Are You Supposed to Tip Movers Once Their Work is Done?

Everything is packed and ready for your cross-country move. The cardboard boxes are full of precious belongings, all documents are gathered in one place, and even a farewell party with friends and coworkers is scheduled. Still, there is a question that is bothering you – are you supposed to tip movers once their work is done? Read our article and find out just how important tipping workers is.

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June 21, 2022 Posted in Moving Tips

Is tipping cross-country movers necessary? You are not obliged to give the workers any extra cash on relocation day. However, it is considered customary to show appreciation once their work is done. The client is free to decide how much money the crew will be rewarded with. The best option is to pay each worker 4 to 5 dollars per hour.

Are You Supposed to Tip Movers? We Say Yes, and Here Is Why

Once you search for “long-distance movers near me” and find a company that is reputable and trustworthy, you will know that the move will be carried out by professionals. There are numerous details and things to do before relocating, which make the whole process challenging, especially for individuals who are relocating for the first time. So, having a top-notch crew that will solve any issue that arises and that will give you a helping hand during this stressful time in your life is of utmost importance.

Knowledgeable workers can provide you with full or partial packing services, store your belongings in storage units, and transport your car and all of your belongings to the new address. They will provide you with the best long-distance moving services regardless of the weather conditions on the day of the move.

So if you are asking yourself – is tipping movers and packers necessary? We can tell you that it is not mandatory, but the effort and hard work should always be rewarded in any way possible, and the best thing to do is to give them money.

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How Much Should You Give Your Long-Distance Movers?

For everyone who doesn’t know what the average tip for movers is, we can inform you that customers usually opt for paying each mover at a flat rate. This means that for every hour of work, the mover receives 4 or 5 dollars.

Therefore, one might ask – is 20 dollars enough to tip movers? Yes, one can give each person 20 dollars in case they spent 4 hours working in your house. However, if it takes more time to unload or pack the relocation truck, tips will increase. Pay each mover 40 dollars for working eight hours and 50 or 60 dollars for working twelve hours or more.

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Can You Tip Movers Based on the Percentage of the Relocation Bill?

One thing is for sure if the relocation company insists that you should pay the workers a percentage of the total bill, don’t invest in them since it is most likely a relocation scam. It is true that there is an option of tipping workers in this way, but we do not recommend opting for this method.

Showing gratitude in this way is expensive and inconvenient when investing in cross-country moving services. Overall, your bill can rack up to 5,000 dollars, and giving the team a percentage is not quite budget-friendly. That’s why you shouldn’t compromise your relocation budget by tipping the team based on the percentage of the total bill since saving money for the move is the essential part of a successful relocation.

Is There a Difference in Tips For a Local and the Long-Distance Move?

The only difference between local and long-distance companies is in the distance. Long-distance workers ship your vehicle, transport all of your precious items, and organize the move to a new city. However, the tips they receive, if it’s a cross-country move, should be the same as for the local move. It is vital to keep track of the hours they spend working and give them money according to their time spent working and performance. We recommend always opting to pay them a flat rate.

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Is 10% a good tip for movers? It will be costly to pay based on the percentage

What Are the Best Ways to Know Whether You Should Tip the Team a Bit More?

Relocating to a new city is both nerve-wracking and exciting. So, preparing to deal with the stress should also be on your to-do list. But, after all, there is a silver lining. A reputable relocation crew will be able to solve any issue and move all of your belongings under any conditions. For kind, capable workers who are competent to give you an accurate answer to any of your concerns, we recommend increasing the amount of money intended for the tips. Here is how to know the team deserves to be tipped well:

If You’re Moving on Rainy, Hot, or Snowy Days

Weather conditions play a huge role in the moving process. Terrible weather will make it difficult to load and unload the truck. Therefore, if you are moving in winter, slushy and snowy days increase the risk of injuries, so make sure to reward the team for pulling off the move in these circumstances. Also, if you are relocating in summer, it will be humid and hot, so consider giving them a bit more and keep extra water bottles around.

If They Have to Carry Numerous Heavy Items

Not only moving the furniture but also carrying and packing a large flat-screen TV can take a toll on your team. It will take additional effort and labor, so getting tipped at the end of the day would mean a lot for the crew. Make sure to inform them of all the heavy items that have to be carried and transported beforehand so they can bring their supplies and equipment.

