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        New Jersey Movers

        Relocation is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, so it’s no surprise that many search for professionals to help them cope with this challenge. If that’s your case, look no further. The amazing performance our New Jersey movers show during each move made them your best ally when relocating to or from the Garden State. Find out all the reasons why Trico Long Distance Movers are the leaders in the industry.

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        Trico Long Distance Movers Will Provide You With Unmatched Moving Services

        With our New Jersey moving company, a stress-free move is guaranteed. Our team of relocation experts is well-trained and highly experienced, capable of dealing with any kind of relocation you have in mind. Many positive reviews from numerous satisfied customers stand as proof.

        Our prime-quality but reasonably affordable long-distance moving services will secure you a move without a hitch – even if you opt only for our standard offer. Moreover, with our basic services, you’ll get a lot more than with other moving companies in New Jersey. Remember – we don’t charge extra for preparing and protecting non-boxable belongings, such as furniture and appliances.

        With Our Free Guaranteed Quote, Be Prepared for Complete Transparency

        If (or when) you decide to hire us, you’ll be met with outstanding customer service that will make your every wish a priority. With us, a customer always comes first – that is why we came up with a guaranteed quote policy.

        Unlike many other moving companies in NJ, we set our quote based on your inventory list, not the weight and size of your belongings. That means that from first contact with us, you’ll know how much your move is going to cost – there will be no hidden costs down the road. The set quote won’t change if you don’t add items to your inventory list, which you can do until one day before the move.

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        Our New Jersey Movers Will Help You Pack and Protect the Entire Household

        If you don’t want to deal with one of the most complex relocation tasks, note that we can also provide packing services. Aside from possessing all the required knowledge when it comes to packing, our NJ movers are well-organized and capable of protecting each and every one of your belongings. If you want to make sure your possessions stay safe and intact during the whole cross-country moving process, our professionals can make that happen.

        Choose Between Partial and Full Packing Services

        We can pack all of your belongings or take care of just a few chosen pieces you intended for us – and we will do it efficiently and with utmost care. All you have to do is consider which belongings need our packing skills. If you want us to wrap and pack only several items, partial service is the right option for you. However, keep in mind that everything between fifteen boxes and the entire household is considered full service. Either way, we will ensure that even the most fragile of your possessions safely find a way to your future place.

        Note that we also offer the option of professional customer crating for the most valuable and unique items you possess. All you have to do is provide us with the exact measurements of the object, and we will ensure it arrives in special wooden crates at the new destination intact.

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        Our Long-Distance Moving Company Will Provide You With the Best Professional Car Shipping

        If you plan to relocate your vehicle(s) across the country, getting professional auto transport is always a better option than driving it yourself. However, you must ensure the company you’ve chosen can deliver your car promptly and safely. With our company, you don’t have to worry – countless problem-free car relocations prove that we know all the ins and outs of successful car shipping.

        Not only will you be reunited with your vehicle in no time, but by combining auto transport with relocation services, you will even be entitled to a significant discount! Forget about getting assistance from third-party companies- contact us, choose our team as your relocation partner, and save up!

        Our Company Operates With Both Open and Enclosed Trailers

        Not all of our customers have the same wishes and possibilities. That is why we’ve decided to let you choose what kind of carrier you want your vehicle to be transported in. Open trailers are a more affordable option and can fit more cars at once, which has made them a preferred choice for many. However, keep in mind that it can’t protect your vehicle from bad weather or road conditions that can damage your car.

        If you’re driving a luxurious or a classic model or simply want to maximize your vehicle’s protection, choosing an enclosed trailer can be a better option. Although a costlier choice, it is bound to provide you with more security

        You’ll be happy to know that car insurance is also a part of our auto transport services, but its amount depends on the type of carrier you’ve chosen. In case of physical damage, you can get up to $100,000 if you’ve opted for an open trailer. Insurance for vehicles transported in an enclosed carrier can amount to half a million dollars.

        With Our Movers in New Jersey, You Can Choose Where to Leave and Pick Up Your Vehicle

        Our cross-country movers can offer you two pickup and delivery options – door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. Many want the convenience of leaving and getting the car in front of their homes, so it’s a more popular option. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable choice or aren’t able to meet the drivers during the pickup and delivery, terminal-to-terminal auto transport is another excellent solution. After all, we have terminals in many major cities, so it shouldn’t be that much of an inconvenience.

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        You Can Use Our Storage Facilities for Thirty Days Free of Charge

        There are numerous reasons why our clients need storage services when relocating cross-country, which is why we have decided to offer them – but that is not all! You can use our storage facilities without any additional cost for a whole month! Therefore, if you need some time to settle in your future place, don’t panic!

