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        If you’re planning a relocation to the capital city of the southwestern state of Arizona, known as the Valley of the Sun, our Phoenix movers are more than happy to help. Our long-distance moving company will provide you with the most efficient relocation assistance possible, and you’ll be able to start your new life in Phoenix as soon as possible.

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        Our Phoenix Movers Will Provide You With the Best Moving Services You Could Possibly Get

        Organizing and planning a relocation is a difficult job that includes many details and issues. If you don’t want to invest time and energy into this process, you should hire our company – Trico Long Distance Movers. We offer all the professional help you could need, and our employees will provide you with all the long-distance moving services necessary for a safe and smooth relocation.

        Our company consists of some top-notch experts in this industry, and every person in our team is trained to provide our customers with the highest quality service. You won’t have to stress the budgeting and relocation expenses because we made sure our prices are within reasonable boundaries. Plenty of satisfied customers and positive reviews of our work prove that we are reliable and have plenty of experience in this business.

        Our moving services in Phoenix can cover everything you might need during your move to your new home. We know how hard it is to put your belongings in other people’s hands, but our customers can relax and feel comfortable while we work for them. After all, our company’s principles are punctuality, friendliness, flexibility, and most exemplary organization skills, which guarantee an incredible relocation experience.

        Our Prices Are Always Transparent

        All the quotes we offer our clients are based on the inventory list and the distance to their new home. Our clients provide us with the inventory list of all the things they want us to move for them. The lists are fully adjustable until one day before your relocation date.


        Let Our Movers Show You the Benefits of Professional Packing Service

        Packing is one of the most challenging parts of the relocation process, and it can take you a lot of time, weeks, and even months to prepare and organize everything on your own. This is why we believe everyone needs professional help and packing services when relocating to a new home. It’s not easy finding reliable cross-country movers to assist you in this complex task.

        However, if you want to avoid just searching for ”long distance movers near me,” call our team, and we’ll be more than happy to offer our assistance. There are plenty of reasons you should consider hiring our professionals to help you out with boxing up all of your belongings. You can be sure that everything will be appropriately packed and secured. We’ll do the whole job within a few hours, and if you were to do it on your own, it could take days or weeks.

        We use the best supplies and materials for protecting the boxes and your inventory, so nothing gets damaged during the transport. We always label each box and provide every container with a detailed inventory list and the room’s name it was packed in. This is going to make your unpacking so much easier for you.

        Our Movers in Phoenix Will Offer You Few Types of Services to Choose From

        Everyone has a different inventory list that they provide us with before we do the boxing up job. Because of this, we always give our clients several service options to choose from. Some people who don’t have a lot of items, or have already packed up most of their belongings, usually go for the partial packing service. It covers up to fifteen boxes, and it’s a great deal if you are relocating on a budget or don’t know how to box up certain items.

        On the other side, people who need their whole house packed and require more than fifteen boxes can choose the full packing service. This is great if you’re relocating at the last minute and have no time to do the job yourself. Whatever option you pick, make sure to provide us with the list of things you want us to pack, and we will take care of everything else.

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        Our Company Can Take Care of Transporting Your Vehicle

        Trico is a relocation and auto shipping business that can provide you with the ultimate auto transport experience. You can trust our team to take care of transporting your vehicle safely without having to worry about the budget. We always provide our customers the option to balance their needs, cost, and preferences.

        Many people avoid car shipping because they believe it is too expensive, but our team always works hard on transparency and honesty with our clients. And that is why we offer you a chance to submit a free quote on our website so we can contact you and provide you with insight into the cost in advance.

        Choose a Suitable Type of Carrier for Your Car

        We offer our clients two types of trailers for transportation of vehicles – open and enclosed. The names are pretty self-explanatory – open ones don’t have the cover around them, and the enclosed ones do. The difference is just in the cost; enclosed ones are more expensive. However, they are both equally safe and have the same top quality.

        Also, open trailers are insured for $100,000, while the enclosed trailers are insured for $500,000 in case of any external damage. Even though it is quite unlikely to happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Still, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

        Select Delivery Option According to Your Preferences

        Our cross-country moving company offers options for pickup and delivery of your car. Once you pick out the type of trailer you want for the transportation of your vehicle, you can also select to which location you want us to deliver it. You can choose between your driveway or a local terminal in PHO. If you have any questions about the transportation options and price, contact our customer support team, and they will be more than happy to answer you.

