June 21, 2022 Madison Rogers

Are You Supposed to Tip Movers Once Their Work is Done?

Everything is packed and ready for your cross-country move. The cardboard boxes are full of precious belongings, all documents are gathered in one place, and even a farewell party with friends and coworkers is scheduled. Still, there is a question that is bothering you – are you supposed to tip movers once their work is done? Read our article and find out just how important tipping workers is.

June 14, 2022 Edgar Morrison

A Definitive Guide to Perfect Move-Out Cleaning

When relocating, many people think that it is enough to have long-distance movers pack and load their possessions, lock the place, and drive away. However, house move-out cleaning is an essential part of every relocation. No matter how much a person tries to keep everything tidied up when all possessions are packed, you will be able to truly see what years of living can do to a home.

June 10, 2022 Edgar Morrison

How to Prepare for Moving to College (and What Comes Next)

Why is moving to college so hard? Most of the freshmen have probably asked themselves this question. Indeed, it is an exciting and challenging time in every young person’s life since you are going away from the comfort of your home into an unknown environment. It is normal to feel a certain degree of anxiety, but you can be sure that you are entering the most beautiful period of your life, and knowing how to move to college will make the transition all the easier.

June 9, 2022 Daisy Wilson

Moving Day Preparation in a Nutshell – How to Be Ready for Movers

Without good logistics, long-distance moving can easily become chaotic and overwhelming. And even if you book the most experienced movers, there will have to be at least some moving day preparation from your side for everything to go smoothly. And don’t worry, these things are easy and don’t require plenty of effort, but they will make your transition a lot easier and without stress.

June 7, 2022 Daisy Wilson

How Much to Tip Movers After Successful Relocation

Tipping in the service industry is pretty straightforward – it’s around 15% of your bill. But what about other services you take, and should you even give extra money for a service that is already paid? The answer is yes, and if you want to know how much to tip movers, we will present you with the standard amount of money you should give to your long-distance movers.

May 31, 2022 Edgar Morrison

6 Ways Moving to the Suburbs Will Change Your Way of Life

Why are many millennials moving to the suburbs when big cities are expanding and becoming more and more advanced each year? Without any doubt, both suburban and urban areas have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it seems that for many individuals, the disadvantages of city life are becoming overwhelming, and for them, moving from the city to suburbs represents an escape from many troubles.

May 24, 2022 Milly Andrews

How to Pack a Car for Moving Across the Country?

Hiring long-distance movers is the best way to ensure your belongings arrive at another home safely and damage-free. However, sometimes getting a relocation company is not possible (or their costs need to be reduced). That is when many begin to wonder how to pack a car for moving and is it even possible when relocation cross-country. It most certainly is – all you have to do is study our tips, memorize them and apply them when the time comes.

April 21, 2022 Lucy Lucas

Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Job in a New City When Moving

When planning a relocation, one of the most important things to figure out is how to get a job in a new city. Finding a job in a new city is a bit more difficult than you might think since you’ll need time to adjust to the unknown environment. This is why we prepared this guide to help you with the “how do I get a job when relocating?” question.

April 19, 2022 Lucy Lucas

How to Use Moving Labels for Boxes

In case you’re planning a relocation sometime soon, you should know that preparing moving labels for boxes is one of the most important steps during the whole process. Doing this will make your boxing and unboxing so much easier and help you achieve a smooth and stressless move. Keep reading to find out how to label all of your packages properly.

April 6, 2022 Edgar Morrison

How to Pack a Computer for Moving – A Step-by-Step Guide to Packing

PCs have become inseparable parts of our lives in the twenty-first century. So, if you have decided to relocate, packing your PC will be most likely on your to-do list. However, it is important to know how to pack a computer for moving properly. The components can easily get damaged, which means they have to be adequately secured for transportation.

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