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        Are you thinking about hiring professional Wisconsin movers and wondering if this is a good idea? This can make your relocation process much smoother and easier – professionals can handle all the challenging tasks while you enjoy only the benefits of your move. Find out what we at Trico Long Distance Movers offer and decide what suits your unique needs.

        Our Moving Company in Wisconsin Can Offer You Incredible Long Distance Moving Services

        If you consider relocating soon, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to hire professional cross-country movers. Our long-distance moving company in Wisconsin has a year-long experience in providing clients best quality relocation assistance. We always try our best to understand our clients’ unique needs and requirements and meet them in the best way possible. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requirements – we will try to help you with various different options.

        Once you know the details about your upcoming relocation, like when you’re relocating and when you should proceed with the planning process, one of the most important questions is – what are you going to relocate. The services you want to get from our company mostly depend on the type and the number of objects you’re relocating. If you want to get our cross-country moving services, we’ll only require an inventory list.

        In case you forget to mention something, you can add (or remove) things from your list all until a day before the actual move. Once we have everything you want to relocate on paper, we’ll make sure all your belongings are properly packed and moved to the desired destination in the shortest possible time.

        An employee of a long-distance moving company taking inventory

        We Can Offer You Additional Packing Service

        Preparing inventory on your own isn’t simple, especially if you are relocating a lot of items or any of your stuff is fragile and valuable, so you don’t want to risk any potential damages during transportation in a relocation truck. There is no need to worry if you move with our long-distance movers in Wisconsin. Apart from the previously mentioned relocation, we can also offer you a separate packing service. The price of this depends on your inventory list, and we can offer you two different options.

        Partial Packing Is the First Possibility

        One of the options is partial packing. This is suitable if all of the belongings from your inventory list can fit in 15 cardboard boxes. You can choose this option if you’re not relocating every little thing or want us to pack only some of the fragile stuff from your home that can fit into 15 boxes. Everything that needs to be packed by professionals and can’t fit into this limit will be calculated and charged as full packing assistance.

        Best Movers in Wisconsin Can Also Offer You Full Packing Service

        Full packing is another option, as professionals will pack all of the inventory from your home – including furniture, decoration, dishes, and other fragile stuff. There is no need to worry about the safety of your items because our team uses only the highest quality materials and modern equipment. Everything will be adequately packed and protected, so your valuable belongings won’t break during the transportation.

        Custom Crating Is Another Great Option

        Custom crating is another option from our offer, suitable for those who need to relocate some extra delicate stuff such as artworks or antiques of great value. This will ensure these objects will be fully protected from potential damages. Our team of movers will use custom-made wooden crates that will perfectly fit these belongings and save them from any external factors that might harm them during the relocation process.

        pile of furniture for packing

        Our Wisconsin Movers Also Offer Car Shipping Services

        Apart from household belongings, you might also wish to relocate your car. This can be easily done if you hire our company. Apart from previously mentioned relocation options, we also offer convenient long-distance car shipping services. With our auto transport company, your precious vehicle can be at your desired destination in no time. We offer safe and efficient car shipping options, and there are just a few details you need to decide on before booking our crew.

        You Get to Choose Between an Opened and Enclosed Trailer

        The first thing to choose is between transportation in an opened and enclosed trailer. Both of these options are very safe and efficient, but there are just a few differences that you might want to consider depending on the type of vehicle you’re relocating and its value. For example, transportation in an open trailer is a more affordable option because these trailers are open, and they can fit more vehicles than enclosed ones. On opened trailers, vehicles are still exposed to some external factors such as the sun and the rain.

        Transportation in an enclosed trailer is a little different. This enclosed trailer usually fits fewer cars, and they are completely covered from all sides, so your precious vehicle can’t be affected by any external factors. This can be great if you have some very expensive exotic car you want to keep from any potential damages, even the ones that can be caused by the sun and the rain as during a regular car ride. However, know that this is also a more expensive option.

        There Are Two Different Pickup and Delivery Options

        When it comes to the pickup and delivery of your vehicle, there are also two different options you get to choose from. The first option is terminal to terminal relocation, which is also a more affordable one. With this service, you need to drive your vehicle to the designated parking lot close to your current location, and our crew will pick it up from there. After they pick it up from this terminal, they will transport it to the desired destination using the chosen type of trailer. Once they transport your vehicle to the desired location, it will be left at the designated parking lot closest to your new address, from where you can pick it up yourself.

