Moving From a House to an Apartment

Even though moving from a house to an apartment means acquiring new habits, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the life you want in a smaller place. On the contrary, learning to smart-size your living space might prove to be just the right thing for you. Think about it: do you really need 2,500 square feet to feel comfortable, or is a super-efficient home filled with love and happiness luxurious enough?

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July 13, 2021 Posted in Moving Checklist

Less is definitely more when it comes to condo living; its low maintenance and low selling or renting costs allow you to catch up on many things you were missing out on. More and more people realize this, which is why we’re going to talk in detail about all the points mentioned.

Is Living in an Apartment Better Than a House? You’ll Save Time and Money

Should I move from a house to an apartment is a question we are all faced with at some point, tired of never-ending maintenance and countless responsibilities waiting for you every single day. Sure, you may lose some space, but you will gain so much freedom that you won’t even think about getting back to the old lifestyle ever again. Let’s see why downsizing is worth all the changes you’ll be going through.

#1 Moving Your Items to a Smaller Place Grants Easy Maintenance and Simplicity

If you’re seeking a happier and less stressful way to live, spending your days in a flat will undoubtedly enable you to have such a life. Not everybody loves to spend their entire life on repairs, frequent yard work, and general preventive maintenance of the property. To-do lists are long when you’re a homeowner, whereas your obligations are entirely different as a renter or even an owner of a smaller place. Of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll care less just because you’re relocating to a smaller place, but you’ll focus more on the things that matter.

#2 Once You Downsize to a Flat, You’ll Quickly Realize How Happy You Are With Such a Secure Home

You don’t need a pro to give you house-hunting tips on safety because you already know it should be one of the must-haves when choosing a place to live. If you’re not sure how safe your neighborhood is, you certainly won’t rush to buy a spot right there. Still, when living in a residential building, you can relax. With all security measures like swipes and pin codes, video surveillance, fire protection, and – above all – other people surrounding you, you’re never alone and always more protected in case of an emergency.

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#3 Paying Rent Is an Opportunity to Grow Your Savings

One of the reasons to move to a smaller place might be a wish for more flexibility in financing. Owning a property means that home projects are constantly piling up, and directing your money there prevents you from doing some other things you are craving to experience. Whatever you are passionate about somehow always has to wait for a better moment because something came up – a new repair or a renovation.

Running a house has always been a pricey business, and saving up money for things you love is a herculean task. Small apartments make it easier for so many reasons: choosing a smart location, looking for a place during the right season, avoiding a middleman, having roommates, etc. Considering all of these wisely before renting apartments is vital if you’d like to save on rent.

#4 Putting Your Property on the Marketplace Will Buy You More Time to Enjoy Life

When you suddenly find yourself free from all the chores you used to have around your old property, it may be strange to experience a day with so much extra time given. With no set schedule for mowing the backyard, what branches to cut or what to do with the overgrown weeds, you can think about the new ways to spend your days, build your routine the way you want, and use your time wisely. If you’re wondering how to make friends in a new state, now is the perfect moment to figure it out. Get to know your surroundings better, too; the parks, the streets, all those coffee shops nearby.

#5 A Whole Community at Your Fingertips

You may not think about it, but when moving into a flat, there’s a built-in community you get with it. Ready or not, these people will befriend you, and you might hear many stories from the block as early as the night you move in. Prepare to have entertaining mutual activities, especially when relocating with kids. Whether you are gathering for a party or simply hanging out a bit, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

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There are many advantages when downsizing from a larger to a smaller residence

How to Downsize From a House to an Apartment?

Having a proper plan or at least an idea of how to downsize to a smaller place is a good starting point. That’s why we made a shortlist of things to refer to and stay on track easily:

  • Take into consideration the size of the future place,
  • Know your needs and priorities before creating a new flat shopping list,
  • Know the amenities included in the flat,
  • If planning on packing furniture, don’t forget to measure everything beforehand,
  • Pack your clothes, but first, decide what items are worth keeping and which ones you can leave behind,
  • Pack your books and other items of sentimental value, but get rid of magazines and all other accumulated clutter.

