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A Guide to Relocating from an Apartment to a House

Are you in the need of a big transition? Does apartment life just not complete you anymore the way it used you?  Maybe you and your partner are planning on raising a family or the grandparents are moving in. Whatever the reason, a house is an amazing investment, especially for the kids having a yard and many new spaces to enjoy. Even though this transition has more pros than cons, it can still be difficult. Every home has different requirements and upgrades needed that are possibly going to cost a lot of money. As soon as you have organized your costs, call Trico Long Distance Movers to organize your relocation. Relocating to a new space is never easy especially when it comes down to moving all your furniture from an apartment to your new home, at Trico Long Distance Movers, we hold our services to the highest of standards, and we strive to provide the customer with the safest and most efficient moving solutions in the country. What is most important is that we take the safety of your valuables very seriously, and that’s why we utilize only the finest moving equipment available. Our goal is to help you vacate your location in a clean and stress-free way so you can relax and settle in as soon as you arrive to your new location. Enlisted are a couple of tips to help you settle in from living in an apartment to relocating to a home. Stay tuned to find out what they are!

A Guide to Relocating from an Apartment to a House

Fill your home with furniture

Just the fact that you are relocating from a home to an apartment means that you are going to be in the need of new items to fill it with. It is a good idea to start searching for the type of design you would like to decorate your home with the moment you know that you are going to relocate to a house. Picking a theme that is perfect for you will help you determine what type of furniture you will need to fill in your new home. There are many ways to find cheap and affordable items because you know that you are already going to be wasting a lot of money on your relocation. A good idea is to look at any second hand furniture places or even online sites. Maybe some of your friends and family members might have pieces of furniture that they are no longer in need of. There is also a chance you might have an old sofa stacked in your basement that can be easily recovered to decorate your new home. Cushions and other types of accessories can be used as beautiful décor. Be sure to give your home a touch of paint as soon as you have decided on its theme. It is always nice to play around and see what color suits you best so never be afraid to experiment.

A house is very different from an apartment given the reason that you might have a lot of things break or go down and you are going to need to purchase a tool set. There are many items that are going to be essential to own in your new home such as a toolbox, a hammer, vice grips, needle-nose plyers, screwdriver set, a metal pry bar, wire cutters, a utility knife, a hand saw, a steel chisel, a drill bit set, a tape measure, a torpedo level and safety glasses. These items will help you fix almost anything in your new home.

Kitchen supplies

When moving to a new location from a small one, especially from an apartment to a house you are going to be in a situation where your kitchen will have a lot of extra space. This is the perfect opportunity to purchase any appliances you wish you had in the past, but never had the space to place them. Try not to go overboard, purchase only that items that are really necessary. This will leave you with extra space if something comes up in the future and you want to purchase it, also you don’t want to keep anything you aren’t going to use.

Every kitchen should have its supply of smoke detectors in case of emergency. These detectors should be carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have to be placed on all floors of your home, but they are necessary in the kitchen. These appliances need to be tested every single month, and it is extremely important that the batteries are replaced annually every couple of months. Don’t forget to dust the grilles of the detector! Fire extinguishers also need to be placed in the kitchen particularly, but with one on each floor as well. They need to be checked from time to time to see if they are charged.

Garden essentials

The best part about relocating to a house is that you have a backyard, and this backyard might just have a garden; if not, create one! Take the time to create a special outdoor space that you and your whole family can enjoy. Look at catalogues for anything similar to what you want your garden to look like then create a list of all the utensils you are going to need to make this happen. This can include lawn mowers or even an outdoor table where your family can eat after you have cooked up a nice barbecued meal. Plants always come in handy as good décor. Most backyards consist of a lawn, this lawn needs to be taken care of with full attention if you are not planning on hiring a gardener. You are going to need many different tools to care for it such as  gas powered tools such as a push mower and a weed whacker as well as a load of hand tools that include hedge clippers, a rake, a shovel, a water hose, a sprinkler and a spreader to fertilize your lawn. For areas with a colder climate, you should also consider a snow shovel. For locations that are more on the sunny side of our country, desert climates, you may have to purchase in multiple sprinklers or a sprinkler system to keep that grass green and fresh all year long.

In the end, it is never easy to deal with a big transition. Give yourself the time and your new location will start feeling homey before you know it!