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        Trico Long Distance Movers is one of the most reputable relocation companies, thanks to our highly experienced and hard-working team. If you’re looking for professionals to help you relocate easily and successfully to this coastal city, you’ll find no better than our Long Beach movers. Cross-country moves frequently get stressful, but our team has all the abilities to make them go smoothly and without a problem. Learn about our services and see it for yourself!

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        Free Guaranteed Quote Policy Separates Trico Long Distance Movers From Others in The Industry

        While other moving companies in Long Beach, CA, usually set their prices based on the weight or size of your items, our companies operate differently. Being transparent was one of our main goals from the beginning, which is why we decided to offer a guaranteed quote to all those who consider getting our long-distance moving services.

        Once you provide us with the information about the belongings you want to relocate to a new home, our expert will calculate the cost. That means you’ll know the exact price of your relocation right from the start. It’s clearly a much better choice than waiting until the relocation day for your items to be weighed and measured. The only way the initial quote will change is if you add some changes to your inventory list – and you can do so until one day before the set date of the move.

        Plenty of Additional Services Are Included in Our Standard Offer

        However, transparency is not the only quality that places us as leaders in the industry. Our relocation team is capable of handling different types of moves and will do it with the utmost professionalism. Don’t trust our words solely – consult any of the reviews left by our previous customers.

        Our cross-country movers demonstrate a high level of organization and professional training, as well as exquisite working ethics – with us, an amazing relocation experience is practically guaranteed. If you wonder Which long-distance movers near me are the best, the answer is pretty obvious.

        When you opt to hire us, here is what you can expect from the basic service:

        • Disassembling the furniture and appliances,
        • Loading the goods into the truck,
        • Transporting belongings to the chosen location,
        • Unloading goods from the truck,
        • Reassembling items,
        • Use of storage facilities for thirty days,
        • Basic relocation insurance.
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        Our Movers in Long Beach, CA, Will Pack Each of Your Items Flawlessly

        As you can see, packing furniture and other large belongings is part of our standard service. However, we recognized that you might want our assistance when it comes to smaller belongings, as well, which is why our company provides packing services. Our professional packers know all the ins and outs of the boxing up process and are more than capable of protecting your items the best way. As a bonus, you won’t have to think about all the required supplies – our team will be responsible for it as well.

        If you’re particularly worried about the safety of some belongings, keep in mind that we can provide wooden crating specially designed for them. Contact us, provide us with the measurements, and put all of your worries to rest.

        With Partial and Full Packing Services, You Decide Which of Your Belongings We Pack

        When getting our packaging service, you’ll be able to pick between partial and full packing, depending on what items you want our team to pack. It’s perfectly reasonable that you need our assistance only with some of the most challenging goods, while other, easier ones you want to pack yourself. If that’s the case, know that you won’t have to get full service – packaging up to 15 boxes we consider partial service and charge accordingly.

        However, if you don’t have any experience boxing up and don’t want to test your luck now, note that we can protect all of your household goods – and do it carefully and efficiently. They will be completely safe in the truck on the road to your new home.


        Your Vehicle Will Be Transported Safely and Quickly with Car Shipping Services Trico Long Distance Movers Provide

        If you opt to relocate your vehicle, you won’t have to endure hours upon hours of driving to achieve it. Our company offers a much easier and, more importantly, safer alternative both for you and your car – professional auto transport.

        Our drivers have years of experience with car shipping and will take care of your vehicle without a fault – numerous positive reviews prove that. An additional (but important) benefit is a significant discount you can get if you hire our long-distance moving company for both relocation and auto transport services.

        Different Types of Carriers Can Transport Your Vehicle to This Part of California

        Depending on your financial possibilities, the number of vehicles you want to be transported, and the required level of protection, with our company, you can opt for:

        • An open carrier – a great choice if you’re looking for a more affordable option, but that is not its only advantage. Open trailers can also fit a larger number of vehicles and usually imply faster transportation. Cars transported in them will be insured with up to $100,000.
        • An enclosed carrier – the main benefit is in the existing roof and walls, which means that your vehicle will be completely protected from damage that can be caused by rain, snow, or road debris. Although more expensive, it’s an excellent choice when you want to maximize the vehicle’s protection. In the case of external damage, your car will be insured with up to half a million dollars – five times more than with an open one.

        Choose Where You Want Your Car to Be Picked Up and Delivered

        Not only will you be able to choose the type of car trailer, but with us, you’ll be presented with different pickup and delivery options. Door-to-door auto transport is costlier but a much-preferred choice for many since you don’t have to jump through the ropes to hand over and retrieve your car. Even if your new home is on a narrow or too busy street, we will find the closest possible location (such as a parking lot) and deliver your vehicle there.

