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Golden State brings a lot of opportunities, especially in the employment sector, but beautiful nature and sunshine all year round are not something to be neglected. You will have all that once you relocate to Santa Clarita, and our Santa Clarita movers can help you achieve your goal in the most efficient manner. Find out what Trico Long Distance Movers has to offer, and start your preparations today.



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        With Our Cross Country Moving Services, You Will Get More Than You Paid For

        If you choose Trico Long Distance Movers among all Santa Clarita moving companies, you will get the best service there is and so much more. With years of experience in the relocation industry, we seek to make each and every relocation tailored to our customers’ needs. This is why we invest so much in our agent and customer support.

        We believe that good service starts when you pick up a phone and contact us. Once you book us for a long-distance moving service, you will get an agent in charge of your relocation from beginning to end. The agent will be there for any questions, doubts, and requests and they will make sure you get only the things you need so you can have an efficient and successful relocation.

        With our long-distance moving company, there are no hidden fees. We base our price on your inventory list and additional services you take. Our cross-country movers will make this list with you. After the list is made, you will get a quote for your move. You can change this quote by adding or removing items from your list, but we have to have the final list 24 hours before your relocation day.

        Once You Book Us for Moving Services, You Will Get Free of Charge Standard Packing Services

        But excellence in customer support is not all Trico Long Distance Movers offers. Once you book us for moving service, you will get standard packing for free. What does this mean? Our movers in Santa Clarita will come to your home and pack, wrap and protect all your large and bulky items. They will bring their own protective materials and carefully place all your belongings on a truck, so no damage occurs during the transportation.

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        For Some Extra Cash, Our Santa Clarita Movers Will Pack All Your Belongings

        Aside from standard packing, we offer full and partial packing services too. If you hire us for full packing, our team of trained professional workers will come to your home and pack everything specified on your inventory list. This includes fragile items, furniture, books, electronics, and more. They will bring their own medium size boxes, cushioning, and other protective materials and make sure your belongings are packed safely.

        Or You Can Book Our Movers in Santa Clarita for Partial Packing

        If you don’t want our team of professionals to pack all your belongings, you can always hire us for partial packing. This means our team will pack only up to 15 medium size boxes of items. So if you have some fragile items you are afraid to pack yourself, you can book us to do this for you. The materials necessary for packing will be free of charge. Just keep in mind that if we pack more than 15 boxes, we will consider this to be full packing.

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        Our Company Can Provide You With Car Shipping

        Relocating to Golden State and near Los Angeles without your car will be a huge mistake. There is so much to see around and on the nearby beautiful Pacific coast. And if you are looking for a car shipping company, you can stop now – Trico Long Distance Movers can provide you with that as well. We offer two types of auto transport services: open and enclosed trailer.

        An open trailer is the most commonly used option, and it is a more affordable one. You can ship one or more vehicles at once. If you decide to take an open trailer, your car will be covered with insurance up to $100,000 for any damage to the exterior of your vehicle.

        With the enclosed trailer, your car will be fully protected from all outside factors, and we recommend this option for more luxurious cars. However, if any damage to the exterior of the car happens, you will be reimbursed up to $500,000.

        There Are Two Types of Pick up and Delivery Options You Can Choose From

        If you take our car shipping, you will be able to choose between the pick-up and delivery options we offer. There is a door-to-door pick-up and delivery, which means our movers will come to your house to pick up the car and deliver it to your front yard at your new location.

        The other option you can choose is terminal to terminal pick up and delivery. This means you will have to leave your vehicle at the terminal nearest to you and pick it up the same way at your new location. But don’t worry, we have terminals in every larger city.

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        We Offer Free of Charge Storage Services for a Whole Month

        If you are between places to live but have to relocate instantly and don’t know what to do with your belongings, we have a solution. Once you become our client, we will provide you with free of charge storage services for the whole month. Our storage units are climate-controlled with top-notch security, so no harm to your belongings will happen. For extra protection, we use bar code stickers that we put on each of your belongings. Those codes contain all of your information, so no misplacing of your belongings can happen.


        You Will Be Covered With Our Moving Insurance

        The safety of your belongings is our top priority, and our workers will make sure all your things are treated with utmost care. However, even though it is rare, accidents can happen, and for those purposes, we provide our customers with moving insurance. Our Santa Carita moving company offers basic or Mandatory Liability insurance that will cover all the things we put on our truck. If any damage happens, you will get 60 cents per pound for any damaged item.

