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How to deal with utilities when moving

Since you are making a long-distance move, there is much to consider before you leave your present address and relocate to another state. Trico Long Distance Movers is here to make you stress-free and assist you. We will deal with all the issues that show up along the way. It will be our pleasure to relocate your property to your new address. Just contact us to gather all information you need.

As you are facing a cross-country move, you will probably not be able to have the same utility providers you have now. Let’s help you with some advice regarding all tasks you need to do.

Prepare the list of your present utilities:

Write down all the utilities you are paying for now along with the numbers of their service, in case you should call them at your new home. Then think if you will need all of them once you start living in another place. Maybe you would like to make some changes regarding the ones you are not happy about now. For example if you are not satisfied with your cable provider, you will want to find another one. You could take a lower package or opt out some services, which you find unnecessary in future.

Cancelling current utilities:

Keep in mind that you have to call your current utility company and send them the notice at least two weeks before you want to get the service turned off. Ask them to disconnect the utility one day after you move out. Ask them to give you the final balance to pay the final bill on time. They will probably require your new address to send you the final invoice. If there is any equipment you have to return, set the date when some of their staff will come to collect it. Arrange the final reading of the gas, water, and electricity, take a photo and keep a copy of the report. It could serve you well as evidence in case of a dispute.

Call the service providers in the new area:

Search the ones you want to set them up as soon as possible. Look carefully for your options before you pick the service. After you have chosen the best providers that suit your needs, preferences and your budget, write down their numbers and prepare to call them to discuss the details. Be ready to answer their questions about your some relevant information, such as your address or your security number, some account numbers, lease agreement, the mortgage account, a proof of residence, etc. Make sure the papers are in front of you when you call some of your new providers. After you get the deal with them, ask them to turn it on the day before you move in. It is good to get some information from the previous owner of your new house. He or she could give you some helpful tips about best quality services at most reasonable prices.

We hope we have helped you with these tips. For all other questions concerning your move, contact Trico Long Distance Movers. Your pleasure is our priority!