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Additional moving services

Moving to another state is not an easy task, as there are just too many things that you have to take care of, right? The whole relocation process is, more often than not, too demanding and hectic for you to deal with it all by yourself, so we assume you have realized that you’ll need professional assistance if you want everything to go according to plan. Before you get the whole process started, learn something about additional moving services your chosen moving company can provide you with, as these will, without a doubt, come in handy in all that rush. So, for instance, you can ask your movers to:

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Pack and unpack your boxes

No matter how hard you try to protect all your breakables when packing boxes for moving, there will always be some items that are just too tricky to pack. For that reason, the best solution is to ask experts to save you the trouble. Not only will you save some precious time, as packing is rather time-consuming, but you will also be sure that your fragile things are adequately protected because professional movers and helpers have all the necessary supplies. Plus, we’re sure you are not looking forward to spending your first days in your new house unpacking all those boxes. The good news is you don’t have to do that, either.

Dismantle and reassemble your furniture

When it comes to your furniture, some items will turn out to be particularly difficult to handle when moving, which is why it is advisable to can ask your movers to disassemble them. Just like with packing your breakables, it is best to leave it to experts to deal with packing your furniture because they will bring all the necessary equipment for dismantling. Besides, they are trained to do that, so it’s safer to let them do their job than give it a try yourself as you might even do some damage. Once you get to your new home, they will reassemble all the pieces, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Sounds great, don’t you think?

Take care of hoisting

For those of you who own some large pieces of furniture or appliances that just cannot fit through the door of a house, we should note that your movers have a solution to this problem. Luckily for you, they have great expertise in hoisting, which means that there’s no need to worry about leaving those pieces stuck in your old house. Ask for hoisting, and your movers will take such items out using ropes and pulleys without any trouble.

Load and unload your boxes

Once all your stuff is finally packed, movers can load all the boxes into the moving truck, and then unload them when you get to your chosen destination. As we said, you don’t have to lift a finger if needed.

Provide you with appliance servicing

In addition to dismantling your furniture, we assume you would also like to find a way to avoid disconnecting your electrical appliances and then setting them up again when you move into your new house. Even though this particular task is not that hard to do, some people just find it too tiresome, so if you are one of them, make sure you ask your moving company to take care of that, too.

Store your stuff

Finally, you should know that there is always a possibility of something unexpected changing the course of your relocation. Should that happen, you will need a safe place to store your things for some time, which is why most moving companies offer their storage units.

If you want to start organizing your move, remember the previously listed services and make sure you make your relocation as comfortable as possible. Naturally, you will have to pay some extra money for each additional service, but believe us – it’s worth every penny. For info on moving, visit Trico Long Distance Movers. Good luck with your move!