        If you wish to make your long-distance moving extra safe, you can take our Full Value Replacement Insurance. With this plan, if anything gets damaged, our company will try to fix or replace that item, and if this is not possible, you will get reimbursement for that item’s full market value.

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        Small Town Feel Near the Biggest Metropolitan Area in the State

        If the busyness of a big city is not what you are looking for, but you like to be close to it, then Santa Clarita or Little St. Clara is a perfect place for you. Located just 30 miles from Los Angeles, this beautiful city will provide you with the relaxed atmosphere only California can provide. And proximity to the bustling economy of LA can only be a plus. If we compare this town with a population of 213,400 with its larger neighbor, we can say it is much more affordable than LA. The median house price is $537,000, while the median household income is $100,000. It is the 17th-largest town in the state and a perfect place to raise a family. It is very livable with plenty of outdoor activities available.

        Going around town will be easy. You can use your car or public transportation, which is excellent and can connect you with nearby cities as well. Riding a bike is one of the things residents of this town are passionate about, so going to work on the bike is another thing to explore. Of course, if you plan to work here. If your choice is to commute to LA, it will take around 1 hour to get to the LA downtown. Still, the city has its own diverse and bustling economy as well. Some of the biggest employers are Six Flags Magic Mountain, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, Boston Scientific, Quest Diagnostics, and many more.

        There Is a Neighborhood for Everyone’s Taste

        Most residents own their homes here, but you can rent an apartment as well. The median rent here is $1,800, and no matter where you decide to live, the neighborhood will be safe and excellent for rising kids. Canyon views, amazing nature, and safety are what make this city so popular among people with families. Here are some of the best neighborhoods:

        • Canyon Country,
        • Valencia,
        • Saugus,
        • Newhall.

        LA is Just Around the Corner, but There Are Plenty of Things You Can Do in Little St. Clara

        Probably the most popular thing about this LA suburbia are the mountains surrounding it, with an abundance of hiking and biking trailers to explore. And while you are there, you should check out the two biggest attractions – Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, a rollercoaster ride and a fun water park for the whole family to enjoy. And for even more fun, you should definitely visit the one and only Gibbon Conservation Center with 40 highly endangered Gibbon apes.

        For wine enthusiasts, there are plenty of wineries with high-quality wine to enjoy, while beer lovers will be able to find themselves a pint or two of homemade brewed beer. Canyons, national parks, gardens, and farms are available around the town within just a couple of minutes by car, so if you are an outdoorsy type, this place will keep you busy for long.

        For those who prefer indoor activities, there is an abundance of wellness and spa resorts, galleries, museums, and theaters. As well as shops and restaurants, of course. And even though it is a suburban part of LA with a small-town feel, we could say Santa Clarita is not typical suburbia. It does have a lot of unique and fun things to do, and it offers everything a big city will provide. And with prices like this, it will pay off to relocate here and enjoy through wonders of California in the town and around it.

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        Trico Long Distance Movers Can Relocate You Wherever You Want

        If you are looking for long-distance movers near me to relocate you from this amazing city, you can stop with search now. Our company does relocation in both directions. And no matter where you decide to relocate, we can do this for you. There are tons of great reviews you can read on our website left by our satisfied customers, and if you like what we are offering, contact us for a free quote. This quote will only be an estimation of your move so you get an idea of how much this will cost you. After our agent finish with an in-home estimation of your move, you will get a real quote. With us, there are no hidden costs – we will make sure your relocation goes smoothly and without a fuss. And what is a better way to have stress-free and efficient relocation than with a company that can provide you with all the services you need, from car shipping to storage? So don’t hesitate and contact us today.

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        Affordable and reliable relocation

        Don’t look any further, you found a reliable company that provides affordable long distance moving and auto transport services!

        Barcoded inventory list

        We make a full list of bar coded inventory for your convenience and provide you with a copy.

        Flat price

        We quote you a price depending on the services you choose, and you can be sure there will be no hidden fees or charges.

        Full service moving

        If you don’t want to stress about packing and unpacking, we offer full service door to door moving packages for your convenience. Our experienced team will take care of all your belongings.

        Full customer support

        Our professional customer service representatives are here to support you every step of the moving process. They will make sure to answer all of your questions and update you on the status of your shipment.

        Easy booking

        Whether you fill out a quote form online or give us a call on the phone, your job can be booked in a matter of minutes as long as we have all the info from you.

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