How to Use Bubble Wrap When Relocating and Secure Your Delicate Belongings

When it comes to moving, preparing all the belongings for the trip is the most difficult and stressful part of the process. If you wish to ensure a safe voyage of your goods, we are here to help you learn how to use bubble wrap to secure your stuff, allowing you to have a stress-free relocating experience.

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Make the inventory list of the items you want to move and whether some of those require special packaging. There are different kinds of bubble wrap, and one type can’t be utilized for everything. Before placing the item in the box, keep in mind that the bubbles should be facing inward and that the entire thing should be taped shut for further protection. For cushioning during transit, add packing peanuts or crumpled paper to any remaining room between the goods.

The Factors That Contribute to Bubble Wrap’s Popularity as a Packaging Material

Everything has its good and bad sides, and this goes for all the different packing supplies as well. Most of the things will have to be packed and secured by using multiple types of materials. Apart from being a fabulous stress reliever, this is the list of reasons why bubble wrap is the most utilized boxing material.

  • Provides full protection – acts as a strong vibration absorber during transport, and lowers the risk of anything getting scratched or damaged in the back of the truck.
  • Easily wraps around most forms – no matter if the object has sharp or irregular edges, is round, or is bulky in size, you can just fold it around everything, even in multiple layers, and fasten it in the right place if you learn a few relocating hacks.
  • Multiple choices – there are various purposes and sizes of wraps – try to research everything before you just buy a roll of this material, and be careful when selecting the appropriate one for your requirements.
  • It is very affordable – compared to similar goods that can become rather pricey when purchased in bulk, this material is significantly less expensive.
  • It is very lightweight – it won’t add weight to your shipment, which will allow you to save on relocation costs.
  • Find an environmentally friendly one – if you find the need to move again or secure anything in a garage, you can reuse it multiple times.

When Should You Reach for It?

Every reputable cross-country moving company uses this material in their packing process for the top protection of your stuff. After all, it’s one of the best packaging materials, especially when it comes to securing fragile objects. With it, you will eliminate worrying over your belongings from the equation.

It will secure everything from being damaged in transit and ultimately save you money as you won’t have to repair or buy new stuff, no matter if you decide to go with long-distance moving services or organize relocation to another state alone.

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Make an Inventory List Before You Buy Bubble Wrap for Packing

Try to get rid of stuff before you make a detailed inventory list of everything you are relocating with you. Note down the measurements of all the things you plan on wrapping, so you know how much of it you should get. After all, you will have to secure your easily breakable goods, envelop your bulkier objects, and secure things with sharp edges, and all of these will require a certain amount of materials.

A packing list lying on folded clothes
Having a good inventory list is half the battle

How to Use Bubble Wrap for Moving – Things You Should Pay Closer Attention To

Do some research before you just go and buy this material. Be well informed on the amount you need, the downsides to using it, what type best suits you, how it’s utilized properly, and whether you can secure your items from the inside as well.

Will This Material Ease Your Packing?

No matter how weirdly shaped an object may be, it only has to be wrapped in bubbles and secured with tape. You won’t need to reconsider moving some items because you weren’t sure how to protect them. Its unique construction can prevent the breaking of your things, chipping, or scratching even if they fall to the ground. Additionally, it keeps dust, filth, and moisture away from your stuff.

What Is the Right Type You Should Use?

The material comes in many types, shapes, and sizes. Small ones in diameter fit easier inside the objects, while bigger ones offer more protection. If you are relocating your electronics with you, be sure to get the anti-static one, as the remaining static can damage them. l if you aren’t planning on keeping the supplies, honeycomb paper is an eco-friendly alternative created from 100% recycled material. The adhesive one doesn’t require tape as it clings right to an object, and it’s good for stuff with flat surfaces.

Which Side of the Bubble Wrap Goes Inside?

Should bubble wrap be on the inside or outside? The side that should go inward is the one with air pockets. This placement will protect your stuff and hold them securely, preventing them from breaking in transfer. It is also easier to write on the flat side, so turn it the right way if you have to note anything down.

Is There a Downside to Using This Material?

Keep in mind that if the surface is prone to scratching – you should secure it with a different material before enfolding it. Also, even if it’s light in weight, it can take up a lot of space inside the box. You might end up buying more boxes than you have initially planned because of this.

