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At Trico Long Distance Movers, we make your move from Dallas painless.

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Moving from Dallas to Miami

Looking for a long distance moving company?

At Trico Long Distance Movers, we make your move from Dallas painless.

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Trico Long Distance Movers
Dallas Reviews

  • 5 star ratingVery good service with quick delivery from CA to TX within 3 days.

    Sajal D. Avatar
    Sajal D.

    5 star ratingI initially accidentally called a local mover who referred me to these guys. When I called in, I spoke with Matthew who was my priority contact as they called it. Long story short, the service was great, no complaints. Of... read more

    Ajaxbot D. Avatar
    Ajaxbot D.

    5 star ratingThese guys proved us the ultimate test that they were a reliable company by the very fact that they did not give up hope on our move, despite all of the challenges we had to face. We had contacted them... read more

    Harut V. Avatar
    Harut V.
  • 5 star ratingI honestly could not believe how prepared these guys showed up, they pulled up with two trucks that were entirely empty aside from the equipment that was inside them. They had advanced tools and dollies that were able to help... read more

    Anna K. Avatar
    Anna K.

    5 star ratingIt was all fun and games until the movers actually arrived the very first day, we had contacted them twenty four hours prior to that and they were able to provide us with an estimation the next day. We had... read more

    Alyssa V. Avatar
    Alyssa V.

    5 star ratingThings started off pretty complicated, there were a whole bunch of things that needed to be accounted for but not enough time to manage everything. The front entrance to the apartment building had been closed due to short circuiting of... read more

    Martik G. Avatar
    Martik G.
  • 5 star ratingI don't know how a moving crew can be both swift and careful, but these gentlemen pulled it off! I was moved out and into my new place in a blink of an eye. Forget about the cheapest, or easiest... read more

    Edrik K. Avatar
    Edrik K.

    5 star ratingI was very happy with the move provided by the wonderful gentlemen from Trico Long Distance at Dallas. We booked them on such short notice but they had no problems accommodating us. They even contacted me the night before the... read more

    Kat R. Avatar
    Kat R.

    5 star ratingThis moving company took my moving experience to a whole new level! What amazing service from these guys, at such an affordable cost! I was able to get my quote the same day and an appointment scheduled on short notice.... read more

    Venamarie B. Avatar
    Venamarie B.
  • 5 star ratingI don't know where to start with this place! They had the best service, I didn't think a moving company would put so much effort to give people the best experience they have relocating. I moved a few hundred miles... read more

    Skie C. Avatar
    Skie C.

    4 star ratingNeeded to find a mover fast. All the other "brand names" needed 2-3 weeks notice. I needed something 3-4 days before I needed to move.

    I got assigned a coordinator to give me a quote from their home base in California....
    read more

    Sedine S. Avatar
    Sedine S.

    5 star ratingMoving from Texas to California is no joke. Problems during the move seemed inevitable,  so we tried finding a company with a great reputation to make it worthwhile. I'm honestly surprised to say that Trico made our move completely flawless.... read more

    Eddie L. Avatar
    Eddie L.
  • 5 star ratingThis company is dope! I don't usually leave reviews but Trico deserves it. I needed a car shipping company for some help and Trico made it happen. My car was on schedule and it came looking better than the pics.... read more

    Grigor G. Avatar
    Grigor G.

    5 star ratingTrico Long Distance Movers make car transportation easy! I had seen a car on sale near Dallas and called a few places to see if it was worth shipping it back to me. I got a flat fee from Trico... read more

    Jenny M. Avatar
    Jenny M.

    5 star ratingWow! I did not know moving would be this easy until my experience with Trico Movers. It was a long haul from California to Texas but this company made sure we were on the same page throughout the whole drive.... read more

    Lily S. Avatar
    Lily S.
  • 5 star ratingI needed a vehicle shipped from Fort Worth at a not too pricey quote and found a discount for Trico Long Distance. The price was very reasonable and I decided to use them as my shipping company. My car was... read more

    Emmy M. Avatar
    Emmy M.

    5 star ratingMoving is never an easy process but Trico Long Distance does their best to make the move as easy on their customers as possible . Their pricing is very competitive to others around them and the whole move-out-move-in process was... read more

    Edgar A. Avatar
    Edgar A.

    5 star ratingThank you guys for making sure that everything arrived on time like you promised. All of my belongings were safe and secure, and I had no issues. A long-distance moves could be something that is very stressful, but in your... read more

    Jordan R. Avatar
    Jordan R.
  • 5 star ratingHad a big move, went with Trico for the first time and had no regrets about it! They demonstrated no scams and no fraud. The process went as estimated, the same thing concerning the price, including no hidden fees. The... read more

    Anne O. Avatar
    Anne O.