The result you should get is a place filled with things you love and that have a purpose. Consider packing moving essentials with you, as well. They will not take up much space but will mean a lot in the first few days after moving in.

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It's vital to plan the key steps to decluttering your belongings in advance

When Moving From a House to an Apartment, Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Find Useful

How do I move my house into an apartment is a question everybody asks once the move is near. However, to move efficiently, there are a few things to do before relocating. Downsizing from a house to an apartment means having as few things as possible. This means doing things people usually forget when relocating, such as donating clothes for the homeless or maybe even organizing a garage sale. Unless you are in a last-minute move, you should find some time to figure out where to donate the furniture you don’t need anymore.

The same goes for all the items you find unnecessary, outdated, and not fitting, but in good shape. Many organizations will be happy to accept your donation. The Red Cross is only one of them. To save up some money down the road, consider selling the items too pricey or too challenging to move. Of course, there will always be a pile you can just throw away, like piles of papers and old magazines.

To learn how to simplify your life by decluttering your possessions, check out the video below.

How Do I Adjust to Apartment Living?

Successfully downsizing when relocating means learning to let go of unnecessary things you have been strongly attached to for years, maybe even decades. When it comes to settling into a new place, being able to feel at home is the key factor, but it’s important to remember that this feeling doesn’t come from the space itself.

You will easily find a home within any four walls when you add a personal touch to it. A suitable place is only a good starting point for the family to continue their routine: from everyday things like meals, school, and work to the time you’ll spend together, the joy you’ll find within, and the growth you’ll all go through. Figuring out ways to handle things you might find challenging at first will only help you adjust faster and feel more comfortable.

Make the Most of Your Living Space Even if There Are Some Disadvantages, Too

If you are used to living in large residences, having less space will initially be hard. However, if you put some effort into looking for helpful tips to make the best use of space, you’ll quickly learn how to fit all your belongings into the new home.

You don’t even have to part ways with some of the pieces you like that may be too bulky right now. Hiring a storage service nearby is always a good solution for the things you still want to keep. Find a reliable long-distance moving company with storage units to make your place more compact than it is right now.

Also, when relocating with kids to a flat, you might find yourself grateful for extra time with them instead of weeding and mowing. If you are relocating with pets, they can’t be happier with a terrace or a closed room, but they will certainly be happy when you start taking them out for long walks through parks full of furry friends. Sure, not everything will be a dream come true, but the point is to know why you’ve decided to undergo such a change in the first place and to follow the goals you set.

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Although there are some limiting factors, let them work for you and figure out how to turn them into advantages

You Don’t Have to Go Through This Alone

Although downsizing can be intimidating, there’s a simple way to at least avoid relocation stress and to pack quickly for a move. With reliable cross-country movers by your side and a wide range of moving services they provide, you can choose the ones you need the most – from professional packing for all the household items to car shipping for your four-wheeler. It may not be the cheapest way to move out of state, but then again, it’s undoubtedly cost-effective and safe. With professionals, you won’t waste your time worrying about how to pack fragile items or maybe how to pack electronics because nothing is too difficult for an experienced team. Make sure you find competitive long-distance movers, and you’re ready to go.

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Hiring the best cross-country moving company will make the relocation process a breeze.

Learn to Let Go and Enjoy Life in the New Space

Willingness to change will help you find the most convenient way to enjoy your new lifestyle. Downsizing won’t be entirely simple, but it will be worth all the effort. Reducing all the clutter to only those belongings that have a purpose and that you love will motivate you to upkeep the place you call home now. And don’t you worry, you’ll forget about the grassy yard faster than you think. A flat will open a world of entirely new opportunities for you, which is the right way to start your adventure.

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