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        San Jose Movers

        California is no longer advertising SF as its champion. If you want to move someplace warm, exciting, homely, multicultural, and outdoorsy, call our San Jose movers to help you move there, to the heart of Silicon Valley. You can also read about our moving services and company offers right here.

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        Our Moving Services Will Help You Settle in the Busiest City of the Bay Area

        Our San Jose professional movers offer long-distance moving services to make your life easier and better instantly. You’ll be living your California dream in no time with our help since all you have to do is contact our customer service and get the details of your move.

        Over the years, we’ve done our best to perfect and develop our moving services to suit every client’s needs. Because of that, our company offers some options free of charge, all within the standard relocation package. They are:

        • Packing and unpacking appliances and furniture,
        • Truck transport, loading, and unloading,
        • Storage use for thirty days,
        • Mandatory insurance coverage for your belongings.

        You can submit a form on our website and get a quote when talking to our customer support team. They’ll send a crew member to your house to estimate the costs and determine which extra options you might need. The price will be based on your household inventory list, which you’ll have the freedom to change up until relocation day.

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        You Can Always Rely on Trico Long Distance Movers for the Best Packing Services

        Besides the basic moving and packing services, you’ll get an offer to choose other options that could make your life easier and the move more convenient. Some of those include packaging, which is the most complex part of any relocation.

        With additional packing possibilities, the relocation crew will handle more than just your furniture and appliances. All the other stuff you have to pack will be taken care of and shipped safely, so nothing gets left behind or boxed up wrongly.

        Additional packing services include full and partial packaging and custom crating for valuables and fragile items.

        Our Movers Offer Full and Partial Packing Services

        Our cross-country movers can conquer many challenges, but none quite like packaging. That’s why we confidently offer full and partial packaging solutions for multiple scenarios.

        You can take charge of your stuff with partial packaging because our crew can pack up to 15 boxes in this case. On the other hand, full packaging will allow you to work on other aspects of your relocation and let the crew pack everything in more than just 15 boxes.

        Both options allow you to be in charge of the move and determine your priorities. They care for your budget and time and can be helpful in both situations. Our customer support will determine and suggest the best option for you based on your moving inventory list.

        You alone may not be able to estimate how many boxes your belongings will fit into precisely, so having a chat with our crew is most recommended.

        A Custom Crating Service Can Save Your Most Valuable Belongings

        Another highly beneficial packaging solution was introduced when we realized people move with valuable stuff. This isn’t surprising, but the more it started happening, we figured out that custom wooden crating is the optimal packaging solution for it.

        Whether you have a priceless vase, a large flat-screen TV, or an old mirror, we can make a custom crate to fit and protect it during transport. Our crew will suggest custom crating for specific items, but you can also ask about it when you speak to them.

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        With the Best San Jose Movers and Packers, a Car Shipping Service Is Also an Option

        We’re not just capable of providing moving and packaging – we have a car shipping service, too. Our trucks are safe and stable and can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously; our drivers are highly-skilled and careful enough to deliver your car to the most remote locations.

        Just as you can choose between various packaging solutions, we offer some for auto transport, too. They’re mainly related to pickup, transportation, and delivery methods. You can get a free quote for auto shipping on our website, on the same page where you can get one for relocation.

        Cross-Country Moving Your Car Is Possible With Open and Enclosed Trailers

        Firstly, the quote for car shipping will depend on the transportation trailer. We have two types of trailers in our garages – open and enclosed.

        The open trailers don’t have covers, and the vehicles are exposed to external factors. Sometimes, weather conditions can be less than favorable, or the road can get a little dusty; other than those superficial things, no damage can come to your vehicle on an open trailer. They’re more affordable, too.

        If you’re too worried about your precious vehicle and want it fully protected during the trip, you’ll be happy with our enclosed trailers. They have covers and are extra safe. No elements or weather conditions can affect your vehicle in these trailers, but there will be a bit of a cost to that.

        Let Our Experts Ship and Deliver Your Car Either Door to Door or to a Terminal

        Whatever trailer you choose for transport, you will also be given a chance to select a delivery and pickup mode. There are two options; one is more convenient and called door-to-door, and the other is more affordable and called terminal-to-terminal.

        The door-to-door option is pretty self-explanatory – your vehicle will be picked up and delivered at your exact address (driveway or street). The biggest complication from this is if your address can’t be accessed by truck. In that case, the nearest accessible road will become the exchange point.

        The latter, terminal-to-terminal option, requires a bit more effort from you but offers convenience in the form of affordability – you’ll drive your car to the nearest terminal in your city and pick it up at our company terminal in SJ. If you live nearby, that’s great – you’ll save some money and control your move a bit more.

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        Call Long-Distance Movers Near Me and Use the Benefits of a Storage Service

        What would relocation be like without having a plan B? Probably something not thought out so well. The key to any successful move is having alternatives in case of emergency, and over the years, this is the assignment we feel we understood the most.

