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At Trico Long Distance Movers, we make your move from New York painless.

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Moving from New York, New York to San Diego, California

Looking for a long distance moving company?

At Trico Long Distance Movers, we make your move from New York painless.

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Trico Long Distance Movers
New York Reviews

  • 5 star ratingIt has been truly a blessing in disguise working with these guys, we contacted them some time about two weeks ago for a long distance move we needed a lot of assistance with. We were moving not only a closet... read more

    Karo B. Avatar Karo B.

    5 star ratingDespite any external feedback I knew these movers were the right choice for us to make in regards to our next move, the competition is tough around these parts but Trico seemed like the right company to be up for... read more

    Moses C. Avatar Moses C.

    5 star ratingGreat service and great support. The price was also affordable and consistent.  I couldn't have asked for anything more for moving for college.  5 out of 5.

    Alex K. Avatar Alex K.
  • 5 star ratingI had a car shipping booked and last but not the least shipping my cousin's favorite dining table. I asked the car shipping I used before (review coming soon) if they know a moving company who will ship it for... read more

    Nathan H. Avatar Nathan H.

    5 star ratingGreat guys! Helped me move out of state. Joshua did exactly as promised for a great price. Definitely recommend his services!

    Christian C. Avatar Christian C.

    5 star ratingGood moving service josh was a great experience guy . Everything was on time I would hire them again . They were awesome

    Coleen D. Avatar Coleen D.
  • 5 star ratingThe price was worth every penny. This was my 4th time moving and every other time, I had some kind of issue that wound up costing me more. This time around however, I made sure to pick the best moving... read more

    Rocob J. Avatar Rocob J.

    5 star ratingWhen it comes down to it moving is not an easy feat and for any decent sized move you will eventually need professional help. Luckily, we learned this early in our move and this led us to contact Trico at... read more

    Hanrietta S. Avatar Hanrietta S.

    5 star ratingThese guys were awesome and I feel very thankful that I found them! My boyfriend and I were moving from NYC to Austin, TX and needless to say we were super stressed out trying to figure out how to get... read more

    cassandra a. Avatar cassandra a.
  • 5 star ratingYou guys are awesome you move my stuff no issues for long distance. Driver was very friendly and on time. Saved a ton of money with this company. A+service

    Ally L. Avatar Ally L.

    5 star ratingIf we had the choice to go back to the last few moves that my family has had in recent decades, I would totally convince them to hire these guys all over. I was never old enough during the old... read more

    Cynthia D. Avatar Cynthia D.

    5 star ratingWithin a 48 hour period Matthew saved me from a nightmare moving scenario where another company showed up without proper insurance after already missing the initial move out date. It was all very upsetting, but Trico Long Distance Movers jumped... read more

    Matthew R. Avatar Matthew R.
  • 5 star ratinggreat company, fast and efficient movers. Trico came in last minute and saved me from the stress of my previous moving company. I would definitely recommend the services to any one looking for a stress free move.

    Jennifer F. Avatar Jennifer F.

    5 star ratingSelecting a moving company is tough - it's expensive, very important to you and will have a huge impact on your life in the short term.  I looked at several firms that serviced LA-OR, and all had significant negative reviews.... read more

    Jonathan U. Avatar Jonathan U.

    5 star ratingJohn was great! I was so grateful for his help. He scheduled my long distant moving! I recommend his service and it was such a great price! Awesome.

    Annie C. Avatar Annie C.
  • 5 star ratingGreat movers! Happy move, nice and safe. All of my stuff was moved quickly and without damage.

    Would choose them again. Give these guys a call, you will be happy you did.

    Tony L. Avatar Tony L.

    5 star ratingWe contacted these guys on very short notice and we were very thankful that they were able to work with us and not overcharge us. Thankfully the movers we were assigned were very experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Honestly... read more

    Aram G. Avatar Aram G.

    5 star ratingAwesome service, quick & reliable. Very affordable price! Will definitely contact Joshua again if I am moving out of state

    Elvis D. Avatar Elvis D.
  • 5 star ratingI first started my career in New York, and now i'm moving to California to give birth and raise a family. Having a fast paced job in the city can be so hectic esp when you're also busy making plans... read more

    Steph P. Avatar Steph P.

