July 17, 2016 Amber Hughes

11 Things I Wish I Knew About Moving When I First Relocated

The dream of moving to a better, more stylish home often prompts a move, but sometimes you need to relocate for your career, your significant other’s career or to live closer to your family. Although moving is an exciting adventure, if you do not plan properly, our move will cost you extra time and money. Especially when you have to move quickly or unexpectedly, you often get so caught up in the big picture, that you miss small but important details that can make the process easy and even enjoyable.

July 7, 2016 Amber Hughes

The Pros and Cons of Getting Rental Trucks for Moving

Getting rental trucks for moving could be the right solution for those who would like to organize a DIY move. But if you’re not entirely sure whether it’s the best option for you, take a look at our list of pros and cons before making a reservation and see if renting a vehicle will solve your relocation troubles.


July 4, 2016 Amber Hughes

The 2020 Guide on How to Choose a Moving Company

If you’re planning to relocate soon, you might have found yourself wondering how to choose a moving company that will transfer your household to a new home on time and without a single item damaged or missing. This process might be tedious and challenging, but you’ll need to put in some effort in order to save money and nerves in the end. After all, your precious belongings are at stake here.

June 2, 2016 Amber Hughes

Last-Minute Moving – Tips on How to Move in a Hurry

The very thought of last-minute moving promises stress and plenty of hassle for something that shouldn’t otherwise be so impromptu. It’s a major change that affects your social life, career and the entire family, but it’s not necessarily for the worse.