How to Adjust to Moving Back in With Parents After College

Most young adults’ visions of finishing school and finding their first job go hand in hand with them settling into a place of their own. However, for many recent college graduates, moving back home is the reality. If you’re one of them, and you’re moving back in with parents after college, we’ve gathered some pros, cons, and tips that will hopefully help you cope with this decision.

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Moving Back in With Parents After College Is Not as Bad as You May Think

Let’s be clear, living with parents after college is no one’s dream. It can be stressful trying to adapt to each other’s routine and frustrating because it’ll feel like you’re losing the independence you had while you were a student. Because of that, it can be a very emotionally draining experience to go through after finishing school. But if you’re prepared for it, finding yourself on the doorstep of your old home doesn’t have to be so bad.

So, you’re probably asking yourself – how do I adjust to my home after college? The key to coping with this change is being aware that you’re sacrificing yourself in the present moment so you can prepare for the future you’ve always imagined. You should keep up a steady routine to stay busy and motivated, look after your mental and physical health, as well as work on strengthening your relationship with family and old friends. We’ll discuss this in greater detail later on, but for now, let’s look at the benefits of going back to your childhood home because it will aid you in keeping up a positive attitude throughout this process.

It’s a Great Way to Save Money and Plan for the Future at Your Own Pace

After finishing school, the biggest benefit of relocating back to your parent’s residence is being able to save money on different kinds of expenses you would have to deal with if you were living on your own. Depending on the agreement, you will probably have to contribute to the household one way or another. But even if you’re expected to pay for certain things, it will surely not be as expensive as relocating to a new city alone can get.

Maybe you want to pay off your student loans or save up to buy a car or a house. Getting rid of student debt can be a great starting point in building a financially secure lifestyle. That can be hard when you’ve got expensive rent and utilities to stress over, so if you want to cut the costs of living, cross-country moving back into your childhood house might be the best option.

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More often than not, graduates are wondering – is it normal to feel lost after college? Of course, this is completely normal, and a lot of young adults are going through it. You’re finding your footing in this world, starting up your career path, and becoming independent. Because of that, going back to your family can seem like a big step backward, but it can actually provide you with overall security during this transformative period of your life.

College grads living at home can take their time planning for the future without having to worry about making ends meet. With the possibility of fattening up your savings, there’s no need to hurry and get a job before you move back home. You can ease into these challenges of adulthood and ensure that you’re doing things right. Check out this helpful video if you’re still wondering if going back to your old place is a good idea for you:

You May Be Able to Save Money, but It Will Come With Certain Costs

As we’ve discussed, you will be able to enjoy some benefits while residing in your childhood home. But it’s not all peaches and cream, and you will quickly realize that. You’ll be saving up on money and searching for work without it being a stressful experience. But you’ll also probably have to say goodbye to independence and privacy in the sense you’ve enjoyed during your college life.

Be Aware of the Emotional Effects It Can Have On You – This Is the Most Important Tip When Moving Back in With Parents After College

Moving away from family can be hard, especially if you’re relocating for the first time. But transitioning from living on your own terms to being back in your old home can be equally as difficult. The experience of living with your mom and dad while you’re in your twenties can have lots of ups and downs. The biggest challenge of the whole ordeal will be getting used to things such as compromising your independence and privacy and finding a middle ground that can work for everyone involved.

It’s a big change, and getting used to it is not an easy process. You might experience relocation depression or even adjustment insomnia. There’s no more having friends over whenever you feel like it or coming in and out of the house as you please. Your parents may start treating you like you’re 15 again.

Their daily routine is surely different from the lifestyle you built while enrolled as a student. Most of your friends are likely far away now, and life can easily get very boring. This can get especially hard if you’re relocating from a big city to your small hometown. But don’t worry! With the right mindset and organization, you might even enjoy the experience.

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Going back to your hometown can be difficult to adjust to, but with the right plan in mind, it will be easy

Adjusting Will Be Easier if You Stick to Your Routine and Focus on Your Goals

There are plenty of reasons to move, and postgrads going back to their childhood home has become very common ever since the migrations during the Coronavirus. There’s even a name for them – the boomerang generation. So, it’s definitely not as taboo as it was before, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your decision. But even if you’re completely okay with it, it can still be a challenge adjusting to the old environment with a fresh mindset.


