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        If you have decided to move to New York and chose Queens to be your new home base, our professional Queens movers will be there to support you in organizing cross-country moving. Here is all the assistance you can expect from our cross-country movers that will make the whole relocation experience much easier for you!

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        Trico Long-Distance Movers Offer Top-Quality Moving Services in NY

        If you’re preparing for moving, having a trustworthy moving company to provide you with all long-distance moving services to help you with your move will be of utmost importance. Trico Long Distance Movers offer all the assistance you might need to organize a seamless relocation.

        Another thing to keep in mind is that we provide guaranteed prices, meaning once you finally confirm your inventory list, there won’t be a possibility of any additional charges or last-minute changes. The best thing about our inventory lists is that they are completely customizable until 24 hours before our professional team comes to your home.

        So if you forgot to put an item in the inventory list or changed your mind and want to leave it out of the list, don’t despair! You’ll have enough time to make the correction and add or remove it from the file. Just make sure to contact your dedicated agent, and you’ll be provided with all the help you need.

        Our Long-Distance Moving Company Offers Packing Services as Well

        Packing the household is undeniably one of the most time-consuming tasks, and many people who are preparing to move are usually unable to do it by themselves. We offer a wide range of packing services for all those who are overwhelmed with daily obligations and for whom packaging the household comes as an additional burden.

        Our basic quote always includes the assistance of our team in terms of disassembling furniture and loading all the pieces in the truck. Also, the basic service implies our movers will help you later with unloading and furniture reassembling too. To conclude, all this means loading and unloading the furniture and other stuff in and from the truck and providing all necessary protective materials for bulky items are included in the quote. In case you need additional help, there are also extra charged packing services you can choose from, and here are a few details you should know about them too.

        Partial and Full Packing Service Are Both a Perfect Fit for Those Who Want Their Stuff Packed by Professional Movers

        If you want to pack the majority of your household items on your own but still want help with some delicate and breakable things, then a partial packing service will be the best option for you. Partial service implies our team will pack a maximum of 15 boxes with stuff you have decided to take with you and provide all necessary packing materials from boxes to cushioning.

        In case your things won’t fit into 15 boxes but instead require more, it means you’ll use a full service. Also, full packaging means you can choose our company to pack your whole household, so make sure to envision your time schedule and pick the service that suits you best.

        We Also Offer Custom Crating, Which Is a Great Solution for All Bulky but Valuable Things

        We understand that musical instruments, grandfather clocks, pieces of art, or sculptures have a special meaning to you. For that reason, we designed a service called custom crating that implies we will pack all your valuable items that require special handling. All you have to do is to contact your dedicated agent and provide exact measurements so that our team can prepare the crate in time.

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        With Our Queens Movers Team, You Can Book Auto Transport Services, Too

        Taking the car to your next destination won’t be a problem when you use our specially designed auto transport services. It’s a perfect solution when you want to avoid all the stress of driving to a new city. Besides the fact that we care about the safety of your four-wheeler, we also give a special discount when you combine it with our moving services.

        We Can Ship Your Four-Wheeler on Open or Enclosed Trailer

        One of the greatest dilemmas all car owners have is whether to pick an open or enclosed trailer for their car transportation. The right answer is that the choice depends on the size and type of your car. If your vehicle is of the standard size, you can choose both open or enclosed trailers because it will be able to suit both trailers. On the other hand, if you possess some larger type of four-wheeler, you’ll have to go for an enclosed trailer since it won’t be possible for it to fit on an open trailer. Owners of more luxurious vehicles usually choose this option, too.

        The main difference between these types of trailers is in the price. Open trailers are more affordable compared to enclosed trailers since more vehicles can be transported on them. On the other hand, enclosed trailers are, in general, a slightly safer car shipping option since the vehicle shipped this way will be completely protected from any road or weather conditions.

        Our Car Shipping Quote Includes Car Insurance, and Coverage Depends on the Type of Trailer You Pick

        Although damage during car shipping is rare, we provide coverage in case it happens. When we ship your vehicle on an open trailer, you’ll get the insurance policy of $100,000 for any external damage or $500,000 if you choose an enclosed trailer to ship your vehicle.