        Of course, if you decide you still need our storage after that initial period ends, you’ll be able to rent a storage space for an affordable price. Your items will be safe in our constantly monitored and temperature-controlled storage facilities for as long as you want them there.


        Several Moving Insurance Options Are There to Fit Everybody's Needs

        It should go without saying that cross-country moves always come with the risk, no matter how careful and efficient the relocation team is. Getting moving insurance is one of the essential things to do to secure peace of mind. We’ve recognized this need and decided to offer Mandatory Liability Coverage without additional costs. Therefore, even if some of your items get damaged during the move (which is highly unlikely), you’ll be reimbursed with 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

        However, if you want added security, keep in mind that with Trico Long Distance Movers, you can also get Full Value Replacement as an additional service. It implies that all of your items will be insured entirely in the case of damage – an object will be repaired or replaced, or you’ll be financially reimbursed for its total value.

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        What Are the Main Advantages of Relocating to NJ?

        Amazing nature and stunning natural beauty are more than expected with a nickname such as Garden State. From the Watchung and the Appalachian Mountains, over lakes and rivers, to picturesque hills and amazing beaches, New Jersey is a haven for those active and outdoorsy types. Climbing, hiking, running, mountain biking, skiing, or simply walking on some well-known trails is bound to leave you amazed.

        Of course, all those activities will boost your appetite, so when you get hungry, you’ll be happy that NJ has such an amazing food scene. From trendy restaurants over fresh produce to fast food, here you can find it all.

        History is also one of the things NJ is known for – after all, this state was one of the thirteen original colonies. It means that you’ll be able to enjoy many historical sites, including the monuments from the Revolutionary war, but also so much more. Did you know that the Treaty of Versailles was signed in Somerville, NJ?

        Many green surfaces and kid-friendly amenities will allow you to have fun with your young ones, but know that NJ is one of the leading states when it comes to public education, according to Scholaroo. Of course, don’t forget that Princeton University, one of the best colleges in the USA, calls NJ its home.

        How Much Will Life in NJ Cost You?

        NJ has a good job market, especially if you come from the financial sector – note that Jersey City is one of the financial hubs of the country. However, keep in mind that many people decide to live here but commute to NYC. Aside from a more peaceful environment than in The City That Never Sleeps, the main reason people do so is the much lower cost of living.

        Living costs in NJ are higher than average, but not by much. According to the NeigborhhodScout, NJ’s median home price in 2022 is $418,500, which is not much higher than the current national average ($392,000). As for the rent, in Trenton, the state’s capital, it goes between $850 and $1,600, depending on the apartment’s size and location. It is really not that expensive, especially compared to some of the costliest cities, like NYC.

        Where to Settle After Moving to the Garden State?

        It is not always easy to decide which city to make your future home, especially when many offer fantastic benefits. However, the following list can help you narrow down your choices:

        • Hoboken – the mile-square city, as locals usually call it, is popular with millennials and young professionals. You’ll only need 20 minutes to travel to commute to NYC, which makes it a perfect choice for career seekers. However, Hoboken has much to offer all by itself! Well-developed dining and nightlife scene, on the one hand, and small-town charm on the other, make it irresistible for many.
        • Ocean City – beautiful beaches are not the only thing this place offers! People with children often fall in love with this place because of its incredible family-friendly vibe. However, lack of diversity can be a deal-breaker for some.
        • Atlantic City – when it comes to entertainment, not many cities can match the options you’ll get after moving here. With Niche’s rating A+ for a nightlife scene, it’s a place to be if you want to enjoy your life to the fullest. On the other hand, four miles of boardwalk along the coastline and beautiful sandy beaches are there when you want to slow things a bit.
        • Morristown – another popular location, Morristown has a little bit of everything for anyone. The excellent dining and nightlife scene combined with great recreational possibilities and fantastic job opportunities that don’t demand lengthy commutes make many choose this place for a future home.

        Whether you choose some of these cities or find another place that better suits your wishes, keep in mind one thing – never ever try to pump your own gas here! State’s law forbids that, believe it or not!

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        Trico Long Distance Movers Can Help You Chase Your Luck Outside Of NJ

        Since we operate nationwide, our team is a prime choice even if you decide you no longer want to call NJ your home. No matter the direction of your move, the successful end of your relocation will be our ultimate goal. What are the best long-distance movers near me, you asked? The answer is obvious, so don’t waste your time any longer – contact us now and book your move!

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