Moving Cross Country? Here Are 4 Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Future Home

Everyone that’s already moved or plans to do anytime soon is well aware that picking the perfect place of their dreams is no easy feat. But what if we tell you that you can improve your future home and create the residence of your dreams? Let’s check out some valuable designing house tips that will help you create a space you’ve always wanted.

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October 8, 2018 Posted in How-to

It is a fact that most houses in the US require some kind of improvement and remodeling because around 80% of them are at least 20 years old, while more than 50% of them were built before 1980. But when we hear the word remodeling, we usually think of large sums of money, and it’s no wonder because sprucing up the kitchen on average costs around $14,000. But whether you plan on setting aside more money or you’re on a budget, and you’re focusing on the best time to move, some simple tricks can create a dreamy and stylish place even with minimum effort.

Improve Your Future Home on a Budget

When we relocate, we tend to focus on things to do before we move. We invest in long-distance moving services and hire reliable cross-country movers to help us with their packing service. It all helps us overcome moving stress and prevent the relocation depression we might feel after we move. But how many of us have sat down to consider “my future house design”? Sure, after we’ve picked the right spot to live in by following some simple house hunting tips, based on our preferences like proximity to work and the vibrance of the neighborhood, it is nice to dream of making the residence more appealing and indeed our own. But it’s manageable even if you’re on a tight budget, and let’s see what you should do besides cleaning an apartment before moving in.

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DIY Home Improvement Lies in Details

Yes, we claim that you can plan a residence improvement strategy with a smaller amount of money, and here’s some trending home news to prove that. You can start your moving from apartment to house journey with a simple trendy hack. Buying and replacing the switch plates in your abode can do wonders for raising the style levels in the dwelling. They can be purchased with various designs like bronze and copper beaded or different patterns printed. This trick is easily implemented and inexpensive, but it will give your residence a chic look.

Get Your Hands Dirty, and Your Walls Bright

Moving to a small town doesn’t mean that your internal design must be rustic or in dull colors, such as dark brown (although brown can do nicely with other complementing colors.) Another cheap improvement to your place is to apply any shade of bright-colored paint on the walls. Because of it, the residence will appear more spacious and full of light. If you want to try bolder colors, the best advice is to use them to accentuate a particular corner or a part of the wall. You can do a similar thing with details, too.

You Don’t Need a Hefty Budget to Brighten Up the Kitchen

You’ve committed yourself to unpack after the move right away, and going room by room, you’ve noticed that the kitchen is not at all appealing. We’ve already mentioned that investing in a new kitchen might be out of the question for many, but it’s not the end of the world. But you don’t have to buy everything out of the store, because some simple tips can help your cooking area shine. You can start by painting the cabinets a trendy color that you should apply with a spray to get that furnished and even finish. Another trick is to replace the faucet for either a chic one or a modern style, depending on the rest of the kitchen. In the end, even the surface can be refreshed by a faux marble cover that is easily applicable by sticking.

Unpacking a place after long-distance moving
The brighter the colors, the more stylish the place will look

Design Your Future Home With Eco-Friendly Ideas

In today’s world, we have many planet-saving innovations at our disposal. From figuring out which replacement is best for our ancient boilers, which can push our utility bills head through the roof, to energy-saving and low carbon heating solutions, there are many ways to save both the planet and our budget. Achieving a low impact on the environment by designing a residence is not out of reach anymore. Suppose you decide to use technology and materials that reduce carbon emissions and lower the energy requirements while in the building phase; this way the residence will be eco-friendly. If you are not building from scratch, you can improve by applying higher than average levels of thermal insulation and better than average air-tightness.

Adjust Your Residence for the Sun

Adjusting to another town after moving isn’t the only adjustment you should plunge into, but instead, you should use this time to make thorough adjustments to your abode as well by harnessing the powers of nature. For instance, the sun’s power is a renewable source of energy that can be used in the whole household. You can use solar heating to make hot water, which is especially handy for larger households. Whether you have large quantities of dishes daily or many residents that use the shower regularly, implementing solar energy usage is wise. To properly use the power of the sun, you should consult someone to orient your installations. This way, you’ll make the most of both sunlight and heat.

Pay Attention to the Build Materials

Making an eco-friendly abode means paying attention to the materials used. These homes are built from natural materials and products, such as hemp, wood fiber, straw, and similar grasses. But there’s also another excellent possibility: using recycled materials like brick, stone, and glass to build a residence. Bricks left to dry naturally rather than being heated are a much more eco-friendly solution, too.

