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November 8, 2019 Madison Rogers

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale?

Are you getting ready for your upcoming relocation? This is when people usually realize just how many unnecessary items they keep for no good reason. If you’re among them, you’re probably wondering how to have a successful garage sale. For starters, this is an excellent idea. Not only is it a good chance to get rid of all those things that you do not want to take with you, but you can also make some money out of it. And when moving, you can always use some extra cash.

November 8, 2019 Kate Holland

Moving a Business to Another State

Have you decided that moving a business to another state is the right thing to do for your company? No matter the reasons behind your decision to move your enterprise, right now you’ll be looking for the best way to go about it. You should know that it can be a challenging period for any business owner, but less so if you properly prepare in advance. This includes both the legal aspect of it, as well as transferring offices interstate. Not only will you have to relocate your firm, but it will also be challenging to ship your belongings to another state. And hopefully, you’ll find the following tips helpful.

November 4, 2019 Michael Vaughan

How to Overcome Relocation Depression?

Let’s start with the obvious: making huge life changes tends to affect nearly every person’s mental state in varying degrees. One of the biggest changes that can occur in one’s life is relocation, which is why you will hear the term relocation depression being thrown around more often these days. You can already imagine how moving can impact a person’s mental state, whether going to another city or state or even relocating to a different country altogether. Let’s discuss further what makes that feeling escalate, and why, in some people, this change has a tendency to cause actual bouts of depression.

October 28, 2019 Hannah Michaelson

How to Do a USDOT Number Check and Why It is Important

Move into a new home happy, fulfilled, and satisfied. With the right moving company, this is possible. The first step in executing a successful relocation should be to do a USDOT number check to be sure about your mover’s reliability. Taking this factor into account, along with other indicators, will guarantee you high-quality moving services and lead to a safe and painless relocation experience.

September 19, 2019 Jane Davis

How to Cope with Moving Away from Family?

Whether you are leaving for a new job, college, moving into a new house, or getting married, relocation can be a traumatic experience. And it doesn’t matter if it’s long-distance or just down the street. That’s why it is crucial to know how to cope with moving away from family since this often stressful process changes your complete life.

September 2, 2019 Jane Davis

How to Pack Glasses for Moving

If you are in the middle of moving, there are a lot of things you have to be extra careful with when packing. One of the trickiest steps that you’ll encounter is how to pack glasses for moving.

May 20, 2019 Madison Rogers

Wondering How to Organize a Successful Garage Sale? We’ve Got the Right Tips

The extra stuff you don’t use anymore and want to throw away before moving out could be an excellent resource for earning a few bucks. If you are wondering how to organize a garage sale, just follow these simple tips. You’ll have some fun, make (and save) money, and free your storage, all in one. Sounds great, right?

November 5, 2018 Blake Shaw

How to Pack Fragile Items With the Best Professional Tips

However complicated and hard it may seem to go through the whole ordeal of the relocation process, the part that is probably the most nerve-racking is the packaging part. And packaging breakables tops it all. So, you wonder how to pack fragile items and worry less, and above all stay sane? Don’t worry, there are some awesome tips out there, that will keep both your favorite glasses and your nerves undamaged.

October 30, 2018 Michael Vaughan

Tips for Easy and Efficient Unpacking After the Move

The entire moving process can be a complicated effort, and once you’re finished, you’ll want to have a rest. But remember that unpacking after a move is just as important as the other parts of the relocation since you’ll want to get on with your new life as soon as possible. If you postpone it now, who knows when you’ll find the time to do it, and it can take a long time if you’re not ready and prepared. So here are some tips to make the whole process a smooth and hassle-free experience.

October 22, 2018 Anastasia Hill

How to Protect Floors When Moving?

When the relocation day comes near, one of the things you should learn is how to protect floors when moving. Whether you have hardwood or any other kind of flooring, protecting it should be high on your list of priorities. If you don’t know how to go about it, you should follow these simple tips and avoid any unnecessary stress and additional costs.

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