How to Get a Job in Another State Before Moving There?

Relocation – we’ve all done it at least once in our lives. It’s difficult and stressful, but it’s an integral part of life nevertheless. We’re sure you’d like to live comfortably, which is why you must be curious about how to get a job in another state before moving there. Read our tips, and you won’t fail.

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August 30, 2021 Posted in How-to

Tips on How to Get a Job in Another State Before Moving There

Many factors can influence relocation and job-hunting, but it’s vital to have your reasons for relocating match your possibilities. If you’re being transferred for work, that’s a good place to be in when you move; you’ll have to deal with relocation depression at worst. However, if you plan to move out for a lifestyle change, you’ll have to invest time and potentially some money in researching how to get the reasons for relocating to match your budget and possibilities.

Besides research, outreach is important, too. Getting to know the marketplace and trends in other states will give you lots of useful insight. You’ll know where to look for employment opportunities and where to avoid sending your resume. Always listen to people, too – while not every experience will match your expectations, you’ll know if a company is good or bad if the majority of those you ask lean to one side more than the other.

a girl browsing for jobs before cross-country moving
You will have to invest time and potentially money to find the perfect workplace

Focus on Researching One Location At a Time

When you start researching how to get a job out of state before moving, organize the information you find and don’t get mixed up. If you have to study one area at a time, then do so, and take notes along the way to help you categorize. It’d be wise to do the same for any research, whether it’s career advice or first apartment tips.

Let’s work with an example. Say you’re looking for employment from Austin, TX, and you want to work as a nurse from a new address in Atlanta, GA. You’ll have a great chance of relocating if nurses are highly sought after there, but the suburbs in Atlanta are beyond your pay grade. In that case, would you consider a different town in Georgia where you could easily coordinate your career with the cost of living, or would you start looking for a completely different city? This approach is more detailed and easier to handle without getting overwhelmed than if you start simply scouring the internet for states that require nurses.

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Narrow Down Your Options to Two or Three States to Do Interviews

If you take the one-by-one approach on how to apply for a job in another state and find only one that works for you perfectly, then all you have to do is pick a city to live in and start sending your cover letter and resume to employers there. However, if you end up with five or more states that suit most, if not all, of your needs, keep working on reducing that number to two or three.

Having many choices creates unnecessary stress, so when you start reducing the number of states from five to two, you’ll realize what you want from your relocation experience. That could be parts you’re willing to sacrifice and those that are mandatory; the cool part is that the choice is entirely up to you.

a girl sitting with her cat and researching places to work after long-distance moving
When you look for places to work, ensure the states and cities you find match all your needs

Look for the Places Where Your Industry is Thriving

As we mentioned already, looking for places where your career is sought after is the best way to get hired and have a new address. In addition to finding places where you could be treated well, some careers are more coveted during specific seasons, so you can also focus on the best time of the year to move. That would be, for example, a teacher’s career. Educators get hired more often at the beginning of the school year in areas with many public and private schools.

Jobs That Require Relocation

Some careers require relocation, and they may be seasonal or in companies that have a nationwide business model. If you have good reasons to move, don’t have a problem getting a job out of state, and work in one of those careers that require relocation, you’ll likely find it easy to move and feel comfortable.

Jobs that usually require relocation are:

  • Tourism and travel-related professions (travel agent, tour guide, flight attendants, pilots, and cruise staff among some,)
  • Au pair (usually available across the country, and sometimes even globally,)
  • Professional athletes,
  • Photographers,
  • Film and media industry employees,
  • Military and law enforcement personnel,
  • Traveling nurses,
  • Teachers,
  • Truck drivers.

While these careers require people to always have their resume and cover letter ready to go, you could say that any type of work involves relocation at some point. However, changing jobs to start a life at a new location is very different from changing locations for your job.

You can watch the video below to find out more about careers that require or allow relocation if you feel like adding more adventure to your lifestyle. You may be surprised by some professions, but our tips are to have an open mind and think hard about each option.

Find a Place That Will Accommodate Your Family, Too

Whether you’re relocating for a relationship or already have a family, you’ll have to consider what’s best for everyone in this situation. When you search for how to look for a job in another state, you may encounter advice telling you to be considerate and think about your family and partner when relocating.