Save Energy by Implementing Smart Home Improvement Ideas

We all understand that moving to a smaller home and throwing a successful garage sale are great ways to save up on your move. But it’s perhaps even more important to implement different solutions in your residence that will be both eco-friendly and save you some money in the long run. Whether you’re building from the start or remodeling an existing abode, there are many ways to be environment-friendly.

Save Water with This Simple Trick

Are you wondering what to put on your new apartment shopping list for your bathroom? You can start by buying and installing a water-saving showerhead that comes with different spray modes. Besides adding to the visual elegance of your bathroom, these showerheads can reduce the amount of water you use whenever you get in the shower.

Heat Pumps Should Be a New Norm

If you need a low-carbon emission way to heat your residence, you can install heat pumps that take heat from the ground or air outside. In addition, by adding smart meters, you can carefully program the timing of your thermostat. A good way to be efficient is to turn off heating completely in those parts of the abode which are less frequented.

Install LEDs and Save up Money and Energy

You probably already know how much the LED lighting is energy-efficient. Not only that the quality LED light bulbs are more durable and last longer, but they also provide comparable or better light sources than other types of bulbs. LED lighting should be installed throughout the abode to get the most out of it.

Install LED lighting after cross country moving
LEDs of high quality can have a lifetime longer than 50,000 hours

Why Buy Furniture When You Can Do Wonderful Things With the Old Pieces

Making improvements in the new place doesn’t mean you should go on a shopping spree and spend loads of money on furniture and decorations. You should put furniture from the previous place on the moving inventory because your next residence can easily look stylish even with old pieces and a bit of effort. Moving furniture from your old place is a good idea for saving the budget.

A Few Ideas for Remodeling an Old Piece of Furniture

You can start by applying paint to your favorite pieces. If you want to level up your remodeling game, buy some fancy craft stencils and use them on furniture to paint ornaments. Another inexpensive idea is to get a set of metal furniture leg replacements. They will come in handy to revamp your dresser or any other piece of furniture. The same goes for cabinet drawer pulls and knobs – with a bit of money, your dresser will be as good as new. If you’ve packed the books for moving and brought them with you, you can also do wonders for the shelves by applying wallpaper on the back of the stand.

A cabinet moved by long-distance movers
An old cabinet can look like a designer piece of furniture

House Improvements for Renters

Our reasons to move always vary, but we usually move out for the first time to become independent, probably to a rental place. Sure, in these situations, we focus on picking a city to live in, and the layout of our residence comes low on the moving across the country checklist. But, let’s check out some first apartment tips that will help you create a more loveable spot out of the rented apartment:

  • If you don’t like the floors in the rental, we’ve all been there. But you’re in luck because you can implement changes to them that can be undone at the end of your lease. Temporary decking tiles are easy to install and remove, and you can choose between wood and tile patterns. They even come as faux grass, so even your balcony can be lovely and stylish.
  • Most landlords won’t allow changing the wall color, but sometimes a particular shade can make the whole place look dreary. But how to implement a future house design you like to a residence under a lease? Stick and peel removable wallpaper is the answer you’re looking for. It’s easy to apply and even easier to remove once you’ve decided to move out.
  • Minor decorative changes are easily applicable and usually not expensive. You can change your shower curtains, place a few floor mirrors, and lean artwork and photographs on shelves without damaging the walls.
  • Although they are not considered moving essentials, if you love plants, you should bring them to your next abode. You can add them around the residence to cover any unattractive corners and brighten up everything. Especially be careful not to choose any planters that won’t fit into the style. Many inexpensive yet chic planters can do wonders for your interior design.

Moving into an apartment that is a rental space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reconcile with the design that makes you unhappy. Sure, you want to secure your deposit, but remodeling a rented residence can be done without any actual damage to the place. Before you move in, you can use a residence designer tool, Planner 5D, to figure out the layout without much fuss and dragging bulky furniture around.

You can check out many fantastic ideas for renters in the following video that will enable you to make a dreamy place and secure the deposit simultaneously.

By Improving Your Future House, You Will Start On the Right Foot

We consider picking “the best long-distance movers near me” and deciding on a storage service for our belongings or an auto transport service for shipping our vehicle crucial for the move. But remodeling and sprucing up the place we plan to live in is equally important. After all, the more we fix everything to our liking, the sooner we will start seeing it as your place. And not all improvements will make a large chip in our budget because you can manage to invest just a little bit to get the best possible results.

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