6 Ways Moving to the Suburbs Will Change Your Way of Life

Why are many millennials moving to the suburbs when big cities are expanding and becoming more and more advanced each year? Without any doubt, both suburban and urban areas have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it seems that for many individuals, the disadvantages of city life are becoming overwhelming, and for them, moving from the city to suburbs represents an escape from many troubles.

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May 31, 2022 Posted in Moving Tips

Why Do People Move to the Suburbs? There Is More Space in Suburban Regions

With the hustle and bustle of streets, overcrowded public transportation, traffic congestion, queues in banks, supermarkets, and health facilities, it’s completely normal to feel a certain level of anxiety and irritation when living in an urban area. Some individuals simply cannot cope with these things as well as others, especially if they have relocated to a bigger town from a smaller one.

Is it worth it to move to the suburbs? For individuals who are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and nervousness because of the aforementioned metropolitan characteristics, having more space is a sufficient reason to move. Nowadays, it is not unusual to see a long-distance moving company unloading someone’s possessions in a suburb. After settling in a small town, you’ll immediately notice that there is a lot more space everywhere you go. There will be no more jostling on the streets and waiting in queues. Anxiety about relocating will not be a problem for those who want this lifestyle.

Moving to the Suburbs From a City Because of a Better Home Is Common – House Prices Are Unbelievably Affordable

Having little space in your own home can be a huge problem as well. Often, relocating to big cities means living in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment and paying high rent. Of course, there are many great small apartment ideas, but it will never be a proper substitute for a home with a garden.

Should I buy in the city or suburbs? If you are looking for more affordable real estate, relocating to a suburb could be the ideal choice. There has been an upward trend in buying houses in such locations because of the affordability. Let us illustrate this through an example by comparing prices in Atlanta and two of its best suburban neighborhoods, Powder Springs and Cartersville (data was taken from Niche, a website where you can see the prices of real estate across the USA):

  • If you are looking to buy real estate in Atlanta, the median house value is 290,400 dollars which is way above the national average (217,500 dollars). The median rent is 1,150 dollars which is not that high (the national average is around 1,000 dollars).
  • The median price of real estate in Powder Springs is 167,500 dollars. The average rent is 1,250 dollars.
  • The median price of real estate in Cartersville is 189,000 dollars. The average rent is 900 dollars.

As you can see, negotiating a reasonable home price in surrounding neighborhoods is more likely than in Atlanta. Rent can be higher than in Atlanta in some neighborhoods, but it is also possible to find places that are less expensive. Still, even though it might be higher, you are bound to find something two or three times more spacious in Powder Springs than in Atlanta, and paying a hundred dollars more to relocate to a new and bigger home is definitely worth it. All in all, booking long-distance movers to relocate you from an apartment to a house is definitely more probable when relocating to a suburb than to a big city.

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The Cost of Living Is Generally Less Expensive in Suburban Areas, Which Means More Opportunities to Save Money

Rent and housing prices are not the only things where you will spend less money. Many families who have transferred their utilities to a suburb have reported that their monthly bills are cheaper. What is more, groceries in supermarkets and health and other services are often less expensive as well. Hence, it will probably be much easier to save money and improve your financial situation.

Your Home Will Most Like Have Better Natural Surroundings Than in the City

What to consider when moving to the suburbs? Many people choose to settle in surrounding neighborhoods because they will have access to the beautiful surrounding wilderness. Although big towns usually have a lot of green spaces, parks are often overcrowded, and the experience can never be the same as when taking a walk in a forest. Nature is, without a doubt, one of the main benefits of relocating to a suburban area, and if that is your ideal environment, you’ll quickly get over the adjustment insomnia.

Your Pets Can Benefit a Lot From This Relocation as Well

What to know about moving to the suburbs? If you are relocating with pets, they will benefit a lot from this decision, especially if you are a dog owner. Numerous dog owners and vets have stated that their pets’ health has immensely improved after the relocation. Dogs can also feel the restraints of small apartments and parks. Having a garden is already a huge improvement, and the surrounding nature will provide complete freedom for your beloved furry companion. Here is a lovely video that can help you if you are interested in getting a dog once you have relocated.