        There Are Two Options for Picking up and Delivering Your Four-Wheeler

        Time is crucial during the relocation process. For that reason, we always provide our customers with two options when it comes to the location where the pick-up and delivery of their vehicle take place. The first solution is door-to-door pick-up and delivery, which implies our professional team will come in front of your home to take over and deliver your four-wheeler. This option is most convenient for all those who are tight with time.

        The second solution is terminal-to-terminal pick-up and delivery, which is worth considering, too. If you go for this option which is always more affordable, be prepared to drive your car and pick it up from the regional terminal, and plan your time accordingly.

        Fully Equipped and Protected Storage Is Free of Charge for All Our Clients for the First 30 Days

        Setting up your home could take more time than you have initially planned, and for that reason, we provide one month of free usage of our fully equipped storage unit. Some of the advantages you can expect when using it are 24/7 video surveillance, a temperature control system to prevent any water damage or mold to your furniture and other items, and an automated bar code system to record all check-ins and check-outs of the goods.

        Furthermore, in case you need to extend the usage of the storage unit, you’ll get special per-day prices, which will help you keep your costs low and pay only for what you use. Keep in mind that usage of our storage units is possible for even a couple of months, so don’t hesitate to ask your dedicated agent about those details, too.


        Consider Our Insurance Services When You Book the Relocation

        We know how your things can be precious to you, and for that reason, we offer moving insurance to keep you entirely calm when it comes to their safety. Namely, once they are loaded into the truck, they are insured with mandatory liability coverage that implies reimbursement of  60 cents per damaged goods. The mandatory liability coverage is free of charge and included in every quote.

        However, in case you have some more valuable possessions on your packaging list, we will highly recommend you to go for a full-value replacement. This type of policy is extra charged, but in case of damage, the full value of the damaged goods will be reimbursed.

        Welcome to Queens! The Eastern Part of NYC and a Family-Friendly Borough With a Spectacular View of Manhattan

        Nestled between Brooklyn and Long Island, Queens is the second-most populous NYC borough that hides some of the most spectacular views of Manhattan. The vicinity to the downtown, the second biggest park in NY (Flushing Meadows-Corona Park), and high safety are some of the reasons why people choose it for their home base. The residents of this borough describe it as a perfect fit for families who are searching for a child-friendly neighborhood in the crowded Big Apple.

        Diversity Is the Main Characteristic of the Borough and Something Worth Moving There

        According to the latest data, there are almost 2.5 million people living in this part of NYC, and 47% of its residents are foreigners, which gives this area a specific spirit. You can hear more than 200 different languages here, and the great thing is that every nation tries to nurture its customs and traditions. Restaurants that serve dishes from all over the world – from Italy, or Greece, will definitely be something you’ll love the most. Besides, although this borough is described as family-friendly, it is also a famous nightlife destination with many clubs that offer live music and great cocktails.

        Rich nightlife is not the only thing you can enjoy while living here, since this part of NY is also known for some alluring museums and cultural spots. Louis Armstrong Museum, MoMA PS1, a contemporary art museum, and even a working farm classified as a museum (QC Farm Museum) are only some of the spots within the borough you simply have to visit.

        Sport is also a big part of the lifestyle here. Watching New York Mets baseball games, going to the US Tennis Open, or attending dragon boat racing – a traditional game that settlers from Hong Kong brought to NY, are only a few of the many different sports you can enjoy on your Sunday afternoon.

        Costs of Living and Rental Prices Are Considerably Lower in Queens Compared to Other Boroughs in New York City

        The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $2,250, while the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $2,550. Depending on the specific location you choose for living, the rental costs could be 53% lower than in Long Island.

        When it comes to costs of living, this borough is also quite affordable. To keep up with all monthly costs (without rent), a single person needs $1,120, while a family of four should set aside a little bit less than $4,000.

        Our Movers From Queens Can Also Help You Move Out of Queens

        If you want to move out of the second-largest borough of NYC, our experienced movers can also help you with this request. All you have to do is to contact us in advance and book your moving day, and our professional team will take care of the rest! Call us today and get a free quote!

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