If They Encounter Unexpected Difficulties

We can never predict difficulties and complications that might arise along the way. But, during the move, the crew will probably encounter challenges. If you see that they made an effort to overcome all of the obstacles, it would be ideal to show appreciation. Also, if they successfully moved furniture up and down the stairs and moved a piano through narrow hallways, they deserve to be rewarded.

If They Provide You With Excellent Service

Some workers will go above and beyond to ensure that everything gets moved properly. In case they stay late to unload the truck or provide you with useful relocation hacks you’d like to use for future moves, increase the tips. Ther performance and helpful knowledge will make the process effortless and smooth, and it shouldn’t be unrecognized.

If You Are Relocating Last-Minute

Last-minute relocation requires knowledgeable and reliable workers. Everything will have to be done at a faster pace, so there is a high risk for mistakes and injuries. If they finish the job successfully in a short period of time, without any belongings damaged or misplaced, pay them a bit more. Loading and unloading a truck is difficult even under normal conditions, but doing the same in less time is a skill not many have. Bear that in mind when deciding on the amount of money to give them.

Having Trouble Deciding Who to Pay When Moving Into a New Home?

Do you tip movers separately or give one person the entire amount, and what is the best mover tipping strategy? We will share with you our useful advice on how to best tackle this task. When you start planning to give money to the workers, find out how many of them will come to your home. Get this information by contacting the call center representatives.

Knowing how many people are assigned for the job will make it easier to know approximately how much money you require to leave for the workers. You should expect a foreman, a driver, and a couple of crew members to show up. Even though the foreman is going to be in charge of the entire team, designated for making a move efficient, don’t choose to give him the entire sum. The best strategy would be to approach each person separately and show gratitude by tipping them as well as telling them how satisfied with the services you are.

Do You Tip Movers on Both Ends or Just When They Unload the Truck?

Many customers are confused about whether they have to pay the crew when they unload or unload the truck. The truth is that you should reward the workers as soon as they finish the job, meaning after they load and unload the truck. This is necessary because you cannot be sure whether the same workers that loaded the truck will also arrive to unload it again. So, bear in mind that different teams will most likely take care of the entire move. Perhaps the only one that will be present at both locations is the truck driver.

Movers carrying a couch
Do you tip movers when they load or unload? We advise tipping the moving company's workers when they finish the job for the day

How Else Can You Reward the Team? Let Us Help You

Workers usually have numerous clients to relocate on the same day. They are expected to show up at several houses and carry large and heavy items into the truck all day. They are usually experienced and well-trained to endure everything, but showing gratitude in simple ways still counts. So, if you are looking for an option to show appreciation without money, here is what to do:

  • Order snacks or a meal like a pizza, burgers, or burritos,
  • Have water bottles in your home or buy soft drinks like coca-cola and sprite,
  • Prepare soup and fresh towels,
  • Invite them for a rest after they are done,
  • Write a positive review on the company’s website.

It is simple – if the workers go out of their way to provide you with the best service, you should do anything that will prove to them that you are a satisfied customer. Sometimes it is just enough to tell them what you appreciate the most or praise them to their boss.

When Is It Ok to Skip Paying the Workers When Moving Cross-Country?

Many people wonder – is it OK not to tip movers? There are specific situations when not paying the workers is considered acceptable. If they show up late or the long-distance moving company doesn’t send enough people to handle the job, you can back out of paying them.

Furthermore, it’s important to inspect all the items after the workers unload the truck. See if there are any bumps or scratches on your belongings. In case you notice there is damage, not giving tips is understandable. Also, if you are relocating on a tight budget, it’s ok not to pay the workers. Instead, praise them or offer them a cold drink.

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In the End, It’s up to You to Decide

Ultimately, the most important thing is for your belongings to be safely transported to the new home. If the workers accomplished the job successfully, it would be ideal to reward them with a bit of money. However, if they handle your items poorly and unprofessionally, the answer is simple – not paying them is entirely understandable. So, if you are asking yourself – do you tip moving companies’ workers, we recommend evaluating how satisfied with their service you are and making your own decision.

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