Where to Get Bubble Wrap

Rolls of different lengths, sizes, anti-static materials, and other supplies are available online or in physical hardware stores. However, go to Craigslist if you’re looking for more reasonably priced packing goods. There, you can get all of these supplies without going over your already limited relocation budget.

If you wish to save some money, check with your family and friends to see if they have stored some packing supplies you could borrow. If you know a relative has recently moved, you should take advantage of this since they likely have some extra supplies. The good news is that as long as they’re largely intact and the sheet isn’t ripped, you may reuse it numerous times.

Bubble wrap in a box
Make sure that the material is mostly intact when packing with bubble wrap

Learn How to Wrap a Picture Frame, Art, and Objects of Irregular Sizes

If you’re unsure how to package your paintings, a picture frame, mirror, or other comparable objects, this kind of sectional wrapping will nonetheless safeguard each item’s most vulnerable parts from harm during transit. You can utilize pool noodles on the sharp edges before you enfold them and fasten them.

Irregularly shaped objects bring new challenges when it comes to wrapping, as they can’t be secured with only one layer of material. Use different layers of wrapping and focus them on areas where your object might be vulnerable, as the weakest part should be padded first. When you secure certain parts well, cover the whole object and fasten it tightly.


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Fragile Items Should Be Wrapped With Extra Care

We are sure you are concerned about protecting fragile things, but the air in this material is what makes it so effective. Utilize it to protect your silverware, dinnerware, pots and pans, glasses of all shapes, and fine china. Here is a list of tips with advice on how to secure your easily breakable stuff.

  • When packaging glassware for moving, it’s recommended to use a wider sheet of bubbles. Stuff your glass with socks or crumpled newsprint, and fill the empty room between them with a towel or crumpled paper. Tape it well to keep the covering together.
  • Wine glasses include narrow stems that are exceedingly sensitive and should be taken care of first. Secure them by wrapping them around the base. After that, tape everything well and stuff the bowl with a sock or crumpled newspaper. Cover the glass with paper and follow with one more layer of wrapping before you fasten it. Store them in wine glass boxes with compartments for more security.
  • Envelop every delicate object of your china in paper and add a layer of bubble wrap. Utilize tape to keep the material in place. Be careful when layering things atop one another. Put heavier stuff first, and pack your plates vertically rather than stacking them for the best protection.
  • Your vases are also among the breakable goods. Put paper as the initial line of defense, followed by a layer of bubbles. Cover the vase and tape it over tightly. Utilize the wine boxes with separators for extra security measures.
  • Toy and comics collection is a prime possession of every proud collector. Pack your toys and comics wrapped and well-secured with this material, and secure their edges with some extra layers before you fasten them tightly. Use best-sized boxes for relocating, and be sure you don’t overload them.

Use Labels to Track the Contents of Your Boxes

Using labels will be of great help during the packing and unpacking process. Note some of the boxes’ content on the lids so you can easily find the item you are looking for. Pick a different color of the label for each room and help yourself with organizing everything efficiently. This will also help your movers pay attention to the content of the box and its final destination, which will help the move go faster.

Consider Hiring Cross-Country Movers to Protect Your Belongings

So far, we have covered the fundamentals of safeguarding your most valuable possessions, but remember that you’ll also require other materials to protect your delicate objects. If you’re having trouble with this or any other component of your relocation, know that professionals like Trico Long Distance Movers offer a premium packing service.

Google “long-distance movers near me” and research thoroughly before you choose a relocation company. Good research will prevent potential relocation scams. Rest assured that even your most valuable stuff will be safe in the experienced hands of experts. Remove stress by popping some of the bubbles that are left lying around, and leave the rest to the pros.

Two long-distance movers standing by an open truck full of boxes
Hire cross-country movers near you for the best packing experience

Choose the Long-Distance Moving Company That Best Suits Your Needs

None of this will be a problem for you if you choose to hire a reputable relocating company that will provide packing service with their materials. Besides that, Trico Long Distance Movers can also transport your automobile and provide you with a free month in a storage unit in case you can’t instantly fit all of your belongings into your new home.

Our company can offer you residential moving, as well as commercial moving services, or even shipment tracking and other moving-related services, all for a very competitive price. Contact us, and we’ll make sure you have the best relocation experience possible.

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