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        Relocation to Philly can be an enriching experience, considering it’s a city filled with American history and incredible monuments. However, everybody knows how stressful and tiring long-distance moving can be, so it’s brilliant you hire experienced and well-trained Philadelphia movers to help you with the move. Here is why you should be choosing Trico Long Distance Movers to provide you with a stress-free relocation process.

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        Our Professional Philadelphia Movers Will Make Your Moving Process Easier

        No matter the size of your move, relocation is dreadful and requires a lot of time and energy, especially if this is your first time relocating. This is why most people opt for professionals to help them with this complex task. When deciding which moving companies in Philadelphia to hire for your move, you should always keep in mind that the team you choose to work with must be reliable and experienced – just like our firm. You definitely won’t regret getting our moving services.

        Our expert team will provide you with every form of help you can imagine you’ll need during relocation and for a very affordable price. Our moving services in Philadelphia maintain affordable prices without compromising the quality. We’ll finish all the hard work for you, and you won’t have to worry about anything with our team in Philly.


        Our Packing Services Will Make Your Cross Country Moving Stress-Free

        Packing your entire home into boxes is not an easy task you want to do independently. The process can last weeks or even months and require a lot of practice and knowledge. That’s why it’s best you call our movers in Philadelphia, and we’ll offer you exemplary packing service according to your needs.

        Our Long Distance Movers Offer Several Options to Choose From

        People have different needs for boxing up their belongings and furniture for a move. That’s why we offer our clients to choose the type of boxing service that suits their wishes the most. All of our clients get the standard packing service for free just by relocating with us, and they are allowed to secure their belongings without paying extra money.

        In case you’ve already packed most of your belongings, our partial packing covers up to 15 boxes, and it’s a great deal for people with tighter budgets, or if you have certain things, like furniture, you’re not sure how to properly pack. If you have a lot of furniture and need us to cover more than 15 boxes, we can offer you our complete packing package, which is great for last-minute moves or people who don’t want to spend time preparing their move.

        If you choose to work with us, we’ll take care of everything you want, and your only job is to provide us with the list of things you want to be moved. Everything will be appropriately packed, we’ll provide you with materials and supplies for protecting your belongings, and we’ll label each one of your boxes. Hence, your unpacking process is more manageable.

        Get Custom Wooden Crating for Your Precious Belongings

        Each of the packages we’ve mentioned above provides safe and sound transportation of your items. However, some people have certain things of exceptionally high value and need to be taken care of in a particular manner.

        Our professionals can provide you with custom wooden crating for valuable items like artwork, expensive furniture, antiquities, or special equipment. If you have any questions about our offers, don’t hesitate to contact our team, we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and do our job the best we can.

        Two movers relocating a couch

        Ship Your Vehicle With Our Reliable Company

        We are a long-distance moving company and also an auto shipping company. Cars are usually one of the most valuable items people own, so it’s not a surprise most people don’t trust their four-wheeler with just any firm.

        Our professional team has done its best to improve and create the ultimate auto transport experience so we can provide our customers the opportunity to balance between budget, preferences, and needs. You can submit a free quote on our website and get an insight into the cost in advance, and then our team can help you arrange the details, and you’ll have a say in every part of the process.

        Choose the Most Suitable Moving Carrier for Your Car

        Our car shipping can be accustomed to each customer and their preferences. We offer two types of carriers with different prices but the same high-quality service. Open carriers do not have a cover because the cars are secured, so your vehicle is completely safe. Cars on open trailers are insured for external damage for up to $100,000.

        The second, more expensive option is an enclosed trailer, which does offer more protection, making it nearly impossible for any external damages to happen to your vehicle. This is why cars in enclosed trailers are insured for up to $500,000. If you have any additional questions, be free to contact our customer support department, it’s our job to provide you with any further information.

        Our Team Will Provide You With Pickup and Delivery Services According to Your Wishes

        Our professional team can offer different options for the pickup and delivery of your vehicle. They can deliver it to two locations, your door or driveway or a local company terminal in Philly. If you know your budget, possibilities, and preferences, we can offer you optimal transportation and pickup for the most reasonable price.

        Open trailer on the road

        We Can Provide You With One Month Free Usage of Our Storage Units

        When hiring our professional long-distance moving services, we’ll also provide you with free storage service for 30 days. All of our storage units have video and guard surveillance, a temperature control system that will prevent any damage to your belongings, a complete protection system, and an automated system for check-in and checkout of all of your items in our storage.

