Why Do People Move Across the Country

Relocating across the country is a major undertaking that requires careful planning and preparation. Yet, every year, millions of people choose to make this significant change in their lives. But why do people move? There are several major reasons why individuals choose to uproot their life and relocate far away – so let’s go over the most important and common ones.

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March 8, 2023 Posted in Psychology of Moving

People relocate across the country for a variety of reasons, including job opportunities, lifestyle changes, family reasons, pursuing a new adventure, and seeking a better quality of life. The decision to relocate across the country can be a significant one, and it requires careful consideration of personal circumstances, financial situation, and overall goals for the future.

The Economy Is One of the Main Reasons Why People Move

According to the US Census Bureau, average Americans relocate around 12 times in their lifetime – and they are ready to organize a relocation for a variety of reasons. However, one of the main factors that motivate individuals to move to another state alone or with families is the economy. The economy can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, and economic factors such as job opportunities, cost of living, housing affordability, and educational opportunities can all influence a person’s decision to relocate to a new home.

Seeking Better Job Opportunities

Many individuals decide to relocate for a job, which can involve relocating to a city or region where there are more job openings, higher salaries, or better opportunities for career advancement. People may also relocate to be closer to specific industries or companies that are relevant to their career goals.

Young professionals on a business meeting after cross-country moving
Why do people move from one place to another? Work is one of the most powerful motives

Cost of Living Considerations

The cost of living is another important economic factor that can influence a person’s decision to relocate. In areas with high costs of living, such as major cities or coastal regions, people may struggle to make ends meet. Relocating to a more affordable area can offer financial relief and improve the overall quality of life.

Access to Affordable Housing

The cost of housing is often a major consideration for people when opting where to live – as well as deciding where to relocate. In areas where housing is expensive or in short supply, people may relocate to more affordable regions. This could involve planning a relocation to another city or even state.

In 2022, states where people have moved the most were Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina, while many have left New York, California, and Illinois

Pursuing Educational Opportunities

Finally, the pursuit of educational opportunities is another factor that can make younger generations and college graduates relocate cross-country. This could involve relocating for college to a city or region with a strong university system or specialized training programs or, on the other hand, relocating for job opportunities that require specific education or training.

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There Are Also Lifestyle Reasons

In addition to economic factors, there are also lifestyle reasons that motivate many individuals to get packing services and relocate far away. These factors are often related to a person’s desire for a better quality of life or a change in their environment or personal circumstances.

Seeking a Better Quality of Life

Seeking better quality of life can involve relocating to an area with better weather, more outdoor recreational opportunities, or a stronger sense of community – it depends on the individual needs and wishes of those planning to relocate. People may also seek a better quality of life by moving to an area with lower crime rates and better schools (especially when they are relocating with kids) or more affordable living expenses.

Seeking a Different Climate or Environment

Many underestimate the importance of the preferred climate and lifestyle on a person’s physical and mental health. However, those who do often decide to pack their bags and relocate to a climate more suitable for them. This could involve relocating to a cold climate from a warmer one (and vice versa), planning to relocate to a big city from a small town, or leaving the hustle and bustle of a metropolis. People may also relocate to be closer to natural amenities such as mountains, beaches, or forests.

Need for a Change or Adventure

Finally, some people may relocate simply because they want to look for new experiences. Remember – every relocation out of your hometown implies leaving your comfort zone and support network behind, allowing you to expand your horizons. However, keep in mind that many decide to relocate also because they feel restless or bored with their current circumstances and want to explore new opportunities.

Friends packing and smiling before long-distance moving
The need for a change inspires many to take the leap and relocate to a whole new destination

Family Can Be a Great Answer to the Question Why Do People Move

Family is a powerful motivator for many areas of life, including cross-country moving. However, there are various ways in which family can be one of the leading relocation reasons – so let’s learn more about each of them.

Moving to Be Closer to Family Members

One of the most common reasons people relocate is to be closer to family members (parents, siblings, or other relatives). This desire to be closer to the family can emerge from a need for emotional support during difficult times, from much-needed help with kids, but it can also be motivated by a simple wish to spend more time with loved ones.

Love Can Make People Relocate, as Well

When people meet someone special, they may consider relocating to be closer to their partner. Moreover, for those in long-distance relationships, relocating for love can be an exciting and necessary step. However, keep in mind that it’s a decision that must not be made in a rush. If you’re considering relocating for love, make sure it’s not too early to move in with your significant other – and the video below can help you with that.

Moving to Start a Family or Raise Children

Once the family of two starts getting bigger, many parents decide to relocate to a larger home or a more family-friendly neighborhood with better schools and recreational opportunities. On the other hand, some parents get overwhelmed by the challenges being a parent brings, and they seek the support of their loved ones in order to overcome them.

Moving to Care For Aging Parents

As parents age, some people may choose to relocate to be closer to them and provide care and support. Booking long-distance movers and moving in with an elderly parent can sometimes be necessary, so you can assist with daily activities or medical care they need. On the other hand, people may also choose to relocate to a new city that can provide a more accessible home or a community with resources to support aging parents.

