Moving to a New City Alone – Here are Things to Consider (and a Few Tips)

Leaving your home and moving to a new city alone will probably be one of the most stressful moments in your life. However, leaving your comfort zone and getting a fresh start could be one of the best decisions you could make. If you are in need of a change of environment and want to relocate to a different town, be sure to read through our advice on relocating alone.

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March 16, 2022 Posted in Moving Tips

Do the Research Before Moving to a New City Alone

When planning on relocating to a different town alone, it’s important to stay rational and do your research in the best way possible. You don’t want to create plans in a rush and possibly make an unwanted decision. Especially when relocating on your own, you don’t have anyone to depend on, and you have to carry out the whole process by yourself.

So if you’re planning on relocating on your own, be sure to prepare well. Here are some of the things to consider before relocating.

Finding the Right City

One of the most important things when moving to a city alone is picking the right town according to your preferences. Be sure to research the area and check how safe your neighborhood is. You also want to be sure the town you relocate to has the right environment that you can be comfortable in.

Research the Job Market

If you are moving to a new city alone without a job, it’s important you research the job market. Wherever you plan on going, you need to know how to get a job in another state before relocating so don’t forget to inform yourself on that.

In case you plan on relocating because you are being moved by your company, prepare some relocation questions to ask your employer. They can give you plenty of useful information.

Set a Relocation Date

Setting a date is important so you can be able to start planning everything in advance. Take into consideration all the relevant factors (when are you supposed to find a job, any important dates and similar) and decide on the best time to move.

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Finding a Good Place to Stay

Finding a place to stay is a crucial part of your whole relocation process, and you should be careful with this one. When relocating to a new home, it’s better not to agree to contracts that obligate you to stay for a longer period so try to reach an agreement that’s better for both sides. Be sure you inform yourself of some house hunting tips to help you out.

Should You Live Alone When Moving to a New City?

Relocating to a different town and finding an apartment to live in can be quite a challenge. You are probably wondering if you should immediately begin living on your own or if it’s good to have a roommate. This one mostly depends on your desires, but it might be a good idea to have someone by your side in the beginning.

It’s important your apartment is suitable for you and in a good location, which probably means the rent could be higher, which, in turn, means splitting the rent is a great option. Use websites like Roomies to help you with finding your new roommate.

Living room of an apartment for rent
Finding the right apartment is a very important step when relocating

Find the Best Way to Organize Your Move

There are plenty of tips for moving to a new city alone you should read about to be sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. The first thing you want to do is organize your move in advance and remember all the useful relocating hacks for your long-distance moving.

Create a Relocation Checklist

The organization of cross-country moving can take weeks, so you want to be sure you arrange everything in advance. Create your own relocation to-do list and schedule everything on it. Following the progress of tasks is the best method to keep everything under control.

Collect All the Necessary Documents

There are many things people forget when relocating and you wouldn’t want your documents to be among them. It’s best you organize your documents before the move and always have them by your side.

Consider Hiring Professional Help

If you are worried about how to move to a new city alone and transport all your belongings, you should definitely seek help from long-distance movers. Try researching all the ”long distance movers near me” and contact reliable cross-country movers that will provide you help with their moving services.

To-do list and other necessities for relocation process
Organizing your move and preparing everything is going to be extremely helpful

Tips to Make Packing Easier

Packing can be quite a demanding task in the whole process. You should think about when to start packing for a move as you do not want any last-minute hassle. The key is to plan everything and use certain tips, so the whole process is easier for you. You can also invite your friends to help you pack and turn packing into a small party.

Create an Inventory Checklist

Creating a home inventory list is going to be a life-saver in these situations. Organize your belongings by categories or do it room by room. This way you can get a clear picture of all your belongings and decide what you must bring with you and what is unnecessary.

Declutter Your Old House

Not decluttering before the move is one of the biggest relocation mistakes you can make. Packing all the unnecessary items is going to create a mess and give you additional stress. Consider getting rid of things you are not using anymore or maybe donating clothes you do not need anymore to the homeless. You can also consider organizing a garage sale to earn some extra money.

Consider Storage Services

In case you have something you would like to keep even though you do not need it, you can always consider getting storage services. This is a great option when you are not sure how much stuff you are going to be able to fit into your house.

