How to Move a Garage – An Ultimate Guide

If you find long-distance movers near me and ask them about the most unusual thing they ever had to relocate, we can guarantee that relocating a structure was not one of those things. And if you ask them how to move a garage, they will probably give some good tips.

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July 20, 2021 Posted in How-to

The idea of relocating a structure is not strange, and more and more Americans decide to move some detached structure in their yard. Of course, some people decide to relocate it from one side of the backyard to another, but some more ambitious folks even go for the cross-country moving. And if you are one of those people, you must follow some rules, regulations, and steps to make sure everything goes according to plan. We have prepared a detailed guide on how to relocate a structure when long-distance moving.

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The First Step Is to Declutter and Pack Garage

Even before your long-distance movers arrive, you will have to do a lot of preparation, especially if you are planning to relocate a building to a new home. And the best way to organize your move is to declutter your home. And remember, you will have a lot of work regarding building preparation for transit, so start packing early. If you have some old sofa or couch sitting in your home, find out where you can donate furniture. Get rid of things you haven’t used for more than two years. Like, old pots and pans must go. Get some packing materials and pack everything you will bring with you as well. If you don’t know where to store these items, put them up in a garage sale or in storage facilities until you move your building.

How to Pack a Garage in Most Efficient Way

If you wish to pack quickly for the move, the best way to do that is with the help of others. But if you don’t have time to organize your friends and family to help you out, finding a reputable relocation company is a next step you have to take. Once you contact them for long-distance moving services ask them about packing service and what comes with the price. With their help, your items will be appropriately stored and packed on a truck, so you will have time to deal with your garage relocation. Also, check with them what items they won’t move and if they are doing a structure relocation. This could be one of the criteria on how to choose a moving company.

Packing materials for long-distance moving
Start with decluttering and packing early

Inspect and See if There Is Any Issue With Your Structure

On the other hand, if you decide to move your structure alone, you will still want help from experts, primarily because of your and other people’s safety. If you wonder how do you lift and move a garage, finding a contractor should be the next step. Ask him to review the condition of your structure. You can even hire him to do the relocation too if you want. He needs to check if the walls and roof are solid enough to survive the transportation.

Contractor on a roof
Contact a contractor to inspect your structure

Check the City Code and Get Necessary Permits

You will need to acquire a couple of permits. There are first structure inspection and approval, and then relocating permit and building permit. The permits differ depending on a state or even city, so visit your municipality website and find out more. Also, check out if you are allowed to detach a structure from your property since it will change its legal appearance, and it might not be by the code without it. Bear in mind that the one who gets the permit is legally responsible if anything happens. So think about hiring a long-distance moving company who specializes in this kind of move.

Man working on blueprints
See if separating a structure will compromise your property building code

How to Move a Garage and How Do You Lift a Garage?

DIY structure relocation is possible, but it will need a lot of hands-on work. First, prepare everything so your relocation can go smoothly. Measure your structure and pathway, and if anything is in the way, remove it. Secondly, prepare your new destination – pour down the foundation so it has time to dry until your structure arrives.

Use the Simplest Equipment to Get the Job Done

With a simple pickaxe and shovel, you can do all the necessary preparation. Go around your garage floor if it has the floor, or around wall sides if it doesn’t. Make a canal on all four sides wide enough so the rails can go underneath the structure.

Follow These Tips and Relocate Your Structure Step-by-Step With Ease

The answer to the question “how much does it cost to move a garage” or “how much does it cost to lift a garage” is that with a little work and help from friends, you can move it with minimal expenditures. On the other hand, lifting is an entirely different thing that demands renting a truck with a crane. And if you wish to move on the budget, it’s probably not such a great idea. But with these steps, you can try a DIY method:

  • Step 1. Reinforces the structure – Use large beams and boards and nail them to the walls, roof, doors, and windows.
  • Step 2. Clear the pathway – If any structure is on your way, tear it down.
  • Step 3. Lift – Place iron rails underneath on every side and corner and lift everything simultaneously.
  • Step 4. Put it on the wheels – Once you lift the structure on rails, place it on a wheeled beam attached to the truck, and your relocation of a structure can start.

Check this video to see how people are relocating a large structure.

If You Have Any More Questions About Moving a Garage Ask Professionals for Help

If you wonder how much does it cost to move a garage back, the answer will be just the same as relocating to a new home. The price will mostly depend on the distance, the cost of your permits, and the amount of labor you hired to do the job. In the long run, and with the amount of energy you will have to put into this project, hiring professionals to do it for you seems like a reasonable deal.

Relocation is hard, and you need to do a lot of things, even if you contact cross-country movers to assist you, so just think about your options on time. Also, some estimations are that it is cheaper to relocate a garage than to build a new one. So keep that in mind too. Also, ask your long-distance movers if they have an option to transfer your structure. Most of them have car shipping options, but maybe some have options for a structure relocation

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