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Moving from Austin to Pittsburgh with Trico Long Distance Movers

Do you feel like you could use a fresh start? Maybe you are considering moving and have already spent time searching for the right place and the right Austin movers for you. Well if you have come to this page, you have probably thought about moving to Pittsburgh, which is a great option! Trico Long Distance Movers is the company to take you there, our long distance movers have experience handling relocations nationwide and can get you to Pittsburgh without any hassle. Our long distance movers operate as a skilled team that is experienced with long distance moving and we aim to provide our expertise at an affordable price. We are one of the best moving companies among all Austin movers, and aim to provide dependable service with each move. Contact Trico Long Distance Movers and we guarantee reliable long distance transportation and special care to all you belongings.

Before you start packing your belongings into moving boxes, and calling the moving truck of our Austin movers to your house, we would like to tell you more about Pittsburgh and what makes it a great place to call home. Here are some things that make the citizens love the city so much

Overview of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and is located at the junction of three great rivers the Allegheny, the Ohio and the Monongahela which give it an edge on the waterfront. It was listed as one of the most livable cities several consecutive years and has a lot to offer to its population of around 304 thousand. It is known for its powerful economy, great educational opportunities and amazing cultural attractions. After living there for some time you will see why the city gets its nicknames, you will notice firstly the booming steel industry which is how it got the name “the Steel City”, where you can see more than 300 steel-related businesses. The second thing that will also stand out is the great amount of bridges, an incredible 446 bridges give it its other name the “City of Bridges”. Aside from its steel and architecture you will come to find that Pittsburgh is also thriving in many other areas such as food, transportation, petroleum, shipbuilding, auto industry, computing and electronics. The opportunities and wonders in Pittsburgh are endless and whether you are a long time resident or have just arrived you are guaranteed to fall in love with the city.

The Weather

Pittsburgh has four distinct seasons in which the summers are warm and somewhat humid, and very sunny while the winters are cold cloudy and somewhat snowy. While the spring and falls are mild The warmest month is July with an average of 72.6 °F. While the coldest time of year is in January, where the temperature can sometimes go well below freezing.

Job Opportunities

Pittsburgh is a great place to be if you are looking for employment, the city is developing quite nicely in many industries and is strong when it comes to its economy. The region is focused on technology, robotics, healthcare, biomedical technology, nuclear engineering, finance, education and services. The region earns billions of dollars annually just from its technological industries. It is even home to some of the offices of the world’s most famous brands such as Google. The booming technology also makes way for great possibilities and demand for services, so Pittsburgh is a perfect place for any up and comer looking for a good job.


Pittsburgh has a great history and is known as a center for cultural philanthropy and rich ethnic traditions. Wealthy businessmen have through the years donated millions of dollars to develop the city and invest in its future. This enabled the city to have a very diverse development and was able to expand rapidly in culture and organizations designed for the people of the city.

Food and drink

The food of the city is a reflection of its multicultural roots, especially of Europe. These dishes were passed on and evolved through the years to what the citizens have come to enjoy and love. Despite having its own special meals Pittsburgh is no stranger to high end and junk food, for the city is full of places to eat no matter your craving.

Here are some of Pittsburgh’s most famous foods

  • Pierogi a dish originating from Poland consisting of pasta dough filled with potato and cheese, onion or sauerkraut.
  • Italian sausage with grilled peppers and onions.
  • Kielbasa or sausages made in the eastern European fashion.
  • Halushky which is made of noodles with fried cabbage or cottage cheese.
  • And many more interesting flavors.

Do you think Pittsburgh is the place for you? If so, waste no more time- contact Trico Long Distance Movers and let us help you move to your new home. Our representatives will be happy to answer any question you may have and will provide you with additional information about our services which include:

  • Residential long distance relocation: Our long distance movers teams have helped countless families move to their new homes and provide only the best services and care for your property.
  • Corporate long distance relocation: We are experienced in corporate relocating and will handle the move efficiently and patiently.
  • Professional packing services: We offer an experienced team of packers that will handle all your packaging needs. We also provide moving boxes and other moving supplies needed for the move.
  • Free storage units: We will provide a secure storage location for your belongings until they are ready to get to their final destination.

If you decide to give our Austin movers a chance, we’re ready to provide you with some of the most reliable moving services. Auto transport being an important one, as we can take care of the relocation of your vehicle no matter where in the United States you plan to move to or from. You can do it by yourself, but driving your car across the country can be very expensive and inconvenient, and hiring professional long distance movers is much safer than paying a random stranger to do it. You can choose if you’d like your vehicle shipped in an open trailer or a closed car carrier. Don’t worry about the size of your vehicle, we ship all types, from scooters, bikes and family cars to SUVs, vans and sports cars. You’ll feel much more comfortable knowing that your car is in our hands. Contact Trico Long Distance Movers and we will reliably relocate you to your new home as soon as you give the word.

Trico Long Distance Movers Austin Reviews

Workers were extremely hard working. Seriously, this is my most favorite moving service since I moved to LA now, it was super-fast and now there is no stress about moving out, at a!! Use their service, you won’t regret 100%!! The movers moved all the furniture to my new apartment and they even assembled our beds (three of them!) and listened to all the family members about where they’d like the furniture items to be placed. Very professional. Thumbs up.

Bella W.

My boyfriend and I got engaged and we were looking for a place for a month now, and ended up deciding to move to another state! So we packed everything and called this company, they answered right away and were so friendly that we stopped worrying! They came for an estimate the next day, and scheduled our move in 2 days! You have no idea how good it feels to finally find home, and get it done so fast, thanks to Trico Long Distance Movers!

Victoria F.

Right away we thought that long distance moving would suck as it’s a pain to move stuff, wrap furniture, then de-assemble beds, etc. But these guys totally made me forget about this, my friends wanted to help me first, but then movers said they have a full packing and unpacking option which wasn’t that expensive at all! Quote was free! I couldn’t be happier that I chose Trico Long Distance Movers.

Gragory T.

My wife and I just moved into our first home, we used this company’s service and they were fantastic. We shipped 2 of our cars with them too, and they arrived faster that our household goods! The moving process altogether was excellent. If and when we do move again you better believe we will call them first. They do free in home estimates, which is amazing!

Chris I.

Movers took care of every item, even the most delicate ones, they worked fast and were super friendly. Great pricing too! I had to move cross country in a hurry because new job offer came last minute. The movers, I believe one guy’s name was Nick, did not care about the chaos in my apartment and they helped with everything, even packing the pictures and sculptures I had.

Agil J.


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