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        The Emerald City, located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, is considered to be one of the most stunning cities in the U.S. Seattle’s special charm attracts people all over the world. If you are among the people looking to relocate to this seaport city, our professional Seattle movers will provide you with the best services in the country.

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        Our Moving Company in Seattle Provides Top-Quality Services

        There are many relocation companies on the Internet, so it is incredibly hard to take your pick. You want to make sure you don’t end up with broken electronic devices and lost valuables. If you are in need of experts who will take care of your belongings, our cross-country movers in Seattle, Washington, can offer you top-notch storage units, safe transportation of your items, and auto transportation.

        We have organized moves of different sizes, from one-bedroom apartments to large family houses. Positive comments and reviews on our website stand as evidence of our professional approach to cross-country moving. We can offer different options based on your needs and requirements. Whether you are relocating in a hurry or you want to take your time and gradually move out of your current home, we will find a way to make everything work and be there to help you every step of the way. Reach out to our customer service and request our long-distance moving services in Seattle.

        Also, we can give you some useful advice before you begin organizing your move. Our agents can provide you with a free quote, so make sure to write down an inventory list before you call. All of the belongings you want our crew to load into the truck should be on the list, as this information is necessary if you want to budget accordingly. You will be allowed to change your list as much as you want, but you’ll be required to provide us with the complete list one day before your move.

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        Seattle Movers Can Pack Up All Of Your Items

        Are you dreading the process of packing everything you own? The most time-consuming and tedious part of any relocation is having to box up an entire home. In this situation, we have a solution ready for you. Our professional packers will be able to provide you with excellent packing services. We can get your items packed in color-coded boxes secured with special padding in a single day. You won’t have to struggle with disassembling and assembling your belongings because our team can do everything instead of you.

        As soon as you request our moving services, you are going to get our standard packing option for free. The packers will have their own supplies and materials for packing and unpacking everything. They will take care of any bulky or fragile items, make sure to load the truck with your stuff, and organize the boxes in a manner in which nothing can get damaged. With our packers, you won’t have a reason to worry.

        With Our Moving Services, You Get Different Types of Packing Options

        Our customers sometimes have special requests for their move, so we decided to offer different options they can pick. When you make a checklist of your belongings, you will know exactly what you should choose. The two most popular options on the table are:

        • Partial Packing Service – If you have fewer things to pack and load into a truck, we recommend you pick this option. We ensure that you will get up to fifteen boxes you can place your items in and provide you with materials and supplies for belongings that are delicate or bulky. For those things you cannot handle on your own, we will take over and do it for you.
        • Full Packing Service – The second option is great for individuals who have to pack at the last minute. If you are in a tight spot with time and you don’t have the practical knowledge of how to secure your belongings, we recommend you opt for this option. You will be free to use as many boxes as you need, and our packers can handle all of your items.

        You Have an Additional Option For Delicate and Expensive Items

        Our long-distance moving company offers a third option for clients who want to ensure their items are completely safe during the trip. For anyone who owns expensive equipment, musical instruments, artwork, and antique pieces, we recommend wooden crating. We will ensure you receive a custom wooden crate for everything that needs to be adequately protected. You will be asked to give accurate information about the items that need to be in the crate. Make sure you know the exact dimensions, weight, and characteristics of the items so we can make an appropriate wooden crate.


        Our Professional Drivers Can Transport Your Vehicle

        If you require your vehicle to be transported to your new home, we are able to help you with that, too. In case you are apprehensive about driving long distances and don’t want to risk your car breaking down or getting damaged, we are happy to suggest that you hire our professionals to do the job. Contact our call center representatives and request our auto transport service. What you need to know is that we must obtain accurate details about your car. How many cars do you want us to transport? How long and heavy are these cars? What is the make and model of the vehicle? If you have this information, feel free to call us right away.

        Our Long Distance Movers in Seattle Offer Open Carriers and Enclosed Trailers

        Customers usually have additional questions about how we transport all the vehicles. What we can offer are two transportation options. You can choose either open carriers or enclosed trailers. The first option guarantees that your vehicles will be transported on trucks that are not covered in any way. The cars are exposed to the outside world during the move. As many as ten cars can be transported this way which is great for families who have more than one vehicle.

        Enclosed carriers are usually requested by clients who don’t want to risk anything happening to their vehicle. The cars are kept in a truck that is covered for the entire duration of the trip, meaning they will be protected from the outside world. Usually, we transport modern and expensive vehicles, old-timers and recently purchased cars.

        However, if something unexpected happens during the trip, such as traffic accidents or natural disasters, you don’t have to worry. We got you covered with our vehicle insurance. Vehicles transported in an open carrier are insured up to 100,000 dollars, whereas cars transported on enclosed carriers are covered for up to half a million dollars.

        Two Pick-Up and Delivery Options Are Available

        You can choose different delivery and pick-up options depending on your needs. Each option is specifically tailored to our customer’s wants. We offer door-to-door delivery, which is intended for people who would rather leave their vehicle in front of their house so our crew can come and directly transport it to the new location. With this option, you would have your car in your driveway in no time.

