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        Are you looking for reliable companies to hire for your relocation to the capital of California? The city of urban culture and rich history, the Camellia City (as some may call it,) is a wonderful place to live in. When cross-country moving, you’ll need the best team of Sacramento movers. Our long-distance moving company is here to help you.

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        You Can Expect the Best Cross-Country Moving Services From Our Company

        Relocating to one of the largest states in the US can be overwhelming for anyone. People from all over the world want to try their luck, especially in the Almond Capital of the World. Young adults head to Sactown for business opportunities, and entire families come so their children can have an excellent education. You might have different reasons for the move to this city. Nevertheless, you have to do thorough research before you begin your relocation journey.

        Finding the right professionals and crew for your move is not as easy as simply typing “long-distance movers near me” in your search engine. You can find a host of companies online, offering all types of services. But in the sea of different options, you should know that Trico Long Distance Movers has the most satisfied customers. If you are interested in reading testimonials and reviews from our previous customers, visit our website. That will help you decide to invest in our long-distance moving services.

        Transparency is the Name of Our Game When It Comes to Quotes

        What is more, you can get a free quote as early as today. Write down a complete list of all things you want transported to the new city. Based on the list of items, we will give you a free quote, so you know exactly what expenses to expect when organizing your relocation. Our crew will take care of all of your belongings, such as furniture, pictures, electronics, lamps, and mirrors. Don’t forget that the quote will change if you make any changes to your list. We allow our customers to make as many changes as possible up until a day before their relocation.


        Select a Packing Option That Best Suits Your Needs

        Our Sacramento, CA, movers give customers an opportunity to freely choose what type of packing services they want. Our professional packers will come prepared to your house or an apartment and bring all the materials needed for boxing everything up. What they usually bring are boxes, cardboard protection, mattress covers, padding, and bubble wrap. They know how to correctly place each item in a box or small container so that nothing can move around during transportation.

        They are also experts at using various materials to safely store your fragile and expensive items. You might not know how to handle the whole process of packing or unpacking; therefore, our crew will be at your disposal. It’s important to emphasize that the boxing up of electronics and furniture is free of charge. Apart from this, you can ask them to help you with disassembling and assembling some items that cannot fit into the boxes they have.

        You Can Use Partial of Full Packing Service

        Different types of moves require different types of packing options. There are two options you can pick. You should think about what you want to transport and what you can get rid of before your move, so you know how much stuff has to be packed. The options you can pick are:

        • Partial packing service – If you are relocating on a budget or want to pack almost all of your belongings by yourself, choose this option. Our professional movers in Sacramento can lend you a helping hand only for those things you don’t have a clue how to pack. If you’d like fragile or priceless belongings to be taken care of by our team, it’s totally doable. This option covers up to fifteen boxes.
        • Full packing service – This type of service is great for clients who don’t have enough time to box their entire home on their own. You are moving in a hurry or you don’t want to risk damaging your belongings? Then pick this option. You won’t be limited to only 15 boxes – our packers can do everything for you. You just have to make a checklist of things that have to be packed.

        Our Movers in Sacramento Also Offer Wooden Crating

        Do you need a specific crate made for your sculptures, expensive artwork, cutting-edge gear, or just an item you must keep protected? We can provide you with a crate that will keep your belongings intact. Wooden crating must be specifically requested, and you will also have to provide us with the exact dimensions of your item. Also, we have to know how much it weighs and what some characteristics of the item are. Based on how accurately you describe the item, we will make sure you get the best-made crate on the market. Your belongings will definitely stay safe during the trip.


        Our Sacramento Movers Can Ship Your Vehicle

        You might have planned to drive your car by yourself, but we want to tell you that long-distance driving is very tiring. It is also not the best option for your vehicle. That is why our movers in Sacramento, CA, can do this for you. You can trust our professional drivers that your vehicle will be protected in their hands. If you consider requesting our auto transport services, reach out to our agents. Give us some basic information about your car, for example, the length and the model. What is good to know is that heavier cars might cost more to move. If you don’t want just one car shipped, you need to tell us. We can tell you what options for vehicle shipping are available.

        There Are Several Ways You Can Have Your Car Transported

        We can offer you two types of vehicle transportation. You can get your car relocated in an open carrier. This type of transportation is great for families because they usually need more than one car shipped. We can fit up to nine cars on our open carriers. Yet, the vehicle will be exposed to the outside world during the whole trip and won’t be protected from different temperatures, weather, or dust.

        The second type of vehicle transportation includes enclosed carriers. We can offer you this option if you are apprehensive about having your vehicle exposed during a long-distance move. For anyone who has modern and expensive vehicles, old-timers, or fragile but important cars, these carriers will keep everything protected.