    4 star ratingReferred a New York friend to this company after hearing good things about their other locations. Full service, helps you pack & fairly easy on the wallet when moving a 1 bedroom. After speaking with my friend during the moving... read more

    Kelsey N. Avatar Kelsey N.

Top Reasons Why People Choose Trico

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Flat price

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Flat price no hidden fees

Flat price

Get flat price quotes on the services you choose, with no hidden fees.

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New York


Moving from New York, New York to San Diego, California with Trico Long Distance Movers

We know that there are many people who dream about living in the Big Apple, but, for you, San Diego sounds better. You have spent enough time in New York and now you’re ready to start planning your long distance move. That’s great. However, it can also be quite challenging to take such a step. So, what should you do? It’s quite simple, actually – you just need to find professional long distance movers and let them take care of your relocation. If you’re looking for reliable New York movers then you’re in luck – Trico Long Distance Movers can provide you with top-notch moving services.

Our company has valuable experience when it comes to organizing long distance moves, so you can relax. We are reliable New York movers, a moving company that can move your entire household, your office, transport your vehicle, etc. And what about packing? Don’t worry – we’ve got that covered, as well. With our highly-trained long distance movers by your side, you can rest assured all your belongings will be adequately packed for transport. If you have any questions regarding your long distance move in particular, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our helpful representatives who will gladly provide you with all the answers you need.

Especially when it comes to long distance car shipping, we’re dedicated to doing our best just like with all of our other moving services. There’s no need for you to worry about what to do with your car and you don’t have to drive it across the country yourself or pay a random stranger to do it for you. Trico Long Distance Movers is there to provide you with some of the best moving services in the business, auto transport included. We offer both open trailer shipping and enclosed trailer shipping for you to choose from. All you have to do is select the destination and your car will be awaiting you there, safe and sound.

But, before you give our New York movers a call, read on to learn more about the things that make San Diego such a great place.

About San Diego

San Diego is probably one of the first places to come to mind when you think of California, and for a good reason. The city has extensive beaches, naturally deep harbor, various forms of entertainment that will guarantee you have a great time, various job opportunities, and a great education. The city ranks number eight when looking at the biggest cities in the nation and has an estimated population of about 1.4 million that are happy to call the city home.

Job opportunity and cost of living

San Diego has a strong economy that is structured upon various sectors. Firstly, the ports are responsible for submarine and shipbuilding production for the entire West Coast. Apart from that, the military tourism plays an important role, too. San Diego’s climate, beaches, and entertainment bring in millions of people annually and provide a lot of job opportunities for the locals. Other areas of business that are really popular in San Diego include real estate and international trade. In a city as big as San Diego, you can be sure there is no shortage of jobs, especially for the experienced and for those willing to work. Do you fit the description? Don’t waste time hesitating, but let our long distance movers get down to planning your relocation.


San Diego has some of the best high schools and facilities for higher education in the area. It boasts three large Universities and many other community colleges that offer a top quality education for all who enroll. It is the perfect place for students to experience the real college life balanced with the fun and activities the city provides, especially to the youth.


If you love warm weather all year round, then you are sure to love San Diego. The city enjoys the sunshine and warmth throughout the year and you will be happy to know you won’t have to pack so many winter clothes, so make room in those moving boxes for all your summer gear when moving to San Diego.


  • Beach fun

A good thing that comes with warm weather every day is that every day is a good day for the beach. San Diego’s beaches are famous and stretch far. Miles of beaches provide numerous places to relax, read a book, and get a tan or for sports on the sand – it is up to you.

  • Recreation

Like all of California, San Diego is no different when it comes to diverse forms of recreation. You can find places that teach various forms of yoga, combat sports ranging from kickboxing to kendo, surfing and various other forms of water sports, rock climbing – you name it. Everything from the classic forms of recreation to the latest trends and fads you are sure to find in San Diego. If you are for a more relaxed setting, you have more than 300 parks in the city that are a great place to spend a day off work. If you love animals, you can visit the famous San Diego Zoo. It is a great place to walk around and observe the diverse wildlife on display.

Can you see yourself relaxing on a beach in San Diego in your free time? If you are interested in moving to San Diego, contact Trico Long Distance Movers to schedule your move. Our representatives will happily answer any questions you may have about our services and moving procedures. San Diego summer fun and great weather are waiting! Let one of the best New York movers out there help you out during the relocation process.

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