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Moving from Miami, Florida to San Diego, California with Trico Long Distance Movers

You have probably thought about packing your things and moving across country to live somewhere where the sun is always shining and where the beaches are perfect for a cool relaxing swim. Well, then you might want to consider moving to San Diego and to get there you’ll have to find the right Miami movers for the job. You will be able to enjoy the sandy beaches, year-round tropical weather and all the luxuries the city provides. Before you start enjoying the San Diego lifestyle, you are going to have to move there, and that is where Trico Long Distance Movers come in. We understand that relocating to a new place is never an easy job, that many stresses accompany it, especially if you are already full of responsibilities and jobs to finish. That is why Trico Long Distance Movers is here to provide a solution, we help you take your cherished possessions with you to your new home with our reliable long distance movers at your service. We are experienced Miami movers and we know how intricate any long distance move can get, so we aim to provide our customers the peace of mind they deserve when moving.

Trico Long Distance Movers handles the planning and the organization of the long distance move with professional care and makes sure it goes smoothly. We have experienced staff that can take care of all aspects of the move and make sure your belongings are securely packed and organized into our moving trucks. Reliable Miami movers are hard to find, and we have experience in relocating both families and businesses nationwide and are no strangers when it comes long distance moves to San Diego. When you choose Trico Long Distance Movers you can be sure your belongings are being handled by a company that cares and a team of highly professional long distance movers.

Our moving services include:

  • Residential moving: We have helped numerous families relocate to their new homes and have a track record of perfect deliveries.
  • Corporate moving: We help businesses with relocation, the move are carried out as smoothly and as quickly as possible to get the business back on tracks as soon a possible.
  • Professional packing services: We offer our experienced long distance movers and packers that can take care of all your packing needs. We also provide moving boxes and other moving supplies if they are needed, as well moving tips if you want to do some packing yourself.
  • Free storage units: We make sure that your items are safely stored until they are ready to be moved to their destination.
  • Auto transportation: We also provide reliable and affordable auto transport services. We can ship your vehicle directly to your new home or to a terminal. Door to door shipping saves you the extra hassle of going to a terminal, but if that isn’t a problem for you, you can opt for our terminal to terminal car delivery service. We have terminals in all major cities so you can count on our auto transport services no matter where in the United States you’re moving to. Our experienced drivers know the best routes to take to safely and efficiently transport your vehicle to the designated location.

About San Diego

San Diego is probably one of the first places to come to mind when you think of California, and for a good reason. The city has extensive beaches, naturally deep harbor, various forms of entertainment that will guarantee you have a great time, various job opportunities, and great education. The city ranks number eight when looking at the biggest cities in the nation and has an estimated population of about 1.4 million that are happy to call the city home.

Job opportunity and cost of living

San Diego has a strong economy that is structured upon various sectors. Firstly, the ports are responsible for submarine and shipbuilding production for the entire West Coast. Apart from that, the military tourism plays an important role, too. San Diego’s climate, beaches, and entertainment bring in millions of people annually and provide a lot of job opportunities for the locals. Other areas of business that are really popular in San Diego include real estate and international trade. In a city as big as San Diego, you can be sure there is no shortage of jobs, especially for the experienced and for those willing to work.


San Diego has some of the best high schools and facilities for higher education in the area. It boasts three large Universities and many other community colleges that offer a top quality education for all who enroll. It is the perfect place for students to experience the real college life balanced with the fun and activities the city provides, especially to the youth.


If you love warm weather all year round, then you are sure to love San Diego. The city enjoys the sunshine and warmth throughout the year and you will be happy to know you won’t have to pack so many winter clothes, so make room in those moving boxes for all your summer gear when moving to San Diego.


  • Beach fun

A good thing that comes with warm weather every day is that every day is a good day for the beach. San Diego’s beaches are famous and stretch far. Miles of beaches provide numerous places to relax, read a book, and get a tan or for sports on the sand – it is up to you.

  • Recreation

Like all of California, San Diego is no different when it comes to diverse forms of recreation. You can find places that teach various forms of yoga, combat sports ranging from kickboxing to kendo, surfing and various other forms of water sports, rock climbing – you name it. Everything from the classic forms of recreation to the latest trends and fads you are sure to find in San Diego. If you are interested in a more relaxed setting, you have more than 300 parks in the city that are a great place to spend a day off work. If you love animals, you can visit the famous San Diego Zoo. It is a great place to walk around and observe the diverse wildlife on display.

Can you see yourself relaxing on a beach in San Diego in your free time? If you are interested in moving to San Diego, contact Trico Long Distance Movers to schedule your move. Our professional Miami movers will happily answer any the questions you may have about our moving services and moving procedures. San Diego summer fun and great weather are waiting! Let one of the best long distance movers help you out during the moving turmoil.

Trico Long Distance Movers Miami Reviews

Trico Professional Movers packed and wrapped our furniture and crated our artworks and china, which my mom had a lot. They did their job quickly but at the same time they were super careful with our belongings. This means a lot because there’re several times when movers from other companies broke my stuff, and it was a pain to go through the claim process. This wasn’t the case with Trico! We received everything intact at our new home in Missouri just 5 days since the move date! My advice – next time you move – call them!

Rianna V.

These movers were so trustworthy with my possessions. The whole time I didn’t watch them yet everything was moved so quickly and efficiently. I don’t even think they took any breaks! From the moment I called to the second they finished the job, everything went spectacularly! Trico Long Distance Movers took the burden of moving off my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier with their service.

Maneesh I.

I was very happy with the service provided from the rep., and my husband was impressed by the moving staff. It was reassuring to know that the team who picked up our belongings were the same ones who would be delivering it. Thank you!


I hired this company to move one of my clients. They were very flexible with our timing. We were in a little rush but Trico Long Distance made sure to accommodate accordingly. Nothing was late and my client was very happy with the choice of mover. I will definitely use this company if I come across a moving opportunity again.

Jessica B.

Service was good , but delivery is not on time.



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