        The electronic barcode labels we provide you with guarantee ownership, and it’s impossible to mix up your possessions with other people’s belongings. It is excellent if you have specific furniture you don’t want to get rid of, but you don’t necessarily need it in your new home. If you have to extend the rental of our storage units, we can provide you with some additional discounts such as per-day prices. Don’t hesitate to call us and get the information you want on our moving and storage in Philadelphia.


        Our Company Can Cover You With Insurance for a Relaxed Move

        When you hire our cross country movers, be sure you’ll be provided not only with the best assistance but fantastic coverage as well. Even though it is unlikely that you’ll have an unpleasant situation, relocation insurance is a must and should definitely be considered.

        Choose the Type of Insurance That Fits Your Needs the Best

        Our professionals can provide you with mandatory insurance included in our relocating services, and it is free of cost. All our customers are covered with the basic liability insurance packet, which means your entire shipment will be covered at 60 cents per pound.

        If you think that standard protection is not enough for your preferences, you can choose to upgrade your reimbursement packet. If you feel safer having all-encompassing insurance for relocation, feel free to ask our team to upgrade to a Full Value Replacement Insurance (FVRI). In this case, any item that gets damaged through transportation will be reimbursed in its full monetary value. Remember that you should get this package at least a day before the move.

        How Do We Calculate the Amount of Compensation?

        If you were wondering, here is how you can calculate the compensation for a damaged item. Let’s say one of your belongings was broken, damaged, or lost during transport, and it weighs around 20 pounds. The insurance amount would be calculated in the following way: $0.6 x 20= $12. However, since all our drivers and packers are very good at what they do, the chances that any of your belongings will get damaged are minimal.

        Any further questions you may have on insurance and protecting your belongings, you can freely ask our team, and they’ll be more than glad to answer.


        What Do You Need to Know About Living in Philadelphia?

        You hired movers in Philadelphia, PA, you’ve prepared everything for the relocation, and now you just have to figure out a few things about living in Philly. For starters, you probably already know that Philly has a vibrant history. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and many other important historical figures lived here. It’s the city where the first library in the US was built and many other institutions. If you’ve decided to relocate to Philly, be aware you’ll be living in the sixth-largest city in the USA by population.

        This town has a very diverse climate, and it has moderately cold winters while the summers get very hot. Spring and autumn are mostly mild and comfortable, so it’s a perfect choice for people who love to experience all four seasons during the year. With its rich history, Philly has been attracting people for hundreds of years, and now it’s a multicultural city with plenty of things to experience and see. While living in Philly, you must visit all the fantastic museums, artistic communities, and other new exciting and educational places it has to offer.

        The city’s urbanism is very well-formed, allowing you to navigate the town easily. Most streets are narrow in the city center, as it is the old part of the town, and many of them are covered in cobblestone, which makes it picturesque and great for sightseeing. There are five main squares where people mostly hang out, and they are named after trees and numbers.

        What Is the Average Cost of Living in Philadelphia?

        Compared to the other cities in the US with a similar population and area, Philly has a lower cost of living. That includes everyday living costs like groceries, rent, mortgages, consumer and restaurant prices. A one-bedroom apartment usually rents from $1,100 to $1,800, and it all depends on the area where you’re planning to live. Average monthly job salaries here are around $3,300 after regulating all your taxes.

        When it comes to taxes, every citizen must pay a wage tax of 3.8%, while the non-residents who work there have to pay 3.5%. The minimum combined sales tax rate is around 8%, which is the total of the county, state, and city sales tax rates.

        What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Philly?

        There are many different neighborhoods in Philly, and it’s always hard to choose between so many options. When making this decision, you should consider your budget, lifestyle preferences, crime rate, and overall wishes. Here’s a list of neighborhoods we believe are a good choice for living:

        • Center City is in downtown Philly and is known for Washington Square, Rittenhouse, and Society Hill. This area has all the best restaurants shopping, and it is also the most expensive.
        • South Philly is known for Bella Vista, Queen Village, and East Passyunk. It is a large area with different townhomes and new apartment buildings.
        • Callowhill is an excellent choice for younger people and art lovers. It has many artist lofts and warehouses that have been turned into offices and residential places.
        Philadelphia at night

        If You Decide to Relocate Again, We'll Take Care of That Too.

        Most people that settle down in Philly don’t wish to move out ever again. However, you never know when you’ll want to relocate to some new city again. If you ever decide to move out of your Philly home, be sure not to waste time searching for ”long distance movers near me” but contact our team, and we’ll help you relocate and move out of the city stress-free and without any fuss. Our team will pack up your belongings, transport them and take care of everything professionally and at a reasonable price. You won’t have to worry about a single thing, and we’ll be more than happy to do the job for you and help you move to your new home in no time.

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