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        Massachusetts Movers

        With the right Massachusetts movers, your move to the economic and educational hub of the US will be smooth and stress-free. All you have to do is give Trico Long Distance Movers a call, and our team will take care of everything. With our moving, packing, car shipping, and storage services, you won’t have to worry about anything. Don’t wait, book the move and start the new adventure as soon as possible.

        Trico Long Distance Movers Offer Top-Notch Moving Services

        Relocating to MA and becoming a Bay Stater (as the state’s residents are called) will be much easier with the right professional team by your side. That’s why when searching for “long distance movers near me,” pay attention to everything our crew can do for you.

        Trico Long Distance Movers are a team of professionals that can lend you a helping hand through every step of the move. With our long-distance moving services, the relocation will be not only easy but also stress-free.

        Using the basic moving service means that our team will come to your house and load all the boxes onto a truck. If there are any bigger furniture pieces, we will disassemble them before loading. When the truck arrives at the designated destination, the crew will unload everything and then assemble the things they disassembled in the first place.

        You’ll Get a Reliable Cross Country Moving Quote From Our Movers

        When hiring our team to assist you during the move, you won’t have to worry about being scammed or overcharged. Our company is known for transparency when it comes to pricing and the fact that we form prices based on the inventory list, not on the volume of belongings.

        Meaning, when you give us a call asking for a free quote, our agents will ask you to provide a detailed list of items that need to be transported to a new location. Then you’ll get an estimate which should stay unchanged unless you add or subtract items from the list. You can change the list, but you can do it up until one day before the move. So there will be plenty of time to add things you might have forgotten.

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        Use Our Excellent Packing Services and Have a Stress-Free Move

        Boxing up everything you own cannot be fun or a fast task. That’s why when relocating to MA, instead of doing everything on your own, use our packing services, and let professionals handle the grunt work.

        We have already mentioned that our team would disassemble and pack all the bigger pieces of furniture as a part of a moving service. However, if you have a lot of smaller items that also need boxing up, using our packing assistance is the way to go. Also, since there are two packing options to choose from, give us a call, and our agents will ensure you pick the right one.

        You Can Get Partial or Full Packing Services From Our Cross Country Movers in Massachusetts

        When you hire us, our team of professional packers will use all the right techniques and the best materials to ensure all of your belongings are well-protected. Remember, no matter how big or small your home is, we can pack it up without a fuss. However, we know that customers have different needs, and that’s why we offer two types of packing assistance – partial and full.

        Those with smaller and less cluttered homes can use the partial service. That is, if the number of items they want to be packed can fit into 15 boxes or less. If you have more belongings than that, using a full option is a way to go. Remember, no matter which one you choose, you should provide us with a detailed list of items our packers need to handle. And the rest is up to us.

        For More Sensitive Items Use a Custom Crating Option

        Another benefit of hiring our team is that we know how to protect highly valuable and sensitive items. If you have a large TV, valuable family heirloom, or pictures that need extra protection, using custom crating is the answer. Just provide us with the measurements of the object in question, and our team will make a custom wooden crate for it. This additional, sturdy crate will ensure that the item stays intact during the relocation process.

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        Our Massachusetts Movers Can Safely Ship Your Car as Well

        Having a car at your disposal is almost mandatory in this day and age. No matter if you want to commute to work, explore the rest of the state, or just use it in case of emergency. That’s why when relocating to MA, you should bring the car with you, and shipping is the easiest way to do so.

        Luckily, our crew can lend you a helping hand with this task because we offer excellent auto shipping service to all of our clients. Additionally, we let our customers pick the trailer and delivery option that fits their needs and budget the most. That’s why you should give us a call when you are ready to ship the four-wheeler. Our agents will walk you through the whole shipping process, ensuring you pick the best options possible.

        There Are Two Types of Trailers to Choose From

        There are around 260 car models currently in the US, and not all of them require the same protection during transportation. Some models are more resilient than others, and some are worth a small fortune. With that in mind, our company offers two types of trailers, each bringing different benefits to the table:

        • Open trailers are the most popular way of transporting vehicles, making them the more affordable type. They are also bigger and can fit more than a few cars, which is ideal for families with multiple vehicles. These haulers are open on all sides exposing cars to different external factors such as wind and the sun. However, our drivers will ensure that your machine arrives at the desired destination safely, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
        • Enclosed trailers are a pricier way of transporting vehicles. They are closed on all sides, giving the car an extra layer of protection, making them perfect for shipping luxurious vehicles. They are also equipped with mechanical ramps that make the loading and unloading process fast and safe. The downside is that they are smaller than open haulers, meaning they cannot fit as many cars.

