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Moving with OCD & dealing with the anxiety

Having to live with a condition such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the anxiety it brings, is hard enough as it is. Having to move your entire existence, including all of the things you’re very particular about, half way across the country, is even harder. This is really visible in people who find themselves moving with OCD.

Moving with OCD

Working in a long distance moving industry, it’s not everyday that we are greeted with such a heartfelt and wholesome account of someones move, such as this one we chose to share with you. We immensely appreciate our clients’ eagerness to share their stories, their challenges and successes. And even though this story does have a happy ending, we urge you to read through the full length of the blog, so we can spread awareness about living with OCD and how thoroughly complicated lives can be helped with a little sensibility.

‘’First off, let me tell you about myself; I am very OCD about moving and packing. I think long distance moving to another state is very stressful, and this apt was sight unseen. That being said, I had over 160 boxes at the end plus furniture to move. I had 7 Tiffany style shade lamps and lots of other fragile items, paintings with glass, TVs, marble furniture, glassware, etc. When I read the nightmare review stories of the moving companies, it just made me more anxious. You get what you pay for and by using a company like TriCo, you are dealing with that company; not a third party broker. My initial contact was Grace who was very kind and informed. Then when I had questions and she was sick, the owner even spoke with me.

Another telling sign about TriCo is that they don’t give you guessing estimates over the phone like the others, who then only hike it up at the end. TriCo will come out, give you the exact amount it will be, even work with you a bit on that and here is the best part; no hidden fees at the end. You read about stuff being held hostage by movers, and this company was amazing, nothing hidden and exactly the cost in the agreement.

On moving day, when it is usually most stressful; I was lucky enough to get Francisco who is the foreman of the moving team. He not only made me feel so relaxed with the care he took in packing, listening to me, had great ideas of how to get all this stuff down three flights of stairs and out to a car port. I think of all my moves (and I have moved cross country with Bekins twice and others), this was by far the most stressless experience. The guys were great and were punctual, professional and careful. Francisco is a particularly incredible asset to TriCo as he knows what he is doing and extremely focused and has a wonderful manner that just made me feel like I was in very good hands. 

My stuff arrived on exactly the day I asked for and we worked with a high rise building and it was so smooth. It took me a month to unpack every item and not one thing broken, all accounted for. Nothing like you read in other nightmare reviews. If you are looking for a deal money wise, TriCo still comes in under others.  But if you get those third party ones, and think you are getting a deal, think again. Money can’t buy the peace of mind and care these guys give. I told them if I ever move again long distance, I want them for all my moves. 

I am a tough reviewer and I can’t say enough good things. But I also pack very well and did a lot of my lamps myself and my paintings. Francisco packed a huge Tiffany shade for me and the base, and he packed a delicate mahogany jewelry vanity that had legs that could break. If you are stressed about moving, your search for a long distance mover can end here. 

Thank you so much TriCo and Francisco for all your care and professionalism. It was the perfect start to a new era in a new city.’’

If you’re still suffering from uneasiness about your move, if you have a hard time lending people the entirety of your belongings for a short while, you can rest easy knowing we will take care of them. From now on, we know what it’s like, all of us, to be in your shoes. We understand your restlessness, and reluctance to trust various moving companies. That is why our team is working night and day to make sure all of your belongings arrive to their destination in the same condition that you’ve entrusted them. This is why we are so glad to earn your respect and strive to do better every single day. What’s more, we cannot wait to give more blog shoutouts like this one, to tackle more real-life problems such as this one, and to serve you with care and respect you deserve as we always do. Thank you for allowing us to feel like we can make a change for the better in your lives, and the lives of those close to you.