel ashamed if they miss somebody after you move. Expect regression. If they grieve much, help them by telling that their friends miss them, too. Find the ways for them to keep in touch with people they used to hang with. There is Skype which so they can chat with their old pals. You must know that their sadness will last at least for a few months before they acclimate to their new life and you can make this grieving time as happy as possible.

–          Be positive: You shouldn’t pity your kid. Nothing bad happened, and the kid will soon realize it. Try to highlight all positive aspects of your new life and make your child look forward to a new day. Always prepare some little surprises for the next day, like any activity in your new town which you will do together. Try to involve him or her in some small decisions about daily planning. Redecorate a part of your yard together or make some pictures for the room. Such activity will take you just one hour of your regular schedule, and you will have your kid’s smile back on his face.

We are sure you will do your best! To make sure nothing will go wrong from the start, call Trico Long Distance Movers now! We are waiting for you to call us!