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        With plenty of lakes and beautiful countryside, the Wolverine State has always been a great place to move to. Having considerable experience in this business and a team of dedicated professionals, our Michigan movers guarantee that your relocation will go smoothly.

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        When You Choose Our Michigan Movers, You Are Choosing the Best Possible Moving Services

        Changing your address can be quite a hectic procedure. You will have to worry about different things at the same time. Having the relocation of household possessions done by a qualified long-distance moving company can be a true boon to your well-being in this stressful situation.

        Our professional cross-country moving services include everything from packing to unloading. Individuals responsible for your relocation are professionally trained people who will appropriately handle each and every item that has to be relocated. We will give you a quote according to your inventory list, and do not worry if you forget something to add or remove. You can make changes at absolutely any time before moving, and we will adjust the quote accordingly.

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        With Our Packing Service, You Will Not Have to Worry About the Safety of Your Belongings

        First of all, we would like to point out that once you have hired our long-distance moving services, packing all items that cannot fit into regular boxes (usually appliances and furniture) is free. The standard packing service entails appropriate disassembling, loading, unloading, and assembling of all sturdier objects that have to be moved.

        Depending on the Number of Items You Are Moving, We Offer Full and Partial Options

        Storing items in regular boxes is a service that has to be additionally paid for. If 15 boxes are sufficient for your smaller possessions, it will be considered partial packing. If more than 15 boxes are needed, it is considered full packing. The only thing that we will ask you to do is to provide our relocating team with a precise inventory list of items that have to be packed into boxes.

        You Need to Transport Something Valuable, but Are Afraid for Its Safety? Wooden Crating Is Specially Devised for Such Situations

        It is completely understandable that you should feel apprehensive about transporting some valuable family heirloom, for example. But no worries. We vouch that our wooden crating service is absolutely reliable. We will take the dimensions of the particular item, and a custom crate will be crafted. Once packed into this container, your valuable item will be completely safe.

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        We Will Safely Relocate Your Vehicle With Our Auto Transport

        Driving the entire day and night to reach your destination can be quite inconvenient. On the other hand, arriving in Michigan and not having your vehicle can be equally frustrating. We have a perfect solution for this issue. With auto transport service, our long-distance movers in Michigan will relocate your vehicle for you, and it will safely await your arrival.

        You Can Choose Between Two Types of Trailers for the Transportation of Your Vehicle

        The first and more affordable option is transportation with an open trailer. It is probably the most popular choice among people and overall the most efficient way for vehicle transportation. However, bear in mind that your vehicle will not have any protection from outer elements like weather during transportation.

        Suppose you are unsure about weather conditions. The weather forecast says that there is a possibility of hail, then consider the transportation with an enclosed trailer. From all sides, the vehicle will be protected from any external elements. We especially recommend considering this option if you are transporting a luxury vehicle.

        Depending on What Suits You Best, Our Movers Offer Two Delivery Options

        Although a bit more expensive, door-to-door delivery will certainly be the most comfortable way for you. Door-to-door means that our cross-country movers will take your vehicle from your old address and deliver it in front of your new home. We would just like to indicate that if our truck cannot safely unload the vehicle at your home, we will search for the nearest possible spot where it can be parked. Of course, we will contact and notify you in a timely manner.

        Terminal-to-terminal is the other, less expensive option. When opting for this, you will have to park your vehicle at our parking place (terminal) in your city. Our team will then come and pick up the vehicle. When we arrive in Michigan, we will leave it at the appropriate terminal there. Our company will contact you as soon as the transportation is done and provide you with the address of the terminal.

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        Our Storage Services are Free for the First 30 Days

        In the event that you cannot move all your belongings at once to your new home, you can employ our storage service. We will place all your possessions in our top-notch storage units, where they can sit until you have decided what to do with them. Moreover, there is no quote for the first 30 days of storage, but if you need to, you can extend as much as is required.

        We would just like to add that our storage facilities are of the best quality. We constantly oversee the conditions of storage units, and your belongings will be completely secured once they are placed. Of course, for the sake of transparency, you can check the conditions by yourself.