        Still, another option is available, too. The terminal-to-terminal delivery is for those customers who live in locations our truck cannot easily access. In this case, we decide together with the client where we can deliver the vehicle, so it gets picked up.

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        We Offer Great Storage Services

        Since we are among Seattle moving companies with the most experience and knowledge, we are aware that some of our clients don’t want all of their belongings moved immediately. You can use our storage services for anything you won’t transport. If you have old equipment, bulky items, or old furniture, know that you can leave everything in our secure storage units.

        We guarantee that your items will be kept for free in our storage containers for up to 30 days. We will use our materials and supplies to pack everything up. Another great thing about these storage units is that they are under surveillance constantly, so you won’t have to worry about anything getting mixed up or stolen.


        With Our Company You Will Obtain Relocation Insurance

        We are aware that rocky roads and terrible weather conditions can lead to accidents. This is why we have good moving insurance for all of our clients. Your belongings are safe in our hands, but if anything goes south, you’ll always have minimum liability coverage. If something happens, and you end up with wrecked items, we will pay 60 cents per pound.

        Also, we offer Full Value Replacement which has to be paid separately. You will be completely protected against all accidents, mover’s mistakes, and disasters with this insurance. However, this insurance is only for the things that our crew packed, meaning it won’t cover anything you’ve secured yourself.

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        What Should You Know About the Emerald City?

        Seattle is a city located about 100 miles south of the Canadian border. It is surrounded by evergreen forests and rocky mountains, which make the city one of the most stunning places to live in. It is also the largest city in the state of Washington. It is constantly evolving, so it is no coincidence that it is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

        What you can find in the Emerald City is busy streets, a large harbor, classic architecture, and beautiful public squares. Wherever you go, you will encounter beautiful views and natural scenery. Floating homes on Lake Union also add to Seattle’s beauty, while some of its oldest buildings can be visited in Pioneer Square. The outdoor lifestyle is extremely important to Seattle’s citizens, and you can find many hiking trails here.

        The extremely popular International Fountain, as well as The Pacific Science Center, are some of the most important landmarks. There’s also the Space Needle, a 605-ft. tall spire with a rotating restaurant and an observation deck at the top is what the Emerald City is best known for. You’ll also have an opportunity to expand your business here. It has a strong economy and job market. If you’re looking for work, you can easily find various job opportunities in tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

        Another thing you will surely fall in love with is Seattle’s food scene. The exquisite restaurants on the Waterfront offer some of the best seafood dishes in the country. It’s also known for several popular bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, which originated from this place. All of this makes Emerald City one of the most enjoyable places to live in and experience in the U.S.

        What Kind Of Living Expenses Can You Expect?

        The cost of living in Washington’s major city can get a little pricey. It has been ranked one of the most expensive places in the country behind Manhattan and San Francisco. If you are interested in rental prices, you should know that a one-bedroom apartment costs about 2,100 dollars. If you are looking for bigger apartments, you will have to pay about 3,000 to 3,800 dollars based on the area the apartment is located in. People who want to buy a home in some of Seattle’s best neighborhoods will have to pay somewhere between 550,000 dollars to 800,000 dollars.

        What Are Some of the Best Neighborhoods in Emerald City?

        You can find some of the most diverse and respectable neighborhoods in this city. You will also have an opportunity to choose from more fast-paced and funky to more laid-back and peaceful communities. On that note, here are some of the best places to live:

        • Magnolia – This is a residential neighborhood suitable for families. The beauty of different beaches and hiking trails in Discovery Park makes this one of the best neighborhoods. Here you can find West Point Lighthouse and Magnolia Park with various water views. The area has a lot of small coffee shops, bakeries, and boutiques.
        • Belltown – This part of the city attracts students and young adults the most. Here you will find trendy restaurants, fancy shops, and bars. Some people move here to live as well as to start their business. You can find art pieces in the Olympic Sculpture Park and many art galleries and furniture stores scattered around the neighborhood. The area also has access to the beach and the view of Puget Sound.
        • Capitol Hill – This is the cultural center of the city. A fast-paced neighborhood where you will find plenty of bars, clubs, salons, and boutiques. There are various concert venues and record stores because the music scene is flourishing here. There are a lot of green spaces, such as Volunteer Park and Interlake Park. Something is always happening in this part of the city since there are always concerts and parties.
        Seattle's skyline with Space Needle

        You Desire to Leave the Emerald City, Hire Our Relocation Company

        The Emerald City is vast and stunning, but there’s always a chance you will want to relocate to another place. You might think that you can always search for “long distance movers near me” and find a host of reputable moving companies in Seattle that will be ready to handle your move. You should know that your move can go horribly wrong without proper research and preparation. This is why you can count on us to relocate you efficiently. Make sure you contact our agents and schedule your relocation.

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