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        Moving from Menlo Park, California to Indianapolis, Indiana with Trico Long Distance Movers

        When somebody starts talking about moving to another state, you start thinking about the numerous things you’d need to do in order to finish such a project. All the way from auto transport to packing and unpacking services, you feel like it’s all a bit too much for you. But, if you were to find affordable Menlo Park movers, you wouldn’t need to worry about such things. So, you need to start looking for a long distance moving company that provides full service moving, which means that you need to look among some of the best long distance moving companies. One such company is Trico Long Distance Movers! We provide auto transport services to all our customers with an option of moving expenses deduction. Your relocation day will be a stress-free day for both you and your family. You can choose from a variety of services we provide, such as:

        In case you want to find out how much it costs to transport a car or you need packing tips for moving, feel free to call us, professional long distance movers with years of experience, and get all the answers you may need. Aside from providing some of the best car shipping rates for our customers, you can rely on us to provide you with many other top-notch moving services at affordable pricesWe are professional Menlo Park movers whose main goal is to make your long distance move as comfortable as possible.

        Albany, New York, USA skyline

        Moving across country is a process of change and it takes time to adapt to the place of your dreams. To make that whole process easier, it’s best if you learn something more about your dream location, Indianapolis, Indiana. Do read on! But, also remember that we will be at your disposal even if you, for some reason, choose another US city to start your life over.

        About Indianapolis, Indiana

        Indianapolis is the most populous city in Indiana, US. This city was founded in 1821 as a planned city, where the seat of Indiana’s state government was to be located. In case you were wondering about the etymology of the city’s name, it was derived from the state’s name, which means land of the Indians, and polis, the Greek word for city. Other names that were considered were Concord, Suwarrow, and Tecumseh. The 9th oldest museum in the US is located right there! If you are, by any chance, more interested in performing arts venues, visit Mass Ave cultural district.


        Indianapolis has a humid continental climate. That means that the summers are wet, hot, and humid. Winters are usually cold with a moderate snowfall. The average temperature in July is 75°F. Weather during spring and fall is usually pleasant, sometimes unpredictable. Winters can be cold and the average temperature in January is 28°F.

        After completing the first few steps, perhaps it would be for the best if you chose your relocation day as soon as possible, as it will make the whole planning thing significantly better. If you stay with Trico Long Distance Movers, you’ll have a full moving service provided by affordable long distance movers with experience. Pack all your bags and start living your dream now! You have dependable Menlo Park movers waiting to help you, so what are you waiting for?

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