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        If you are planning a move to SF, you are probably in the middle of research on San Francisco moving companies. It’s hard to decide who to put your faith in, but you’re in luck – you came to the right place. San Francisco movers from Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving are the best in the relocation industry. Keep reading to find out which services our long-distance relocation business offers, and contact us to get a free quote for your upcoming move.

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        Looking for San Francisco Movers? Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving Can Offer You the Best Long-Distance Moving Services

        There are many long-distance moving companies in San Francisco, but not all of them will provide you with such an excellent relocation service as we can. Sadly there are a lot of scammers out there, and one has to be extremely careful when choosing cross-country movers. You want to be sure that a business you hire for professional moving services in San Francisco is reputable and trustworthy – and that you can give them your boxes and furniture without fearing what’s going to happen. We are just the company you’ve been looking for, and if you contact us about your upcoming move, it will be a pleasant and memorable experience.

        We have been in the industry for many years, and during that time, we’ve built ourselves a stellar reputation. We have a loyal customer base – a lot of our clients keep coming back to us for every next move. You can find countless glorious reviews about us all over the internet, and that’s a testament to our dedication and hard work. We consider ourselves one of those companies who constantly strive to improve their services and keep up with the latest trends in the business – that’s precisely why you would have a hard time finding someone better than us. So, why not check your free quote?

        Our Cross-Country Movers Are Considered Some of the Best Movers in San Francisco Bay Area – Moving With Us Is Effortless

        Our San Francisco moving company has top-notch professional workers. They are hard-working and give their 100% to every job – your furniture and boxes will be in safe hands. Not only that, but they are also highly trained for this work and familiar with every single aspect of the relocation process. Nothing can get past them – even if they face an obstacle during a certain task, they’ll know how to fix things thanks to their knowledge. Relocation hacks and tricks always come in handy, and our team knows all the best ones. Another essential thing to mention about our work – we estimate the price based on your household inventory list, and you can change that list up until the day before the move.

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        If You Need Packing Assistance, We've Got Your Back - Our Long-Distance Movers and Packers Are Excellent

        Wrapping all the items from your home can be a scary task – over the years, you must’ve piled up countless things. How will you pack it all up in just a few short weeks? Plus, there are probably many other tasks to think about, and you will be stressed out. Your packing troubles can be easily solved – all you need to do is contact us for professional packing services, and you will take a huge load off your back. Our packers will take care of everything.

        If you’re not keen on hiring us for this kind of help – maybe you think it’s unnecessary – we can offer you another solution. If you book our relocation assistance, you will get our standard packing service for the same price. What does that include? Well, our crew will handle all the items too large to fit into a box – those are the hardest to pack. They will take care of disassembling and wrapping your furniture, and once the move is over, they will assemble it back up in the room of your choosing in the new home.

        Partial or Full Packing Service – Which One Should You Choose?

        If you need more help and decide to go with the professional wrapping on top of relocation assistance, we can offer you two options – partial and full wrapping assistance. What is the difference between the two? If you choose partial service, that means our workers will pack up to 15 boxes for you. On the other hand, with full service, there’s no limit in the number of boxes or items they will pack for you. Why not make your move an effortless one and let our pro packers handle all the boxes and furniture?

        Packers From Flat Price Auto Transport and Moving Are Always Careful With Fragile Items – You Won’t Have to Worry About Your Belongings

        Fragile items are often the biggest problem when relocating anywhere – it’s hard to pack breakables. However, you won’t have to overthink this issue if you have our packers by your side – they always pay extra attention to fragile things and know how to pack them appropriately. Nothing will end up destroyed – you can move without any stress.

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        Car Shipping Is an Essential Part of Cross-Country Moving - Our Auto Transport Company Is the Right Choice for You

        When you contact us for relocation assistance, you shouldn’t forget to book auto transport. We are known as a very reliable car shipping company, and we can make sure your vehicle arrives at its new home in The Bay without a single scratch. Car shipping services are vital when you’re relocating from another corner of the country – you surely wouldn’t want to exhaust yourself driving across the country to the Bay Area, right? Let us take care of everything and deliver your car to its new address.