        It Is Always Best to Have Moving Insurance for Your Possessions, and We Have a Few Types in Our Offer

        We assure you that we care the most about the safe transportation of your belongings. However, it is always best to have moving insurance. There is always a possibility of unforeseen events, and after all, we are not clairvoyants. We offer the following types of insurance:

        • The obligatory insurance that all professional movers in Michigan provide is the Mandatory Liability Coverage. It does not matter whether our company or you packed the items. All that is present in the back of our truck will be insured against damages. In case something happens, you will be given 60 cents for each pound of damaged possessions.
        • Full Value Replacement is optional insurance that you will need to pay for additionally. With this insurance, your items will be fully insured against damages. However, you will have to give us an exact inventory list of items, and everything insured has to be packed by our company. Otherwise, you will not receive any compensation. Finally, this insurance does not cover property that has been placed in private storage units.
        • For prized possessions, we offer individual insurance. Please note that this will incur additional expenses as well. Also, when taking this insurance, you will have to go for wooden crating. Here, as well, items in question must be packed by our company in order for insurance to be active.
        • You can insure your vehicle against damages as well. The maximum that can be covered is 100,000 dollars for vehicles that are being transported with open trailers. For enclosed trailers, it is 500,000 dollars. Please note that only external damages are covered, like scratches on the chassis. We are not responsible for any internal damage that you may notice after transportation.
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        The Great Lake State Is a Beautiful Place to Relocate To, Especially if You Enjoy Nature

        The Wolverine State, as it is often called, is blessed with immense natural beauty. From the moniker in the title, you can imagine that it has plenty of lakes, but the word “plenty” would be an understatement. There are around 11,000 lakes, which means that wherever you settle, you will not need more than 10-15 minutes to reach a lake. Flora and fauna are incredibly diverse as well, and forests dominate the landscape.

        If you are a skiing enthusiast, then look no further. Indeed, winters can be lengthy and freezing, but for some people, that is paradise. There is an abundance of ski resorts to visit and a plethora of ski slopes both for beginners and experts. However, if you are not quite fond of winter, remember the lakes. There are numerous lovely beaches that you can visit during summer, so getting through the winter may be well worth it.

        The MI universities are ranked among the best in the country. Moreover, tuition fees are quite affordable when compared to many other places. If you want to relocate because of your educational pursuit, or you want to provide your children with quality education, this location may be perfect for you.

        Sport is flourishing here as well. In almost every top league, there is an MI franchise. Therefore, in Detroit, you will be able to watch the Tigers in the MLB, Pistons in the NBA, Red Wings in the NHL, and Lions in the NFL.

        If you enjoy drinking a good beer, then this may be the perfect place for you. Feel free to check the reviews. You will see that MI beers top the charts and are generally ranked among the best. Another truly interesting fact is that there is a possibility that Aurora Borealis can be seen, especially above some lakes, mainly Lake Superior.

        If You Are Looking for a Place With a Lower Cost of Living, Michigan May Be the Perfect Location for You

        Whether you are looking to buy a house or rent, prices for both are way below the national average. Although many factors affect the price of housing, the average house can be bought for 150,000 dollars, which is an exceptional price considering that the average price is around 205,000 dollars. The same goes for rent. Prices go around 850 dollars which is considerably lower than the national average of 1,000 dollars.

        There are many beautiful cities which you can choose for your new home. Whichever you choose, beautiful nature will always be in your vicinity, and whenever you like, you will be able to escape the urban concrete. Here are some of the most popular cities:

        • Detroit – Nicknamed the Motor City, Detroit is the largest MI city. Chrysler and Ford, the biggest USA auto companies, are located here. However, in accordance with the twenty-first century, many IT companies are also settling here. Slowly but surely, Motor City is becoming another major tech center in the USA. Of course, this means that Detroit offers a lot of exciting job opportunities. Combined with the affordable cost of living, Detroit can be a perfect place for life. Finally, let us not forget the famous music scene. This town is considered by many to be the birthplace of punk, and nowadays, rap and deep house scenes are equally prominent.
        • Lansing – The MI’s capital is considered by many to be one of the best cities for living. MSU, one of the most renowned universities in the country, is located in East Lansing. Generally speaking, this town has some of the most reputable educational facilities for all levels. Nevertheless, there are many companies based here as well, and there will be no problems finding a well-paid job.
        • Grand Rapids – Known as the Furniture City, Grand Rapids is the home for the leading furniture companies in the USA like American Seating, SteelCase, and Haworth. This city is also known to have the best craft breweries in the region.
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        Want to Move Out? We Cover a Lot of Places Across the Country

        Presumably, you have spent a certain period of time in Grand Rapids, and you want a change of scenery. The question you will naturally ask is: Are there any good long-distance movers near me? The good news is that we can help you move to another location as well. We offer relocation to many places across the USA. Feel free to contact us and ask about anything concerning relocation, and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information about our services. But be certain that we will stand by everything that we have stated in this article, regardless of where you are moving.

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