Top Reasons Why People Choose Trico

Barcode Inventory

Barcoded Inventory List

Hate losing items during a move? We do too. That’s why we bar code your inventory so we don’t miss anything.

Flat price

Get flat price quotes on the services you choose, with no hidden fees.

Flat price no hidden fees

Flat price no hidden fees

Flat price

Get flat price quotes on the services you choose, with no hidden fees.

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Easy booking

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Moving from Dallas to Miami with Trico Long Distance Movers

You are probably searching for a nice new home in a metropolis full of opportunity, entertainment and great food, then Miami, Florida might just be the place for you. Moving to you’re a new city, like any long distance move can be very stressful, especially if you are already handling many other responsibilities. You will require a trustworthy long distance moving company to get you to your new home in good time and with all your cherished belongings in perfect condition. You’re probably trying to find just the right Dallas movers who can help you out the most, and that is where Trico Long Distance Movers come in. Moving with Trico Long Distance Movers is designed to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. We are a reliable long distance moving company, we are aware of the faith our customers place into us when they entrust us with their precious belongings and our goal is to deliver on their expectations with our effective long distance moving services.

We are experienced Dallas movers, and we’ve helped thousands of families relocate nationwide. Our company can handle any relocation no matter how big or how small the move is. When you choose us know that you are working with long distance movers that are always on the lookout for the newest methods to ensure your move is as efficient and secure as possible, all in order to give you the best moving experience possible. Every move is customized and organized by our experienced teams to the demands of our clients. Trico Long Distance Movers offers a variety of services:

Residential long distance relocation: Our long distance movers have helped many families move and always ensure that all your belongings are optimally packed and ready for transportation.

Corporate long distance relocation: Our experience in corporate moving enable us to provide a smooth and efficient moving experience. Our professional Dallas movers will make sure you know exactly what is going on during the move and work by your timeline so that business can recommence.

Professional packing services: The packing process can take a lot of time and energy. If you want to save some of it you have our professional packing services at your disposal. We have an experienced packing team that will make sure your belongings are optimally packed for secure transport. We also offer moving boxes and other moving supplies if you want to handle some of the packing yourself.

Free storage units: We make sure all your belongings are accounted for and secure in a storage facility that can only be accessed by our staff.

Auto transport: When moving across the country you may want to take your vehicle with you. We offer our auto transport services that are both affordable and reliable. We offer open trailer and closed trailer auto shipping which can be delivered to your front door with our door to door service, or to one of our nearest terminals with our terminal to terminal services. We have terminals in all major cities in the US so you can count on us no matter where in the US you decide to move to, or where you’re moving from.

And much more!

If you are considering moving to Miami, which is currently one of the most sought-after areas to live in, we have a short guide about this wonderful city that could help you decide if it is your new dream home:

About Miami

Miami is a city located on the southeastern coast of Florida. The metro area is the second most populated metropolis in the southeastern U.S The city is a leader in many sectors especially those concerning economics and entertainment. The city is also very well taken care of and environmentally friendly with many recycling programs and cleanliness being implemented all year round. The clean streets and numerous parks all add to the already incredible beauty the city has to offer. Miami is full of stunning beaches, year-round warm weather, beautiful people and incredible nightlife and that is just a fraction of what Miami has to offer.

Job opportunities

There are many job opportunities in Miami, it is after all ranked as the richest city in the nation. It has a powerful business community that works both locally and internationally and clearly strives sectors such as finance and commerce with its large concentration of banks. It also has other powerful sectors such as biotech, medicine, entertainment, fashion education, tourism and many more. Miami’s economy also relies heavily on international trade. With all these options for employment and a strong economy, it is no wonder why the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Another great thing about Miami is that it is one of the seven states in the U.S with no income tax, so you can keep all that you earn.

Housing and cost of living

Miami has a lot of places to choose from when you are thinking of relocating to Miami, you can pick the city or a lovely seaside village to move to, the opportunities are endless.


Moving to Miami means moving to a tropical climate. So you should be sure to pack your moving boxes with all your summer clothes. The summers in Miami are hot and humid, perfect for going to the beach and cooling off in the cool relaxing waters. The good news is that winter in Miami is not too cold, you will not experience snow but the bad news is that hurricanes hit the city, usually in the wet seasons.


There are numerous schools located in the Miami area. Offering education for all ages and all levels. For higher education some of the more popular Universities are the University of Miami, Florida International University and many other colleges and universities.

Do you think Miami is the place for you? Then stop looking for other Dallas movers, and contact Trico Long Distance Movers to get started with your move. Our long distance movers will be happy to assist you with your move and our representatives will answer any questions you may have concerning our services or the moving process. Let us get you and your belongings safely to your new home.

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