        We Also Provide The Best Car Pick Up and Delivery Options

        Besides picking the trailer for the car, you can also choose the way it will be picked up and delivered to a new home. Our company offers door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal deliveries. With the first one, as the name suggests, the car will be picked up from your doorstep and delivered to the desired location. While the terminal-to-terminal option means you’ll have to drive the vehicle to and from our nearest outposts. If you are not sure which option will fit your needs the best, give us a call, and we will gladly help you make a decision.

        All of Our Customers Get To Use Storage for 30 Days Without Any Charge

        When relocating from one state to another, there will be a lot of things on your plate. And even with extensive planning, sometimes things just go off the track. If it happens that your new home is not ready, don’t worry, your belongings won’t end up on the streets. You can use our state-of-the-art storage facilities.

        Not only are our storage units constantly monitored, but they are also climatized, meaning that they are ideal for keeping all of your stuff. Furthermore, all of our clients get to use them for the first 30 days without being charged. After that period is done, you can keep on using the unit. Give us a call, and our agents will explain the pricing details.

        There Are Different Moving Insurance Policies at Your Disposal

        The relocation process is long, and no matter how well planned it is, sometimes unpredictable things can happen. Our team is well aware that some things are just out of everybody’s control, and that’s why we put emphasis on moving insurance.

        For starters, all of your belongings will be covered with a mandatory liability policy. With this coverage, you’ll get reimbursed 60 cents for every damaged pound of your belongings. However, we strongly recommend getting an additional Full Value Replacement policy, which can be bought through our company. Keep in mind that Full Value Replacement only covers items packed by our team.

        Additionally, since we ship vehicles, there is also a car insurance policy. The coverage will depend on the type of trailer your machine is transported in. The coverage goes up to $100,000 for open trailers, while for enclosed ones it goes up to $500,000. For more information about the insurance, feel free to give us a call.


        As an Economic and Educational Hub Massachusetts Has Something to Offer to Everyone

        No matter who you are, where you are coming from, you’ll surely feel at home in MA because becoming a Bay Stater comes with a long list of benefits. For starters, MA is home to some of the top-ranked schools in the world, it also has a rich history and a booming economy.

        Career chasers will be happy to know that the state is the hub for startups, innovation, and biotechnology. Multinational companies such as General Electric, Raytheon, and Global Partners are all settled here. Also, you’ll find many Fortune 500 companies, making job hunting easy.

        Furthermore, MA attracts knowledge-hungry people because it is home to world-famous universities such as MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge. If you are interested in pursuing a higher knowledge, settle near some of these universities, and you’ll be able to study whatever your heart desires.

        There Are Many Beautiful Spots You Can Settle In

        Even though MA is the seventh smallest state in the US, it still has plenty of cities you can call home. To make the search easier, check out what some of the most popular places in the state can offer to newcomers:

        • Boston is the capital and most populous city in MA. As a research and educational center, it attracts a lot of career-driven individuals and students. It is also a hot spot for entrepreneurs, counting more than 5,000 startups. Here you’ll find work no matter the industry. And even with the high cost of living, the salaries are more than enough to cover monthly expenses.
        • Worcester is known for its diversity. More than 22% of the population here is born outside of the US. Besides being highly diverse, the city attracts a youthful crowd because it has eight colleges and universities. On top of that, its old-fashioned vibe makes it a lovely place to call home. So if you are looking for a spot with triple-decker houses and car diners, you can’t go wrong with Worcester.
        • Springfield is in the vicinity of both New York City and Boston. Its location makes it an economic center of Western MA. The main industries here are education, health, and manufacturing. So, if you are striving to climb a career ladder, settling in Springfield would be a dream come true.
        Albany, New York, USA skyline

        Leaving Massachusetts? Our Long Distance Moving Company Can Help You With That

        MA might be a prosperous state, with lovely weather and plenty of entertainment and employment opportunities. However, if you have spent too much time there and you feel the need for a change, moving from Massachusetts will probably be the best solution. Luckily our team can assist you in this process. We can offer you all of our professional services and ensure that the move goes smoothly. All you have to do is give us a call, ask for a free estimate, and book the move. The rest is up to our crew.

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