Guide to picking out Moving Boxes


residental movingIt is quite common that moving to new locations brings out new stresses and anxiety. The only cure would be to keeping a cheap moving budget, planning everything at the right time, and good luck of course because nothing is meant to fall easily of trees. This is a good time to settle in on discussing which moving company to choose, preferably one more affordable. At Trico Long Distance Movers, we not only give you tips on how to organize your move, we also hold our services to the highest of standards, and we strive to provide the customer with the safest and most efficient moving solutions in the country. We take the safety of your valuables very seriously which is why we apply only the finest moving equipment available.  Before you even need the equipment, it is a good idea to collect the items you need to pack up your household belongings quickly and safely. The goal is to collect all the items you need (cardboard boxes especially) for a cheaper price. This will help you save money during your relocation. Without any further adieu here is our guide to picking out moving boxes.

Packing on your own can help you cut your moving costs a lot. This is even more effective if you are able to get them for free.  By locating card board boxes that are in great condition without paying any money for them can really save your money during your move. But you may ask yourself – ‘Where can you locate free card board boxes?”


You would be surprised by the huge amount of places where you can find free moving boxes. Some of them would have never come across your mind. These places include: online: on websites such as Craigslist and Freecycle, supermarkets, shopping malls, home improvement stores, home electronics stores, second-hand – from family members  and friends that have recently relocated, bookstores, local produces stores, liquor stores and bars, copy centers and recycling centers. All of these areas can help you locate moving boxes that are relatively different cardboard boxes in size, sturdiness, and cleanliness.


The next step is to identify exactly what type of moving boxes apply to you, and of course their affordability also matters. Since your main focus right now is your upcoming move, since it is approaching quickly, the type of boxes you need doesn’t even cross your mind, neither the thought of where they came from.  Everything really depends on the size of your move, and also the number and type of items you place in your boxes. You are going to need a huge variety of packing supplies. It all depends on you whether or not you are going to buy them brand new, or gather them from a diversity of places. Since cardboard boxes can be one of your biggest expenses, it will most definitely pay off if you collect them.


After you have gotten yourself all the boxes you need for packing, it is time to check their sturdiness. After all, most of them probably came from places where they have been previously used a lot already, so they need to be checked. Check for cleanliness. If you have gotten those boxes from grocery stores they are probably not that clean and contain a wide variety of things like fruits and vegetables, through bugs and hazardous substances. To avoid any risks or health hazards, please inspect the boxes thoroughly so that they can be used for moving. Another important factor is whether or not the box is dry. Wet boxes can lose their strength and durability, especially if they got sticky from alcohol or juice if they came from liquor stores. If you notice any signs of water damage on the boxes, do not use them. Another important factor to go over is whether or not your box is strong. Most of the places you get the items from have boxes that are strong enough to carry large amounts of whatever you pack inside them. Do not risk on harming your household belongings in order to go as cheaply as possible. Just because you’re not paying for the moving boxes, it doesn’t mean that you should accept any containers that you can get your hands on. The safety of your belongings should be your top priority.


The next step would be to question yourself on how many boxes you are going to need. Don’t forget that when you are getting boxes, size plays a big part. This is why you are going to need them in different sizes to cover all your self-packing needs. Be sure to also note the different uses of the different types of boxes. Small packing boxes for instance, are best used for holding heavy stuff, like your books, for example, and also your most fragile items.  Then come the boxes that aren’t too big, or too small. These boxes are perfect for clothes, shoes, kitchenware, and electronic equipment. The large moving boxes are designed for huge yet light household belongings such as bed linen, curtains, coverings, and more. In the end it is type to sum up approximately how many you are going to need for self-packing. The numbers vary but it comes around to 10 small boxes, 8-9 medium-sized, and 6 large cardboard boxes. This amount is more than enough to pack up the content of a normally sized room. It is a good idea to use this reference when packing the rest of your household content.


It is crucial to label. Some moving trucks that work long distance moves have a diversity of different people’s belongings in the truck. This is why you have to be sure that you have labeled all of your boxes with your name or some other unique identifier.  This way if one of your boxes is mixed in with another delivery, the movers and other clients will notice right away.


As soon as you’ve gotten everything packed and ready for shipment, contact Trico Long Distance Movers. Customers trust us to safely transport their most valuable possessions because of our reputation for unbeatable service and outstanding professionalism.


A guide to moving with children

Are you a parent and nervous about your upcoming move? Moving to a new city can be stressful and tough enough for everyone, but it has a greater impact on your child than you can imagine. Psychological research has proven to us that this major transition can result to developing anxiety problems, especially on introverted children that have a difficult time making new friends and adapting to new surroundings. Reactions such as wetting the bed, baby talk, insomnia, shyness, trouble with concentration, hair twirling, thumb sucking  are all signs that maybe the idea of moving is upsetting them. Older kids may start having irregular sleeping patterns and sudden stomach aches or headaches. Teenagers are more understanding, but situations like having to leave their girlfriend/boyfriend and the change of high schools  can distress them as well .To help prevent these difficulties, the following three tips are a guide to help  make moving with children less hectic for everyone.  Continue reading “A guide to moving with children”

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Once the decision to relocate has been made you would think that it is smooth sailing from there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually go like that, and you find yourself looking around your house for what to take with you only to end surrounded by things that leave you feeling unsure of whether you should bring them to your new home or leave them behind. The worst part is there is still a lot more things to take care of for the move. Since this is a problem that many people face when they start going through their things to try to decide on what to keep and what to throw away, we have decided to put together this guide to help you get through the stressful moving period with the items you want and need most. Continue reading “A guide to getting rid of unnecessary items before your move”

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How to determine neighborhood crime rate before you move