Even something that seems ordinary, as relocating with pets might be, still shouldn’t be taken lightly; for you, your pets, and children, choosing a neighborhood by its safety is equally important. Say you’re still trying to be a nurse in Atlanta, GA, and wish to send your resume and cover letter to the best clinics out there. If you get hired, will you be able to accommodate your loved ones at a place near your work and their schools or companies, too? Will they be safe when you’re not at home? Will there be something to do on days off?

Thinking about everyone in your household when you’re trying to move is an arduous process and will leave you feeling overwhelmed more often than not. Still, our house-hunting tips are to consider these factors and ensure that the quality of local schools is high on your list of priorities, especially if you’re relocating with kids.

a baby and a dog sitting together on the floor
Your kids and pets should live in a location that's best for them, too

If You’re Relocating Alone, Find an Area That’s Best For Your Lifestyle

When you relocate alone, you could be relocating to a smaller home, which will lower costs and help you search for other things to do besides work. The downside is that you’ll be relocating far away from family but have more opportunities to focus on your career and fitting in into the city and becoming friends with your new colleagues. Before searching for employment on your own, ensure that you have your priorities set straight and be objective about the location of your new address.

Be Objective About the State If Your Ideal Job Is Located There

It might be fun to live in a two-bedroom apartment in a beautiful neighborhood. You might give living in a high-rise a try, too. However, are these decisions objective, or are you getting carried away by the salary offered to you? It’s okay to fantasize about getting rich, but if you find an excellent company in a costly location, think hard if it will be worth it to move there. The same would be true if you found notable companies somewhere slightly uninspiring. Would you turn down a great opportunity because it lacks the thrill you’re used to?

a man throwing money he earned after cross-country moving
Getting carried away with planning your future lifestyle could cost you employment in some great companies

Use Social Media and Networking to Learn More About Employment In Other States

Some fantastic options on how to find a job when moving out of state lie right in front of you. Use your laptop to plan out your cross-country moving and career-seeking adventure and reduce relocation stress as much as possible. Some ways you can secure employment online are surprisingly easy, such as contacting people on social media and applying to company profiles via networking sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor job search.

You can also sign up for mailing lists of companies you’re interested in because they’ll send out notifications and newsletters whenever they start looking for fresh faces in their midst. This way, being in the loop will help you significantly because it will show you’re interested in the company and its operations. Sending a well-crafted resume and a good cover letter will land better when you try to be in the loop as much as possible.

a woman checking her phone and laptop for notifications before long-distance moving
Stay in the loop with mailing lists, social media, and networking sites

Ask Friends and Relatives For Help and Recommendations

Whether you’re asking for help with your last-minute move or want recommendations for the best long-distance moving company, you can count on friends and family to be there for you. Just as they can assist you in relocating and getting the most of your move, they can give you recommendations on how to get a job out of state.

If you have a cousin or a friend in another city, ask them for tips on finding employment and if they have any connections. They could tell you more about how to spruce up your resume and cover letter to fit the description and guide you to the best companies in the city. The search for the perfect career may end right where your childhood friend now resides, and you’ll find yourself exploring a new area quickly enough.

three friends helping each other look for work before cross-country moving
Friends and relatives could be an excellent source of information for your next career path

Get Career Counseling from a Professional Adviser

The most foolproof way to get employment while applying for jobs out of state is to hire a professional to assist you in achieving that. While it may cost you some money, a career adviser will give you all the information, advice, and tricks you need to land your dream career and advance to the next level.

Professional career advisers can’t tell you when to start packing for a move, but they will guide you through writing the perfect resume and the most suitable cover letter for every application. Professionals who know their duties well and get paid for their skills are always an investment, but sometimes we have to sacrifice some part of our funds (or hours) to get to where we want to be. If you’re a student looking for employment in another city, your college likely has a career center, and if you’re not a student – some college career centers advise non-students, too.

a career adviser shaking hands with a client
Career advisers are professional and can be very significant for your career-seeking process

Move With Long-Distance Movers Near Me When You Land the Dream Career

When your career-seeking adventure ends and you decide to move out, contact your nearest long-distance movers to help you make the transition. With complete long-distance moving services, you can check the cost of cross-country movers before even relocating, and based on a household inventory list you provide, they will pack your belongings and, if necessary, arrange a high-quality storage service.

Hiring movers is one of the cheapest ways to move out. The complications and ups and downs of looking for employment before relocating take over your entire life without leaving much time to think about how to move. With all this in mind, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get in touch with a relocation company. That way, you can focus and put all your efforts into landing the dream career.

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