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        We Can Offer You Free Storage Service for the First 30 Days

        People who are relocating sometimes choose to keep their belongings in storage until they finish the work in their new home and decide how to arrange all the furniture. Because we know how often this is the case, we decided to offer 30 days of free storage services for all of our clients. Whatever your reason is, our units are the perfect solution for keeping your belongings intact for any time you want.

        All storage units are equipped and protected with video and guard surveillance. We use top-notch security technology, and we keep all of our storage units climate-controlled, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings as long as they are in our hands. Even if you just need to keep your items in storage for more than 30 days, we’ll provide you with additional offers, and the budget will not be a worry for you.


        We Will Help You With Getting the Proper Insurance for Your Relocation

        Our professional employees believe that safety comes first, and there is just no better way to ensure safety than getting the right insurance package. Relocations can be stressful undertakings, and there are so many things to keep in mind and take care of. We know how important it is not to stress too much, and that is why we want to take a portion of obligations from you.

        You can be assured that our employees will offer you top assistance and exceptional coverage. Even though it is doubtful that something terrible will happen to your precious belongings, we will still provide you with our moving insurance.

        What Does the Mandatory Moving Insurance Service Include?

        When someone is our client and books our cross-country moving services, we always provide them with our mandatory insurance at no cost. With the basic liability coverage, each customer is given a package, guaranteeing belongings packed and transported by our employees will be insured at a rate of 60 cents per pound. That basically means that if your chair gets broken during transportation, you will get compensation for the damage.

        If You Want More Security – Upgrade to Full Value Reimbursement Insurance

        People who transport highly valuable objects such as art pieces, vintage furniture, or rarities often wish to secure their belongings a bit more. Again, negative scenarios rarely happen with our staff, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

        People who want to get more protection can always easily upgrade from the basic package to a Full Value Replacement Insurance. With this type of insurance, anything that gets damaged will be reimbursed in its full monetary value. However, just be sure to let us know if you want to upgrade the insurance package at least one day before the move.


        What Do You Need to Know About Moving to Phoenix?

        The city of Phoenix is located in an area that sees more sunshine than any other place in the country. For this reason alone, it’s also known as the “Valley of the Sun.” Not only is it the capital of Arizona, but it is also the state’s largest city and fifth-most populated place in the country, which might come as interesting news when you’re planning on calling it your new home.

        One of the largest municipal parks in North America, South Mountain Park, is located in The Valley and has plenty of hiking, equestrian, and biking trails. PHO is also known for its fun golf courses, upscale restaurants, and famous Desert Botanical Garden. Its characteristic is also stunning architecture, thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright, the world-known architect who lived in The Valley. Overall, living in this sunny city could be a great experience.

        The Cost of Living in the Valley

        The cost of living in The Valley is quite reasonable if you take into consideration that the monthly expenses for a four-person family here go around $3,200 (excluding housing). For a single person, the cost would be about $900.

        When it comes to renting a place to stay, the median rent is around $1,000 a month (according to PayScale). If you would prefer buying a house, the median home price is around $330,000, depending on the size of the house and neighborhood you wish to live in.

        Choosing a Fitting Neighborhood

        In the past few years, the Downtown PHO area has been experiencing quite a renaissance, so some of the best neighborhoods are located right in this area. The city center features an abundance of restaurants, art galleries, shops, and businesses, as well as amazing apartment complexes. Some of the best communities here are:

        • Roosevelt Row is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood known for its award-winning restaurants, art galleries, and fun cultural events. It is also home to the oldest art district in the city.
        • Greater Coronado is a historic neighborhood with ranch-style homes and a very charming environment. It’s located in the midtown PHO and is in close proximity to the downtown area.
        • Grand Avenue is one of the most bike-friendly places in all downtown areas. It is full of converted warehouses with colorful murals and tons of art galleries which makes it a very hip neighborhood.

        For people relocating with kids, downtown might not be the best choice. However, The Valley’s suburbs are pretty friendly and some of the best places to raise your kids. Some of those neighborhoods are Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and Glendale. They are all super friendly, safe, and great for schooling and outdoor recreation.

        Phoenix, Arizona, USA downtown cityscape at dusk.

        Moving Out of the ''Valley of the Sun''

        Living in the capital city of Arizona can be a great and enriching experience. However, relocations are good, and you shouldn’t be afraid of changing your place of stay even if you’re enjoying it. If you ever feel that you want to relocate to some other destination, be sure to call our team, and we will move you out and relocate your belongings in no time.

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