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Keep Track of Your Progress and See This Experience as an Opportunity to Grow as a Person

So, how do you deal with moving back in with your parents? Going back to the good old days can soothe our nostalgic feelings for a few days, but it can get depressing real soon. Because of that, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a temporary solution for getting the time and space you need to build a great future for yourself. Here are a few tips for feeling on top of your game:

  • Create a solid routine and stick to it – stay busy and productive, and you will be able to avoid reverting back to your childhood habits and consequently feel like you’re taking a step back in your life.
  • Redecorate your old bedroom – this fun activity can be a great way to create a fresh and positive mindset in your new circumstances.
  • Take care of your mental and physical health – you can maybe take up a new activity or a hobby that will motivate you to keep making progress.
  • Reunite with your family and old friends – this is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your old friends and meet new ones.
  • Envision the life you’re working towards by making a list of goals – motivate yourself by making a plan about relocating to a big city or writing a new apartment checklist.

Make Mutual Agreements and Set the Rules to Solidify the Relationship With Your Parents

Now that we’ve covered everything that will keep you motivated and focused during this change, let’s talk about how you can create the best possible experience for everyone involved. As we’ve discussed, it can be an emotionally overwhelming experience, and it starts with the stress of relocating.

You should make the move easier by planning ahead and thinking about what kind of long-distance moving services you should get. Create a house inventory to let you pack quickly for the move and also get rid of the stuff you no longer need. Once you’ve got your long-distance movers booked, everyone will have enough time to prepare for this next big step.

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Once you've booked the services you need, you can focus on adjusting to being close to your family again

Set Boundaries and Communicate – Stick to the Agreed Rules and Be Considerate of Each Other in the New Circumstances

An important part of keeping yourself emotionally strong and productive is having a healthy relationship with the members of your family you now share a place with. This can only be realized through communicating actively and setting clear boundaries from the very beginning. So, it’s important for everyone to sit down and talk as adults. To make this easier to navigate, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things you should discuss:

Start by Talking About the Good Side of Things

By starting with the positive aspects of being together under the same roof, you will set a good basis for constructive communication. For example, talk about what you can do to help each other out and build a relationship that goes both ways. If you’re coming back to live with your elderly parent, it would obviously help them a lot. No matter the reason for your decision, you should clearly explain to them why this is a necessary step in your life and let them know that they’re a huge part of you becoming the best version of yourself. No parent would want anything less for their kid.

Everyone Should Clearly Set Their Boundaries and Find Common Ground

Everyone must agree on the fact that your relationship should be different from before. There’s no reason for you to still be treated like a child or a student if you’re no longer one. That’s why it’s helpful to openly discuss the changes that are necessary for your relationship to be healthy. Talking about things such as curfews and quiet hours is important for making sure the atmosphere in the house is comfortable for everyone. Everyone will feel more at ease, and you will get the privacy and independence you need in preparing yourself for the real world.

Divide the Daily Responsibilities and Chores

Even if your mom and dad don’t want to bother you with the household chores, it’s a good idea to establish your responsibilities around the house, no matter how small they are. Discuss who does what, and stick to the plan from the very beginning. Knowing you’re helping each other out can only strengthen the relationship, and dividing your responsibilities will get you the free time you need to work and focus on your long-term goals.

Discuss the Finances, No Matter How Awkward

Talking about money is not everyone’s favorite topic, and discussing it with your family can be especially awkward when you’re in your twenties. But it’s still very important to go over the finances. Depending on their expectations, you may need to contribute not only by helping around the house but also with living expenses. It may not seem like it, but it’s a good idea for you to pay a symbolic rent or help with the utilities. It can make you feel like an adult and also motivate you to find work. You can even talk about the potential move-out day to help with staying on track, but keep it flexible to avoid adding stress to the situation.

Book Cross-Country Movers to Make the Process of Relocating Back to Your Childhood Home as Smooth as Possible

When you’ve made your decision to move back to your hometown, it’s important to stay organized and avoid relocating last minute because it will only be harder for you. Start your relocation to-do list on time, and think about the packing services you need for an efficient move. Relocation is much more than googling “long-distance movers near me.”

Make the whole ordeal easier on yourself by finding a reliable long-distance moving company that will provide you with the professional assistance you require. Rest easy knowing that you’re not a victim of a relocation scam and that your belongings are in the safe hands of people who are experts in this field. It’s a guarantee for a stress-free relocation. When you’ve got this covered, everything else will come easily too! As crazy as it might sound, you may even enjoy the experience!

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