Are you looking for a neighborhood with a safe environment to relocate to? People can get too overwhelmed with excitement and forget to focus on what is most important- SAFETY. The first thing that everyone researchers when moving to a new neighborhood is nearby employment opportunities and entertainment options or the school district rankings in the area. Neighborhood crime rates should not be excluded in the search.  It’s important to be cautious, especially when it comes to choosing a place to live. With the knowledge of crime rates in neighborhoods that interest you might make you think twice about relocating there. In the end, the safety of your neighborhood has a huge impact on everything from your homes value to your happiness and sense of security. Shocking statistics  from recent studies on the epidemic of sexual assaults that endanger our society today as well as burglary, theft, rape, homicides and armed-robberies . The most common indicator is neighborhood conditions: residential turnover rates precisely how long people tend to live in the neighborhood, and the poverty rates of a neighborhood. The longer residences live within a neighborhood, the more likely the neighborhood is to have lower crime rates. If a neighborhood has a high movement with residence moving in and out frequently, then the neighborhood is likely to have higher crimes rates.  Crime rates depend on two things: first that a crime is committed and second, that the crime is reported. Both of these terms are not always met, which is why crime in a neighborhood is a difficult concept to measure. Continue reading “How to determine neighborhood crime rate before you move”

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How to pack and move furniture

It is a part of human nature to want to move from place to place and experience new things, and this is evident when we see how much we love to travel. This moving from one location to another is an excellent opportunity to discover what you are made of and is a great way to experience other cultures, people and their unique way of life. Now the reasons for relocation are plenty. Some people relocate because of their job, others because they are unsatisfied and yearn for something different while others do it because of a loved one. There are various reasons, but the point is -you make a decision to move! Moving means leaving behind the past and everything you are used to and going forward towards something new. However, even if moving means leaving things behind you sure aren’t going to leave all your belongings behind. You are sure to want to take some of your belongings with you. There are many things people choose to take with them when moving either for practical purposes or sentimental value. A very popular thing that people tend to take with them is their furniture since it has grown on them and represents their taste and style. Deciding to keep your furniture is easy, the only question is how to transfer it safely to your new place. Is it your first time moving? Don’t panic! It is easy. With this guide, you will be able to handle furniture preparation be it your first move or a hundred and first move. Continue reading “How to pack and move furniture”

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Labelling advice for you relocation

Once you decide to move and get started on packing and organizing the things for the move you are probably left wondering what is the best way to make this packing as efficient as possible and not waste your time going through countless boxes looking for items when you eventually get to my new home. The answer to that question is a well-organized labeling system. Labeling, if done correctly, is one of the best ways to keep track of your belongings and can save you a ton of time later on. For labeling to be done right, you will first need a good system to stick too. The system will enable you to rise above the stress and keep you on track when packing away your things for the big move. Continue reading “Labelling advice for you relocation”

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How to prepare your fragile items for your upcoming cross state move

When it comes to packing for a long distance move you have to be aware that not all items are to be treated equally. The way you go about preparing and packing your clothes, furniture and other more sturdy and solid items is completely different than how you will handle the more delicate things. Some people are not sure where to draw the line and how to divide the fragile from the more solid things, and the rule is simple, if something is easily broken or prone to damage then it should be considered and treated as a fragile item. Fragile items can include a range of things, such as glasses, your fine china, delicate furniture, delicate pieces of art, antiques, electronic devices and equipment, mirrors of all shapes and sizes, lights, lamps and lampshades, musical instruments, bottles of wine and other liquor and so on. As you can see the number of items that can be easily damaged is pretty big, and it is essential that you take the necessary safety measures to ensure that your items do not succumb to any potential damage during the relocation process. Many people always think that it surely won’t happen to them and that their items are sure to make it to their destination without a problem. The truth is that all it takes for your items to be damaged is a few seconds of negligence in the process or some unheeded advice to make your move turn into a nightmare that could leave you without a prized and valued possession. Continue reading “How to prepare your fragile items for your upcoming cross state move”

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Are you in the need of a fresh start? Are you sick of the same weather all year round? Then step out of your comfort zone for the greatest move of your life. This one, in particular, lies on the borders of the Atlantic Ocean with a huge variety of amazing cities to choose from. The USA is dynamic with great cities to live in across the country, but studies have shown that for a particular sort of people, the east coast radiates unique vibes that may be just what you are looking for. Stay tuned to find out! Continue reading “Reasons to relocate to the East Coast”

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Reasons to relocate to the West Coast

Are you ready to make a change and start a new chapter in your life in an entirely new city? If so then you should probably consider relocating. Relocating always brings with it new experiences and adventures but the tough part is choosing which adventures you want and where you want to experience them. There are many places to choose from so we are here to help you out a bit by providing you with some information about our state and hopefully helping you find the right home for you. There is no doubt that there are many great places to call home when it comes to the United States but according to many, there is something unique and magical about the West Coast that makes many easily call it home. People swear it is just better if you are looking for a modern, fun and relaxed lifestyle. Others disagree and say that the East is where it all started, that our roots come from there and that it is full of history and culture that is irreplaceable. Nevertheless in this article, we will be focusing on the modern and unique charm of the West Coast that captivates so many people who move there. We are here to show you why many still consider the West Coast a better place to live and why it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after places for people who are relocating. Continue reading “Reasons to relocate to the West Coast”

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What time of year is the best time for you to relocate

Moving is a stressful task no matter what time of year you decide to do it, but if you can carve yourself out some free time and are not on a tight schedule, then there are a couple of things that you can take into consideration when making the decision on when to relocate. Make sure that you think these over and make the best of this information to get yourself the best move possible. Continue reading “What time of year is the best time for you to relocate”

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