        On the other hand, we also provide terminal-to-terminal car shipping. If you don’t mind setting aside some time for visiting our closest terminals (which we have in many major cities,) it can be a good choice as well – especially if you are looking for a more affordable solution.

        Open trailer on the road

        Whole Month of Free Storage Services - An Icing on the Cake

        We already mention that storage services are part of our standard offer. If you, for any reason, need us to hold onto your belongings for a month or less, we will do it for free. Of course, if you decide to rent a unit for more than a month, you can do it with us, for a set price.

        Some items, such as electronic or wooden furniture, are temperature sensitive, but you don’t even have to worry about it with our climate-controlled units. Also, keep in mind that your items will be supervised constantly, with the help of modern technology and professional guards with years of experience. Last but not least, we developed a barcode tracking system – with it, your belongings have no chance of getting lost. There is no question that all of your items will be safe and secured with our prime-quality storage facilities.

        empty storages

        Secure a Peace of Mind with Our Moving Insurance Options

        Cross-country moving is a lengthy process, which increases the possibility of accidents, even with the prime-quality relocation team – it is why you should check your moving insurance options. As with storage, our basic insurance also comes for free. With Mandatory Liability Coverage, you’re entitled to $0.6 per pound of damaged goods.

        However, for some of your belongings, it may not be enough. If that’s the case, consider our additional insurance option. With Full Value Replacement, in the case of damage, you’ll be either financially compensated in full, or the item will be repaired (replaced). If you’re not sure which option is right for you, ensure to contact our customer service and get the advice you need.


        What Makes This City Such a Desirable Palace for Many?

        LB is a perfect place for those who prefer a coastal lifestyle but want to enjoy all the benefits metropolis such as Los Angeles provides. Often considered a Los Angeles suburb, LB is only a short drive away from downtown LA – even less than 30 minutes. Still, there are plenty of things this city can offer all on its own.

        Everyone, from the young ones to the elderly citizens, will find this place exquisite. Amazing waterfront views, beaches that stretch for miles, and perfect weather all year round are just the beginning. High walkability level, plenty of green surfaces, and developed bike culture combined with access to countless activities are perfect for those who love to spend time outside. Swimming and sunbathing, enjoying water and land sports, fishing, cruising, and whale watching are just a few ways to enjoy your time outdoors.

        Of course, not all things to do in LB are related to the coastline. Keep in mind that this city has a rich cultural scene. Numerous museums and art galleries, marvelous murals and public art pieces, and jazz festivals are bound to leave you in wonder. Younger generations, on the other hand, will be amazed by the nightlife scene LB offers, while plenty of kid-friendly amenities will be favorite places for the families and young ones.

        Is Life in Long Beach Expensive?

        As one of the most amazing places in California, life in this city doesn’t exactly come cheap. PayScale sets the median home price to be around $790,000, while the average rent is estimated at about $2,500. Compared to the national average, it can seem quite a lot.

        However, compared to those in downtown Los Angeles or some other coastal cities, such as Santa Monica, the cost of living in LB seems pretty inexpensive. Moreover, with the Los Angeles job market at its reach and plenty of job opportunities in the city itself, finances shouldn’t be a significant issue after the move.

        Best Places to Settle In after Moving to LB

        Plenty of community events combined with a high diversity makes LB adored by many. With such a magnificent place, it’s not always easy to find a spot that will fit you the best. Here are some of the most notable LB neighborhoods you should consider after the move:

        • Bixby Knolls – best for LA commuters that want excellent access to the coastline,
        • Carson Park – with highly ranked schools, Carson Park is most attractive to those relocating with kids,
        • Naples – an expensive neighborhood, it’s excellent for those seeking an exquisite and unique lifestyle,
        • East Village Arts District – this vibrant neighborhood is perfect for artsy types who want to enjoy numerous murals, unique shops, and independent businesses,
        • Belmont Shore – young professionals who love the shore will love the amenities this neighborhood offers.
        Long Beach High Rise

        Our Long Beach Movers Can Help You Leave California, as Well

        If you have a strong case of wanderlust or just want to find a home somewhere else, our team will be happy to assist. Since Trico Long Distance Movers operate nationwide, we can help you get both in and out of the LB. When you want a successful move secured, there is no one better than our team for the job – no matter the direction you have in mind. All you have to do is contact us, get a quote, and book your move on time!

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