There Is a Chance That You Will Be Able to Go Everywhere on Foot

For many individuals, relocating to one of the smaller surrounding towns has immensely improved their health and lifestyle. In such an environment, you’ll not have to drive your car a lot, and if you got a job there, walking to your workplace is one of the biggest privileges one can have. A person can easily get sick and tired of going to work every day with an overcrowded public bus, and this can affect both your physical and mental state. Human bodies are meant to be physically active, and a suburban area can certainly provide you with the opportunity to improve your health.

These Neighborhoods Will Provide a Safe Environment for Your Children

Being a parent in a big town entails a lot of stress. Although it may differ from neighborhood to neighborhood, big towns often have high crime rates and overall are not considered to be the best environments for raising children. If you are a parent who is concerned for their safety, booking long-distance moving services in order to relocate with kids to a suburban or even rural neighborhood can be the best decision to make. Smaller surrounding neighborhoods and towns often have low crime rates and are considered to be one of the safest places to raise a family. Hence, you can alleviate the stress that you might have been experiencing as a parent.

Suburban Educational Facilities are Often Better Than Urban Ones

Safe neighborhoods are certainly one of the main benefits for your children, but it is not the only one. Many families search for reliable cross-country movers to relocate them to these neighborhoods as they often provide much better education for their children. Schools are often overcrowded in big cities, and as a result, the quality of education is negatively affected. Moreover, adults who are relocating to a new town alone often make this decision because of their educational pursuits. Some of the best universities can be found in suburbia.

You Will Live in a More Quiet and Clean Environment

Many individuals choose to move out for the first time to a rural area because they cannot get a good night’s rest because of constant sirens and loud music. Simply put, in a rural neighborhood, there is much less noise, especially during the nights. Also, such environments are often a lot cleaner than metropolitan ones. Most importantly, the air pollution is much lower, but overall, streets and public buildings are a lot cleaner as well.

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You’ll Are More Likely to Establish Close Friendships in Rural Environments

Towns often have a population of no more than ten or twenty thousand people. Therefore, it is likely that you will meet the same individuals each day throughout the year. This means that there will be plenty of opportunities to establish closer relationships that last for a lifetime. However, this is not always perceived as an advantage and is often the cause why some choose to move to a new, bigger town.

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Such an environment is suitable for establishing firm friendships and relationships

What Are the Disadvantages of Living in the Suburbs? They Certainly Exist, and You Have to Think About Them as Well

Why you shouldn’t move to the suburbs? You absolutely have to ask yourself this question as well before deciding to book cross-country moving and packing services. Here are the main disadvantages that are associated with these areas:



Many individuals who move to rural neighborhoods retain their jobs in the big town. In such situations, you will usually have to spend at least an hour commuting. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be just the commuting. Some rural towns may lack some amenities or public institutions. Whatever the case might be, you’ll either have to drive or find some transportation. Many bigger cities have great public transportation, and individuals who are working in one often find it the most convenient to find a place to live there as well.


Young people, of course, care about this the most. If you are a person who likes to visit nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, a rural environment might not be the ideal choice for you. Such places often have a few good restaurants and bars and often no nightclubs. Moreover, it is common practice in such places to close all restaurants and bars at 9 or 10 pm, rarely longer. In some locations, even other services like supermarkets close in the evenings as well. Nights are, as mentioned before, calm and quiet.

Monotonous life

We have mentioned that, most of the time, you will be surrounded by the same individuals. But it is not just that. Your daily routine will most likely be the same throughout the year. Artistic and sports events are being held in smaller towns as well, but the thing is that there will be fewer events than in the metropolitan environment. Towns often have a few traditional events that take place each year, and that’s about it. If you want to attend new and different musical concerts or visit exhibitions, you’ll have to travel to the big city.

Fewer amenities

Although smaller towns have improved in this department immensely, there are still locations which don’t have swimming pools, bowling alleys or cinemas, for example.

What Drives the Move to the Suburbs From Cities? – As You Can See, There Are Many Reasons

These are some of the main reasons why individuals are driven to search on the internet for the “long-distance mover near me” and relocate out of big towns. If you are feeling uncomfortable or anxious in a big town, know that this is natural, and it’s completely understandable and probably the best to start looking for a different type of living environment which is more suitable for you.

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