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Your relocation to Palo Alto will be a breeze with the help of our efficient Palo Alto movers, just as it will be once you move to the pleasant climate of Silicon Valley. Because of the exceptional quality of life, this is one of California’s most popular and desirable places. The only thing left would be to employ professional Palo Alto movers and relocate without care.



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        Our Moving Company in Palo Alto Will Provide You With Excellent Long-Distance Moving Services

        Only the most trustworthy firm with all the services you require should transport your belongings. And with our relocation company, the entire process will be more than straightforward. Our reliable cross-country moving services will make this transition one of the greatest experiences.

        We base our quotes on the inventory list rather than the volume and weight of the items. The higher the fee, the longer the list of objects you’re relocating. All of our estimates are guaranteed, so you can be assured that there will be no hidden prices, taxes, or fees after your inventory list is finalized.

        Use Our Packing Services, and Your Cross-Country Moving Process Will Go Smoothly

        Having efficient packers by your side while relocating can be extremely helpful. And it doesn’t matter the reason for your move, our experienced long-distance movers near you will provide fast and professional packing service. They can help you pack your bulky objects without any additional cost.

        Make sure you contact us if there’s any information needed. Our customer support lines are open 24/7, and our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

        Our Palo Alto Moving Company Offers Partial and Full Packing Services

        Most people think that the terms “partial packing” and “full packing” are interchangeable, but they actually refer to two very different types of services. Partial packing involves packing only certain items in up to 15 boxes, while full packing involves packing everything in your home or office or wrapping your stuff into more than 15 boxes.

        With the Help of Our Movers in Palo Alto, California, Your Stuff Will Be Custom Crated

        If you’re looking for a custom crate for even better protection of your fragile and valuable belongings, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide what size crate you need. There are standard sizes available, but you can always request a custom size if you have specific dimensions in mind. One thing is sure, Trico Long-Distance Movers will provide you with one of the best wooden crating services..

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        Car Shipping Services Are Also a Part of Services Our Palo Alto Movers Offer

        Being in the auto transport and relocation business for a long time, we also provide excellent car shipping services. Our highly trained and experienced drivers can handle any unexpected road situation and carry your vehicle in no time. All you have to do is request a quotation, and we’ll handle your four-wheeler with the highest attention and care.

        Don’t forget about the car insurance we have for two transportation types – for the open trailer transport, the vehicle will be insured for up to $100,000, and the enclosed trailer, up to $500,000.

        Pick and Choose Transportation Options

        With our reputable company, you get to decide between two transportation options. The first is transport with an open carrier, and it’s undoubtedly the more popular option. However, if you have a more exotic car, we recommend the enclosed carrier. However, you need to know that both options are safe, it’s just a matter of your personal preference.

        There Are Two Pick Up and Delivery Options for You to Choose From

        Yes, we have another two options for you to choose from. Now you need to pick the most suitable delivery for your four-wheeler. The door-to-door option will practically deliver a car to your new address. The second option is terminal-to-terminal pickup which means you can pick up your vehicle at the nearest terminal.

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        Our Long-Distance Moving Company Offers Modern Storage Units to Its Customers

        When you get a quote from our team, include the option of using a completely free modern storage unit for a month (30 days). Our storage facilities are safe and climate-controlled, so you may store practically all of your stuff there, from furniture to paintings, without fear of something becoming dirty.

        When You Hire Our Cross-Country Movers, You’ll Get Moving Insurance

        Having moving insurance when relocating across the country surely is one of the most important things. With our crew, you get Mandatory Liability Coverage, and it covers 60 cents per pound if an item is damaged or broken. However, we have an additional option for more valuable belongings – Full Replacement Value.

        Give San Francisco Bay Area a Chance and Settle in Palo Alto

        Palo Alto is a city in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Stanford University is located here, and it is part of Silicon Valley. University Avenue, which runs through the heart of Palo Alto, is lined with casual and expensive eateries, well-known brand stores, and individual boutiques. Baylands Nature Preserve’s marshland pathways are to the east.

        Palo Alto is known as the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley” and is a global leader in cutting-edge technology development. Palo Alto is a unique destination for travelers because of its intriguing blend of tradition and modernity.

        Check How Much You’ll Have to Earn and Where to Live in the Birthplace of Silicon Valley

        In Palo Alto, California, the cost of living is 50% greater than the national average. The cost of living in any place varies depending on your profession, average wage, and the local real estate market. To get a bigger picture, know that Palo Alto is more expensive than San Francisco. In fact, it’s around 75% more expensive, and the housing is even more than 100% higher than in the Golden City.

        When it comes to finding the perfect neighborhood, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Being a part of Silicon Valley and home to Stanford University, it shouldn’t be a surprise this place has some of the most beautiful neighborhoods. That’s how one of the top-rated ones are:

        • University South,
        • Charleston Gardens,
        • Meadow Park,
        • Downtown,
        • Barron Park.

        Hire Our Long-Distance Movers and Move Out of Palo Alto in a Jiffy

        Contact the best relocation team, whether you’re relocating to or from Palo Alto. Our experienced movers will give you a helping hand with every service you need and make the entire process an experience to remember.

        Trico Long Distance Movers Palo Alto Reviews

        Workers were extremely hard working. Seriously, this is my most favorite moving service since I moved to LA now, it was super-fast and now there is no stress about moving out, at a!! Use their service, you won’t regret 100%!! The movers moved all the furniture to my new apartment and they even assembled our beds (three of them!) and listened to all the family members about where they’d like the furniture items to be placed. Very professional. Thumbs up.

        Bella W.

        “Trico Long Distance Movers” moved my family yesterday and it was such a pleasant experience… My parents were tired of packing but when they saw how professional and quick movers were, they had a sigh of relief. It felt like the weight lifted from their shoulders. They came on time, asked if we had any questions or concerns, which we had a lot since we don’t do this often, but thanks to them now we’re relieved and can enjoy our new place in Los Angeles which we had dreamed for a long time.

        Colin H.

        Movers from this awesome company did an outstanding job because we had stairs and heavy musical instruments and sofas. Poor movers, I felt bad for them as they had to do multiple trips. Great thing timing isn’t a concern with long distance moves, as I would rather have them be careful then fast. These movers were very professional, they treated my belongings like they were their own. Thanks, Trico!

        Inessa P.

        Movers took care of every item, even the most delicate ones, they worked fast and were super friendly. Great pricing too! I had to move cross country in a hurry because new job offer came last minute. The movers, I believe one guy’s name was Nick, did not care about the chaos in my apartment and they helped with everything, even packing the pictures and sculptures I had.

        Agil J.

        Right away we thought that long distance moving would suck as it’s a pain to move stuff, wrap furniture, then de-assemble beds, etc. But these guys totally made me forget about this, my friends wanted to help me first, but then movers said they have a full packing and unpacking option which wasn’t that expensive at all! Quote was free! I couldn’t be happier that I chose Trico Long Distance Movers.

        Gragory T.
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