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A guide to using garbage bags as packing material

Are you concerned about moving expenses? The cost of relocating long distance or simply renting a moving truck is huge these days, and utilizing objects such as garbage bags is essential. Do you happen have garbage bags lying around and don’t know whether or not to dispose them or are you simply sick of searching for boxes to buy? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will provide you with tips and tricks on ways you can incorporate the use of the garbage bags you have already or help you pick out which ones are perfect to purchase for your upcoming move. So reconsider the thought of recycling the garbage bags you have lying around your house and get to planning your packing because these items have a lot to offer. Here are some examples of ways to use them:

A guide to using garbage bags as packing material
  1. Picking out your garbage bags

To start of these items are not only flexible, but they can hold and storage your belongings easily, but the type of garbage bags makes a big difference when using them to pack and move your things. They might look the same, but they were never made the same, some are better made, stronger and more dependable than others. This is why you should stay away from nonspecific brands because they are usually of worse value than leading company merchandises such as Glad and Hefty. Be sure not to use recycled bags, they depreciate when they get wet and are less stable. Labels on bags will show their strength, be sure to get the strongest. Carefully pick out the sizes, they tend to differ. Every garbage bag should label their sizes. A fun and helpful idea for your move is getting color coded garbage bags is a good way to categorize your move. For example, orange bags can symbolize kitchen appliances, when green bags can define your clothes. Take notice of the way the bag closes. The last thing you want to happen is for a bag to break open because the closure wasn’t locked enough.

  1. Stuff to pack using garbage bags

Clothes are one of the very few items that are a huge pain to pack and unpack, whether you are relocating across town or across the country. To avoid wrinkling your delicate treasures or losing coat hangers, your problems are solved with a large garbage bag. It may not be as elegant as hanging or placing them inside a box, but at least it gets the job done a whole lot easier. Garbage bags can be a great help when wanting to move an entire heap of clothing at once (without taking your entire wardrobe down from the hanger). This can be particularly helpful for oversized and bulky clothes like sweaters, sportswear, and winter gear. After you have grouped your clothes into piles, pull the trash bag up from the bottom and slip them around the hangers. Don’t forget to leave only the hook on top. Clothing can be quickly and easily transported as a whole in just a few trips.

Apart from your wardrobe, packing things in garbage bags like your jewelry might not be a good idea, but anything squish-able can pass.

Clear garbage bags are used to hold stuff you need visible on the outside. This eliminates the need to label items, and makes unpacking after your move a whole lot easier.

Bedding items such as quilts, pillows, bedspreads have a tendency to take up a lot of room, and usually it takes one of these bed spreads to fill up a whole box. This is why garbage bags can help you transport these objects rapidly and profitably, but be cautious of the absence of waterproofing and of taking in moisture in with the bedding.

If your children have a ton of stuffed animals, that you are unsure of how you are going to transport, garbage bags can help you relocate them without needing you to invest too much time or money.

Since most garbage bags are not 100 percent waterproof, they can still be used as an extra layer of protection if you’ll be moving in difficult conditions. Even if they won’t be able to protect your items from breaking or being jostled in transit, they can be used for heavy rain and/or snow.

  1. Alternative ways to use a garbage bag

Garbage bags are not only good for packing items in, they can also be used in many alternative ways such as:

  • Outer Wrappings

For fragile items, like your TV, printer, laptop, and other items of the sort, it doesn’t matter what type of weather it is. The bags will keep the dust out. Cutting the bags creates more space when you are wrapping your TV.

  • Box Lining

Some boxes are not as stable as others; this is why it is a good idea to use garbage bags as box lining. You can do this by placing them on the bottom of your boxes or alternatively by putting everything inside the bag then placing it inside the box. This way the garbage bag will act like a liner during bad weather.

  • Floor Cover

To avoid trailing in a lot of dirt, snow, slush, rain, leaves, in the house, create a trail by obtaining bags to the floor. By using throw rugs, place them inside bags and lay them down to help them stay in place.

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