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        Manhattan Movers

        If you are about to move to one of the best places in New York, you will need to find the most reputable out of many Manhattan moving companies – that’s us. We can provide you with skillful and efficient Manhattan movers who will make your long-distance move a pleasant and straightforward experience – contact us for a free quote and move with style.

        Professional Moving Services From Our Manhattan Movers

        Where to find a Manhattan moving service that will live up to your standards and help you come to NYC stress-free? Luckily, the solution is simple – all you have to do is hire our long-distance relocation company, and you can be sure that your arrival in the city will be a happy time in your life. Our services can vouch for that.

        Outstanding Manhattan Moving Services Are What We Do Best

        Our company has such an outstanding reputation because we have carefully selected the team of the best cross-country movers in New York City. They are up to every relocation task and handle the usual issues. Every mover in Manhattan that works for us is well-trained and knowledgeable – you won’t have to worry about any damage to your items. In addition to the perfect service, we can proudly say that our prices are more than affordable for the outstanding work we do – check out our quote and see for yourself.

        Packing Assistance for the Perfect Long-Distance Moving Experience

        Once you decide to come to New York, you will face one complex issue – how to pack everything you own. Should you waste your time trying to do it yourself or hire experienced packers and long-distance movers to do it for you? Obviously, booking packing services is a better solution – our team will do the most professional job possible, and you will save yourself plenty of time and energy. Skip the packing, and come to NYC relaxed and well-rested – we’ll take care of everything.

        Our Packers and Movers in Manhattan, NY Are Skilled and Experienced

        As a part of our relocation services, you will get a standard packing service. That means our movers will handle items too large to fit into a box – furniture, for example. They will disassemble it, wrap it carefully, and assemble it in your new home in NYC. If you are worried about shipping fragile items across the country, there’s no reason to stress out – our movers are trained to handle delicate objects. Depending on how many boxes you want us to pack, we can offer you partial or full packing service – partial means that we will pack up to 15 boxes, and full means that we can pack as many boxes as you like.

        Car Shipping – An Unavoidable Part of Cross-Country Moving

        If you were wondering how to transport your car such a long way to NYC, wonder no more – we offer an excellent auto transport service. Your vehicle can arrive in the city in one of two carriers – open or enclosed. An open trailer is less expensive but also provides less protection from road debris and weather conditions. The enclosed carrier is primarily used for shipping luxury vehicles.

        We offer a door-to-door delivery option, which means that we can drop off your car right in front of your NY home to save your time. If you prefer the old-fashioned way, there is also a terminal-to-terminal option, which means you will have to wander through the city looking for the terminal. Why not skip that task if you can? Check the free quote and book our car shipping services.

        Excellent Storage Services Our Long-Distance Moving Company Offers

        If you’re not good at decluttering, the chances are that you’ll need storage services to help keep your boxes or furniture safe until you figure out what to do with them. Where to find a quality storage unit? Of course, we have it – contact us, and we will provide you with an excellent storage facility, designed specifically for storing items for more extended periods – temperature and humidity-controlled, obviously.

        If you’re wondering about the quote, don’t worry about it – the first 30 days of using our storage are entirely free. Yes, that’s right – you won’t have to pay a cent for your storage unit. After those 30 days, you can continue using the facility for the standard fee or have us move out your items to another destination (no retroactive payment, of course).

        Moving Insurance Policies We Offer to Our Customers

        No matter which city you’re about to move to, you need proper relocation insurance, and as always – we are here to help you with everything. When you move with us, there is mandatory liability coverage that covers every item moved by us, and the policy is 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

        We also have an option of full value replacement at an additional cost, which can be applied only to belongings packed by our team – there has to be a detailed list of everything that was packed and insured.  If you have a precious item or two, we can insure that separately and provide custom crating to ensure the safety of said object.

        There is also a policy for vehicles we ship. It is $100,000 for those moved by an open trailer and $500,000 for those shipped in an enclosed carrier. The policy applies only to external damages during shipment.


        Manhattan - The Heart of New York City

        With about 1,600,000 residents, this part of the Big Apple is one of the most amazing places in the whole country. It’s an exciting urban area with plenty of career opportunities – liberal and diverse, Manhattan is home to many young professionals. It’s the embodiment of the American dream, and as such, it draws countless people from all over the world. There’s never a dull moment here – you’ll always move at a quick pace and push your limits. If there was ever a place to grow and improve as a person, this would be it – you won’t regret coming here.

        The Real Estate Market in This Part of NYC

        Considering the popularity and the allure of this NYC area, it’s no wonder that the prices can be a bit high. Most residents rent their homes (75%), and the median rent is $1,740. If you decide to buy a property here, be prepared for the median home value of $1.4 million  (according to It’s definitely higher than the national median home value ($353,000), but that’s a small price to pay for living in the heart of NY and the whole country.

        Relocating Out of New York? Contact Our Company for Help

        If you’re looking for moving companies in Manhattan to assist you with relocating out of The Big Apple, we can do that as well. Contact us for a free quote, and book our experienced and well-trained crew to relocate everything from your household inventory list anywhere in the country – we operate nationwide. With us, relocating is straightforward. Don’t waste time, give us a call today and get yourself the relocation you deserve.

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