        Transportation Options – Open and Enclosed Trailer

        Open and enclosed trailers are two options that you have to choose from – but what is the difference between the two, and how will you decide? It’s way simpler than you might think. Most of our customers go for an open carrier – usually for financial reasons, as this option is cheaper.

        However, don’t think it’s a bad option simply because of its price – an open carrier is more than enough to protect most vehicles and safely get them to the Bay Area. Those who choose enclosed carriers usually have luxurious or antique vehicles and want to ensure they will stay in perfect condition. The enclosed carrier provides additional protection against road debris and weather conditions.

        Delivery Options – Door-to-Door and Terminal-to-Terminal

        Door-to-door is one of the newer options in the auto transport industry – as the name says, it means we will deliver your car right in front of your new home in the Bay Area. You won’t have to bother looking for the terminal in your city (our business has terminals in most larger US cities). In cases when we’re unable to reach your property, we leave the vehicle in the nearest parking lot. Either way, this option saves you time and energy. If you prefer terminal-to-terminal delivery, we can do that as well.

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        We Offer Great Storage Service As Well - The First 30 Days of Using Our Facilities Is Free for All Our Clients

        If you’re one of those who aren’t so good at decluttering and need extra space to keep your stuff, it sounds like you will need storage services – naturally, we can help you with that. We have excellent storage facilities, including those in The Bay. You won’t have to worry about an overcrowded house with countless items you don’t know where to place. Reach out to us and book a storage unit, and all your problems are solved. Our storage facilities are equipped with modern technology and provide optimal conditions for storing items for extended periods.

        Here’s the most important part – when you book our relocation assistance, you automatically get 30 days of using our storage facility entirely for free. That’s right – no hidden fees or any tricks. You can move out your belongings before those 30 days are up, and nothing will be charged retroactively. If you need to keep your things with us for longer than 30 days, you are welcome to do so for the standard price.


        What Kind of Relocation Insurance Should You Have When You Book a Long-Distance Moving Company?

        Relocation insurance is a significant part of cross-country relocations. No matter how experienced your relocation crew is, sometimes things happen – it’s better to insure your belongings just in case. When you move with us, you have a mandatory liability coverage policy – it’s 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This policy covers all the items moved by our team, no matter who packed them. If you feel like you need additional coverage, we also have a Full Value Replacement Policy – keep in mind that this policy applies only to the items packed by our workers.

        For extremely valuable items, we can offer a separate policy that will provide you with peace of mind during the move. Lastly, if you book car shipping with our business, you will have car insurance. The policy is $100,000 for vehicles carried by an open trailer and $500,000 for those transported by an enclosed carrier.

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        Relocating to the Golden City in California - One of the Best Decisions in Your Life

        Coming to SF is an excellent decision that will open you up to countless opportunities in all spheres of life. This is one of the most popular cities in the country, and for a good reason – a diverse population, excellent amenities, and beautiful nature at every corner – who wouldn’t love to live in the heart of California?

        San Francisco Offers So Much to Its Residents

        SF is known as one of the top cities for young professionals – it’s a part of Silicon Valley, so you can be sure you did a good thing for your career coming here. Still, it’s an excellent place for families. It has highly rated schools and lots of spots for outdoor activities. It’s well connected with the nearby towns, and thanks to BART, you can get anywhere in the Area quickly. SF is a fun place with many restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and parks. The city has beautiful architecture and many amazing neighborhoods. The top-rated ones are Fisherman’s Wharf, Downtown, The Marina, SoMa, Russian Hill, North Beach, Pacific Heights, and Chinatown.

        The Cost of Living in SF

        We all know that this part of California isn’t the most affordable, but it’s well worth the price. Most residents in this city with a dense urban feel rent their homes. The median rent is $1,895, which is a lot higher than the national median rent – $1,060. If you decide to buy a property here, you will need approximately $1,097,800 – that’s the median home value. For comparison, the national median housing price is $217,500.

        SF areas are various and unique, so everyone will find what he is looking for

        If You Want to Move Out of SF, Our Moving and Car Shipping Company Can Help You With That

        If you are about to move out of this heavenly city, our relocation business can still assist you with the move – we operate nationwide. Wherever you’re headed to in the US, we can move your belongings there. Make this relocation effortless – get a free quote from our reputable business, and let us take care of everything. Don’t waste any time – reach out today!

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