Abrupt Moves Due to Divorce or Separation

Unfortunately, divorce and separation are also among the reasons why people move – and when a relationship or marriage comes to an end, many individuals decide to start fresh somewhere else. In this case, people can decide to move back to their hometown for support during this challenging time or to start a new chapter in their lives in a whole new environment.

A woman taking off her wedding ring before long-distance moving
Divorce can be an emotionally taxing experience, often ending up with the relocation of one spouse

How to Know When is the Right Time To Move?

Deciding when it’s the best time to relocate can be a difficult decision. Moreover, the chances are that you’re never going to be completely certain of your decision. However, it’s important to carefully evaluate your situation and make an informed decision. Here are some key factors implying that hiring a long-distance moving company and relocating is the right choice:

  • You have outgrown your current living space – if you find yourself constantly feeling cramped or running out of space, it might be time to consider relocating to a larger home,
  • Your financial situation has changed – if you have recently experienced a significant change in your income, such as a raise or job loss, you may need to reevaluate your living situation,
  • You want to be closer to family and friends – if you find yourself feeling disconnected from loved ones after relocating away from friends and family, relocating closer to them may be the right choice,
  • You want a change of scenery – if you feel stuck in your current city or town, relocating to a new location can offer a fresh start,
  • You’re starting a new chapter in your life – if you’re recently married, starting a family, or retiring, relocation may be the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter,
  • Your current location no longer meets your needs – if your current location is not able to meet your needs, it might be time to relocate to a city or town that can.

When You Decide to Relocate, Hire Cross Country Movers to Assist You

Although it’s possible to perform a cross-country relocation on your own, it’s always better to go with long-distance moving services provided by a reputable and reliable relocation company, such as Trico Long Distance Movers – and make the process smoother, more efficient, and less stressful. While it may seem tempting to save money by handling the relocation yourself, there are several benefits to hiring movers that make it worth the investment.

Firstly, professional cross-country movers have the expertise and experience needed to handle all aspects of the relocation, which will prevent damage to your possessions and ensure that they arrive at your new home intact. These professionals can handle all the details, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your relocation and save you days or even weeks of work. Therefore, when the time for organizing relocation comes, make googling the best long-distance movers near me part of your to-do list.

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No Matter the Reason, if You Have Help, Relocation Will Be a Breeze

Regardless of the reason for your relocation, one thing is certain – with the help of relocation professionals such as Trico Long Distance Movers, moving can be an enjoyable experience. We all know that cross-country relocation can be a stressful and overwhelming time, but hiring a reputable moving company can make all the difference. We can help you navigate the challenges of long-distance relocation, ensuring that your belongings arrive safely at your new home. Therefore, once you decide it’s time to relocate, don’t hesitate to contact us and book our services on time.


What Are Some Common Reasons for People to Move Across the Country?

There are several common motives for individuals to choose to relocate across the country. Some of these reasons include pursuing job opportunities, seeking a better quality of life, being closer to family, and experiencing a new adventure.

How Do Economic Factors Influence a Decision to Move?

Economic factors such as cost of living, job opportunities, and housing prices can greatly influence a person’s decision to relocate. For example, if a person is struggling to make ends meet in their current location, they may consider moving to a more affordable place with better job opportunities.

What Are the Most Popular Destinations for People Moving Across the Country?

The most popular destinations for those who plan on relocating include cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, as well as states such as Florida and Texas. These destinations offer a variety of job opportunities, cultural experiences, and lifestyle options.

How Do Lifestyle Factors Influence a Decision to Move?

Lifestyle factors such as climate, culture, and entertainment options can be one of the main motives a person wants to change the environment. For example, someone who loves the outdoors may be drawn to the best mountain towns or other places with plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities.

What Are Some of the Challenges of Moving Across the Country?

Some of the challenges of long-distance moves include the costs of the relocation, the stress of leaving familiar surroundings, and the logistical challenges of packing and transporting belongings.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Moving Across the Country?

Cross-country moves can offer several relocation benefits, such as new opportunities, a change of scenery, and the chance to experience a new lifestyle.

How Can Someone Prepare for a Cross-Country Move?

To prepare for a cross-country relocation, you will need to create a relocation budget, declutter your belongings to decide what to keep, research new neighborhoods, and choose a relocation company to assist you during this process.

How Can Someone Make New Friends After Moving to a New City or State?

If you’re interested in making new friends after relocating to a new city or state, you can join clubs or organizations, attend community events, volunteer, or simply strike up a conversation with your new neighbors and colleagues.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Moving Across the Country?

Some common relocation mistakes people make include underestimating the costs of the relocation, not researching their new location thoroughly, and failing to prepare adequately – all of which can have more or less an impact on the success of the relocation.

How Can Someone Determine if Moving Across the Country Is the Right Decision for Them?

To determine if an interstate relocation is the right decision, you need to evaluate your personal circumstances, financial situation, and overall goals for the future. You can also research potential new locations and weigh the challenges and benefits of the relocation.

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