        The second option is the door to door relocation. This is a more expensive service, but it can make the process even more simple. With this option, we will handle every step of the process. Our team will show up at your home address, where the only thing you need to do is hand them the keys to your vehicle, and they will take care of everything else. Once they transport your vehicle to the new address, they will leave it for you there. There is no need to worry about anything – your vehicle is completely safe with us, just as all of the other belongings.

        moving truck on the road

        Car Insurance Is Also Included When Moving With Us

        Apart from the amazing options when it comes to relocating your car, another fantastic thing about his service is that insurance is already included. If you choose transportation in an opened trailer, the insurance policy will cover up to $100,000 for any external damages, and with transportation in an enclosed trailer, the policy will cover up to $500,000 for any external damages. You don’t have to pay an extra fee for this – it is already included in the given quote. If you’re curious about the potential price of our services, you can always contact us and ask for a free quote.


        You Can Use Our Storage Units - 30 Days Free of Charge

        If you’re looking for long-distance movers near me and need storage services as well, you can rely on our company once again. We can help you relocate your storage belongings wherever you wish. Another amazing option we offer is our storage units – they are safe and clean, and the best part is that you get to use your storage unit completely off charge for 30 days.

        After this period expires, you can decide what to do with your belongings next – are you going to keep them there for a given fee, or are you going to move them to your new home or some other location. Our units have the best climate control system and 24/7 camera surveillance, so you can feel completely comfortable knowing nothing bad could happen to your possessions.


        Moving Insurance Is Also Available

        If you’re curious about some additional insurance options, we have some great news. Our regular moving service already has mandatory liability coverage included in the standard package. This policy, unfortunately, reimburses only 60 cents per pound of a damaged good, which sometimes won’t be enough to cover the market worth of the damaged good.

        To ensure you get the full cover, we can offer you a more convenient insurance policy – full value replacement. With this policy, every potential damage will be covered to the last penny, so you can feel comfortable knowing you won’t be experiencing any financial losses in case of an accident.

        Woman signing an insurance policy

        Things You Should Consider Before Moving to Wisconsin

        This state is located in the upper Midwest, and it is overall considered a great location. People move here for many reasons such as affordability, good schooling opinions, and the natural beauty of the whole area. It is overall very family-friendly and attractive for those who love outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. The food scene is also amazing – one of the specialties is famous Wisconsin cheese.

        Best Places to Live in Wisconsin

        Depending on your interest, marital status, and possibilities, you can choose from many attractive places. Some of the best options are:

        • Elm Grove – it is interesting for young singles and couples. It offers thriving nightlife and diverse culture. Elm Grove also has a very warm and welcoming community as well as plenty of nice amenities, so you’ll hardly get bored around here.
        • Whitefish Bay is another interesting choice, especially for family-oriented people. It offers some of the highest-rated schools in the state, as well as nice scenery with a lot of beautifully arranged parks and plenty of job possibilities.
        • Madison is the most suitable choice for singles and students. It also attracts plenty of young professionals and offers a strong economy, a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and other fun amenities. It is home to The University of Wisconsin-Madison, which is the reason many young people move here.

        Cost of Living Is One of the Most Attractive Things About This Place

        The cost of living in the state is lower than the national average. Goods and services around here are 8% less expensive than in the US on average. The cost of living in Madison is a little higher than in other places, but it is still decently affordable. A family of four needs approximately $3,300 for monthly expenses without rent. Rent prices are pretty affordable – you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center for about $1,300.

        According to Numbeo statistics, the average net salary per month after tax is approximately $4,300. If you compare this to the average cost of living, you can easily come to the conclusion that life here can be very pleasant with a regular income. The median home value in Madison is about $235,000.

        Wisconsin State

        We Can Also Help You Move Out of State and Give You a Free Quote

        Our team of long-distance movers can offer you assistance for moving out of state as well. All the previously mentioned services are still optional – we just need to know details of your move, such as location and inventory list. You can contact our customer support if you have any questions and get a free quote if you’re interested in the potential price of our service.

        Once you calculate potential expenses, you’ll know exactly which option suits your budget so you can comfortably set the dates for your move. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions – we are always trying our best to ensure our clients have a fine experience if they decide to move with us.

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