        The optimal plan B for relocation would be storage service and not just any – but free storage for thirty days. If you get stuck settling into your new place or experience complications along the way, you can use our storage units. We have state-of-the-art facilities that are monitored 24/7.

        If you need to keep your things under lock and key for more than thirty days, you’ll be happy to hear you can extend your storage use and pay for it daily rather than a week or month ahead. That way, you’ll control how long the storing period should be.


        Our Movers to San Jose Can Also Secure Moving Insurance for You

        Besides storage, relocation insurance is the best form of help and extra planning. We have free, mandatory liability coverage for items you and our crew packed. This coverage is part of the standard relocation package, and it’s 60 cents per pound of damaged items.

        We won’t leave you with just this – you can pay a bit extra and get the Full Value Replacement Insurance if you desire to do so. It’s a great thing to use with your custom crated belongings and provides peace of mind throughout the journey. It will only apply to the stuff packed by our team, so contacting us for advice would be best.

        Whatever you choose, free options or adding extra costs, you won’t regret it. Our company will cover your move entirely and ensure you settle in Bay Area’s wealthiest and most prominent city. Call us today and plan out your move together with our customer representative.

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        San Jose, California - the Richest American City with Relaxing Vibes

        While many people think of San Francisco as the Bay Area tech hub, the real truth is that that city is actually San Jose. According to Bloomberg, it is the wealthiest city in California (and potentially the entire US,) and the highest demographic is in the millennial age range.

        With SJ, you’ll be in a metropolitan place but will easily make friends, live in a tight-knit community, and have an excellent quality of life. The city is diverse and filled with neighborhoods that show that very well.

        SJ is filled with opportunities and things to do – from breweries, restaurants, and nightlife varieties for adults, to outdoor activities, museums, and interactive attractions for kids and family fun. The best breweries you can visit are Uproar and Floodcraft; for nightlife and urban fun, head to Santana Row – a street with over 50 shops, 30 restaurants, and a movie theater.

        If you’re interested in more outdoor activities, you can hike along the Alum Rock Park trail or go higher to Castle Rock State Park. SJ is located in a valley surrounded by mountains, and many vistas and trails show visitors the area’s natural beauty. Other places you can visit are the Alviso Marina County salt flats and Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, which is filled with native wildflowers.

        Don’t Worry – You Likely Can Afford SJ’s Cost of Living

        Many people claim SJ is expensive but compared to some cities in California, it’s more affordable and makes finance management easier. Considering it’s the heart of Silicon Valley, it is around 15% more affordable than SF, so if you want to be in the center of the tech Bay Area, SJ should be your new home.

        Most residents rent their homes, but the median salaries are higher than in SF (according to Bloomberg, again). This may be because startup jobs tend to come and go, and renting makes more sense for those invested in the industry, not the city.

        A home in the city center can cost between $2,400 and $4,400, depending on the number of bedrooms. Outside the center, you can expect to pay between $2,100 and $3,900, again, depending on the size of the home.

        The monthly public transport pass is around $90, and if you decide to ship your car here, expect to pay about $4 for a gallon of gasoline.

        The Top-Rated Neighborhoods of San Jose, California

        The neighborhoods of this Bay Area center are divided into South, East, West, North, and Central SJ. Some of the most well-known communities are among the best neighborhoods to settle in. Here are five of them:

        • Willow Glen – voted as the best neighborhood by many voters and locals; it offers a farmers’ market, excellent restaurants, and a small-town feel in an urban environment,
        • West San Jose – the home of the most famous attraction in town – the Winchester Mystery House. Besides that, it holds a central location, and it’s great for commuters that wish to avoid crowds; it also has a lot of high-end shopping areas,
        • Japantown – one of three Japantowns left in the US; it offers a fantastic dining scene and cultural exchange areas. It’s great for families and young professionals,
        • Campbell – this neighborhood is excellent for those who like to spend their weekends outdoors; it’s near the Lost Gatos Creek Trail but still doesn’t take up much commuting time. It also has the highest-ranked public schools, so it’s ideal for families,
        • Los Gatos – this area is filled with parks, wineries, and outdoor attractions, and it’s one of the oldest communities in the county. It has around 3,000 businesses (and Netflix’s HQ is here,) and it’s great for young professionals.
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        Leaving the City? With Our Movers In San Jose, CA, You Can Freely Take that Leap

        It’s understandable to be tired of the influx of young professional people who only raise rent prices and don’t stick around to get to know the city. The tech industry remains one of the most lucrative and will likely continue to grow.

        If you’re looking for a more peaceful and affordable home, we have the best movers in San Jose to help you leave for good. Our long-distance moving company can move you in and out of SJ, so contact us and allow our customer representatives to introduce you to the relocation options and packages. Leaving SJ is OK, too, and you don’t have to do it alone.

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