Prepare Packing Supplies in Advance

Once you know how many things you need to pack, it’s going to be easier to prepare the right amount of supplies. You can try and find all of the supplies or contact a long-distance moving company to provide you with packing supplies throughout their packing service.

Either way, you’ll most likely need:

  • Boxes,
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap,
  • Labels,
  • Custom crates.

If you want to save money, you can always find free supplies by asking your friends and family to spare you some. You can also try asking local shops to gift you some boxes and supplies for packing.

Woman preparing boxes for long-distance moving
Make sure you have all the packing supplies you need before you start packing

The Cost of Relocating Alone

When relocating on your own, it’s important to set your relocating budget in advance. Having a clear view of your expenses and neatly writing it down is going to help you with knowing exactly where your money goes.

No matter if you have a lot of savings to spend on your relocation or maybe trying to find the cheapest way to move out of state, it’s always best to contact companies for long-distance moving services to help you out. Choose companies that can offer you exact prices for their services, so you’ll know exactly where your money is going.

When budgeting, be sure to know where it’s important to invest money, and professional help is one of them. You should also inform yourself of relocation insurance as well.

Once you start living alone, you’ll have to be very careful with spending money. If you do not have experience with budgeting and saving money, try to find help by listening to youtube videos such as this one below.

Things to Do Once You Settle Down in a New Town

Once you settle down in your apartment, begin with writing a list of all the things you wish to do and see in your town. Spending time outside and mingling is going to help you adjust to the different surroundings a lot faster.

Explore Your Town

Going outside and getting to know this different environment is going to help you feel more confident and less as a total stranger. See what are the best spots in town for coffee or food and enjoy trying things. If you are relocating with a pet, try finding some pet-friendly spots to hang out with your furry friend.

Be Free to Meet People

Being social and making friends could be very helpful when living in a different town. They can show you some nice places to visit and can be a great company when exploring the town. New friends can teach you so much about different things and topics – you’ll see how it’s going to help you become more open-minded.

Find a New Hobby

Taking up a hobby or joining a class can help you find people with similar interests and also boost your creativity. Yoga, painting, cooking, knitting – whatever you wish to learn and what fits you best and your interests. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover some unknown talent.

Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Once you’re settled in, you can begin with decorating your home to feel nice and cozy. If you’ve never lived on your own, it can be exciting to finally decorate the whole interior how you want. Even if the apartment is smaller or you are on a budget, you can google some small apartment ideas to turn your interior into cute and inviting.

A girl searching for some cool spots in town on her laptop
You can always use the internet to find some cool spots in town

Coping With Moving to a Different Place

If you’re planning on going away alone to an unfamiliar town, you might find yourself wondering, ”How do I start a new life alone in a new city?”. Changing location is going to give you many various opportunities and different perspectives on life, but it also has its challenges. However, there are plenty of ways to cope with them.

Is It Scary Moving to a City Alone?

No matter how old you are, anxiety about moving out is a frequent thing and absolutely expected. Being scared of relocation is common and completely normal and nothing to worry about. Be sure to give yourself some time to adapt to a different environment.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

When talking to your friends and family, be free to tell them exactly how you’re feeling. Do not pretend that everything is gray and be free to ask them to help you with overcoming certain challenges. Things such as relocation stress can really be challenging, so ask for help when in need.

Don’t Be Pressured to Be Social

If you are more of an introvert and you need to spend time on your own to help yourself adjust faster, do not be pressured to immediately find people to hang out with. Coming to an unknown place gives you plenty of opportunities, but if you want to be alone, do what feels right to you.

A girl stressed out about relocation and adjusting to a new town
Relocating comes with a dose of stress so make sure you find a way to cope with it

Enjoy New Chapters and Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Now that you have gone through some of the most important topics to think about when relocating to an unknown town alone, you’re probably thinking about whether you are ready or not for this big step or even is moving to a new state alone a good idea at all.

Relocating and living on your own does have its challenges, but they are not impossible to overcome. No matter how hard it feels, getting out of your comfort zone, be sure to give yourself the needed push to open this special chapter in your life and enjoy the benefits this change will bring to you.

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