        We should add that the essential part of this service is the fact that you will have car insurance. For those having their car transported in an open carrier, the car is insured up to 100,000 dollars, and those on enclosed trailers are insured up to 500,000 dollars.

        Our Moving Services Include Two Types of Pick-Up and Delivery Options

        Sometimes our trucks have difficulty accessing locations the customer gave us, so we have prepared two types of delivery options. Each person can pick what they are most comfortable with when it comes to their vehicle. These options are door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal delivery.

        The first option might seem more convenient. We pick up your car from your driveway and deliver it to your front door in your new city. The second option is for people who cannot have their vehicle transported directly to their destination. In this case, you get to pick up your vehicle at a designated location – Trico Long Distance Movers’ terminal at the destination.

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        Our Storage Units Will Keep Your Belongings Safe

        There are instances when people are moving out in a hurry and cannot manage to pack their whole house in time for the move. People might have things they are not sure what to do with, such as musical instruments, sports equipment, ovens, or mattresses. If you want to use our storage services, contact our sales representatives. Remember that our storage facilities are free for up to 30 days. Also, we will wrap and secure all of your belongings with great care before storing them in our storage units.


        Don't Forget That We Offer Relocation Insurance Too

        Accidents happen all the time. No matter how cautious and reliable your crew might be, something unexpected can always happen. That is why we have moving insurance, so our customers know we think about the safety of their belongings. When you request that we move you to another city, you instantly get minimum liability insurance by default. This is the company’s insurance that you can always count on. You will receive 60 cents per pound if anything gets damaged. The second option is Full Value Replacement which covers everything from natural disasters to transportation mistakes. However, this insurance covers only what the movers have packed and loaded into the truck.


        What is The Capital of California Known For?

        Sacramento is one of the most important cultural and economic hubs of the state of California. It sits on the confluence of two major rivers, the American River and the Sacramento River. Because of this, it has been nicknamed River City. Here you will also find one of the most stunning natural scenery. Also, the American River Parkway consists of parks and boat points so everyone can enjoy this picturesque gem. It is a major cultural hub, especially known for its ballet, opera, and Community Center Theater. You can also find impressive museums here, such as the Crocker Art Museum and the California Museum of History, Women, and the Arts.

        It is also a metropolitan area where agriculture is booming. It is no wonder it is also called the Big Tomato. It takes part in the canning industry because of the vast fertile land. From here, farm produce gets shipped all across the US. Farmer’s markets stay busy all the time in order to provide fresh food. The city also takes pride in its beautiful green spaces. You can find oaks, sycamores, and elm trees wherever you go. The city is considered one of the safest in California from earthquakes. The downtown stays busy too – here you can find some of the most amazing gastropubs and bars in the world. The city truly has something everyone can enjoy.

        Is Living in the River City Affordable?

        Sacramento’s prices are known to be a little bit higher than other cities in California. It has been calculated that average monthly expenses without rent go up to 2,300 dollars. The average rental prices for a 2-bedroom home are 2,000 dollars. This price is almost 70 percent higher than the average rent in the whole country. Depending on the neighborhood you choose to live in, the price may change.

        The cost of a median home is about 540,000 dollars. Even though the cost of living is a bit higher in this city, average salaries are also higher and you will have ample opportunities for business growth and development. If you are looking for detailed information on the prices of utilities, groceries, healthcare, and transportation, search for living costs calculators online and find out the prices.

        There Is an Array of Neighborhoods You Can Choose in the Camellia City

        The big city offers career opportunities to recent graduates as well as vibrant nightlife. From excellent restaurants to fascinating museums, you can always find somewhere you can go. Those that prefer an outdoor lifestyle will be amazed by the temperate weather and beautiful parks. Some impeccable neighborhoods in the Camellia City are:

        • Gold River – a suburb best suited for retirees. It doesn’t have many residents, so it represents a small but safe community. You don’t have to use your car or commute because everything is reasonably close by. Families will also love this area because of the local cafes and numerous parks.
        • El Dorado Hills – Individuals who love the outdoors will find this suburb unique. You can enjoy the sunny weather and visit parks where recreational activities are available. The charming feel of the whole area attracts many, making El Dorado Hills a popular residential neighborhood.
        • Davis – this place represents a combination of suburban and urban living. Young adults and students choose this neighborhood the most. Public transport is easily accessible here so people who commute can freely get around. It offers educational opportunities since it hosts the University of California campus.
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        If You Want to Move Out of the City, Our Company Is Available

        Living in River City allows you to build your career and enjoy various fun activities. If you have to move away to another home, our cross-country movers in Sacramento will gladly help you. Moving from the city also requires professionals who know how to handle your items. You can contact our agents, and they will provide all the details about our storage units, vehicle transport, and relocation insurance. Don’t hesitate to book your move with us. Our moving company is waiting for your call.

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