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There aren’t many communities like Lakewood in the US. This unique, post-war town made headlines when it was first constructed, and now, it’s one of the most desirable places to live in. Learn more about this stunning community and how you can hire our Lakewood movers to reach it and start a new life.



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        Moving Services by Our Lakewood Movers Will Make You Happy You Chose Us

        If you look up long-distance movers near me when you look for movers to Lakewood, CA, look no further than our company. At Trico Long-Distance Movers, we found the perfect formula to make every client happy. The numerous reviews and experiences have taught us that making progress with every move is essential.

        Over the years, our cross-country relocation services have become more inclusive and affordable, thanks to our customers and their requests. With us, you can get some essential relocation solutions for free and additional options to personalize your move and make it easier.

        The services you can get for free from us are:

        • Furniture and appliances packing and unpacking,
        • Assembling and dismantling large furniture,
        • Truck transportation, loading, and unloading,
        • Storage for thirty days,
        • Mandatory insurance coverage for all items.

        You can contact us via our website or phone for the basic relocation package or submit a form to get a free quote. When you call our customer representatives, they’ll help you determine the best package and relocation costs.

        The costs will be based on your household inventory list, which can be altered until relocation day, but you’ll have to let our workers know. They’ll adjust the costs and recommend other options wherever possible or necessary.

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        Our Crew Understands the Assignment of Superb Packing Services

        Our long-distance moving company workers are trained to provide professional packing services. They can handle furniture of any caliber and recommend suitable packaging solutions for delicate and valuable items. The truck will be loaded properly and transported to CA in no time.

        Most importantly, besides the essential packing service, we offer options that can complete your move and make it easier. They are full and partial packaging options that ensure your belongings are adequately packed and ready for shipping.

        Full and Partial Packing Are the Best for Moving Across the Country

        The two packaging options give each customer the freedom to choose between convenience and budget, although both were designed to consider these two vital aspects.

        The partial packaging solution will have our crew pack up to 15 boxes for you. You can work out the rest of your belongings alone and decide where and how you want to transport them. On the other hand, if you’re not interested in handling stuff around the house or are, for any reason, worried you may not be able to pack it well, we offer the full packaging option.

        The full packaging solution entails our team handling more than just 15 boxes of belongings. They can pack and take care of all your stuff, so you don’t have to worry about it. Contact our customer service to get more information on these packaging options, as they may depend on your household inventory list – they’ll help you with every detail of this offer.

        Get Custom Crating, and Your Valuables Will Reach California Peacefully

        We’ve learned nothing is more important to a client than valuable and priceless items. It’s something they carry close to their heart and don’t want to see neglected and carelessly loaded into a moving truck.

        You’ll be more than happy to hear we dislike that, too. Our goal is to transport every single thing safely and adequately. That’s why we introduced a custom crating service for your most precious belongings.

        Our professional crew will take the fragile and expensive items and wrap them carefully into a customized wooden box to protect them during the cross-country transportation.


        Our Company Has a Car Shipping Service, so You Can Drive Around Lakewood's Many Boulevards

        We’re not a company that only dabbles in relocation – we offer a professional auto transport service, too. It felt incomplete to help people move without considering an essential aspect of their household – their car.

        We have carriers that can haul your vehicle (or vehicles) to any destination in the US and pride ourselves on having garage-fulls of safe and reliable trucks. You can also customize your car shipping experience by choosing different pickup, delivery, and transport modes – it’s up to you.

        When you go to our website, you’ll see a form for a free quote on auto shipping, or you can simply get a quote for both services and save yourself a ton of money in the process.

        We Ship Vehicles With Two Types of Services – Open and Enclosed Trailers

        Not many companies can brag about having exceptional transportation options as we can. We’ve made it our job and mission to have the best trailers and trucks available and give each customer a chance to choose between them. In our arsenal, we have open and enclosed trailers. Both can carry multiple vehicles and, just like with packaging, offer a balance between convenience and budget.

        Open trailers don’t have covers, which can expose vehicles to some elements over the time it takes to reach the destination. Other than that, you can rest assured your vehicle will stay safe, and just in case, we’ve made sure there’s car insurance of up to $100,000 in external damage for these trailers.

        Enclosed trailers have covers and fully protect vehicles during travel time. This trailer will keep them safe from damage, but the best stuff sometimes requires more money. Your wallet might take a hit, but your car won’t. In this situation, cars are insured for external damage of up to $500,000.

        Choose Between Our Company’s Terminal and Door-to-Door Pickup and Delivery

        After you pick a trailer that will transport your car, you can also choose where it should pick up and deliver it. You can also select one of two options – door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery.

        The door-to-door option is more convenient, as it simply picks up and delivers your car right at your doorstep. You don’t have to make any effort or take the precious time of your day to drive. The only way you might have a bit of a job to do would be if your street wasn’t accessible by truck. Then, we’d do the exchange at the nearest accessible road or street.

        On the other hand, you can go for the terminal pickup and delivery. This option may take some time out of your day, but it’ll be more affordable, and you’ll avoid any potential access issues. We have terminals in every bigger city, so choosing this option will be equally convenient.

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        No Long-Distance Moving Services Are Complete Without Storage

        The best way to keep your belongings safe during the transition between moving out and settling in is by placing them in storage. We offer a storage service with modern, technologically equipped, constantly monitored facilities designed to keep your belongings intact.

        We advise you to take advantage of this option because it’s free for thirty days. It’s a great opportunity to get what you’ve paid for even after the move is done. If you need to use the storage facilities for longer than thirty days, you can.

        Just contact our customer representatives and let them know about it. The benefit of extending your storage time is that you’ll get a quote for daily extensions – meaning you don’t have to wait for another month if that’s not necessary.


        Moving Insurance Is a Part of All Our Cross-Country Moving Services

        Another free and brilliant relocation solution is our relocation insurance. We’ve seen a lot over the years and realized that, no matter how meticulous our workers are, accidents sometimes happen and can’t be rationally explained.

        We’ve figured out a great way to avoid problems and keep our customers happy by offering mandatory liability coverage of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. This insurance applies to all packed items.

        If the essential liability coverage doesn’t seem to be enough, we have the option of Full Value Replacement Insurance. This policy can cover items packed only by our crew and protect them for their total value. This insurance is perfect for your custom crated items and valuables.

        Whatever you need out of your move, we most likely have it. From free and affordable solutions to the highest quality services. The one thing you should expect from all of them is high-quality safety and protection. Call our customer representatives and don’t wait any longer.

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        Moving to Lakewood, CA? The Great Outdoors Await for Your Arrival

        The story of how Lakewood came to be started with breaking some records. It was one of the first Californian post-war communities that offered veterans discounts on housing loans, and in only three years, around 17,000 homes sprouted on this territory. Statistics claim that a new house was built approximately every seven and a half minutes.

        It’s located in Los Angeles County and was planned to avoid the issues LA typically encountered – with boulevards and streets to allow for smooth traffic and enough natural landscape to keep the air clean. The fact many might find appealing is the fact that Lakewood is home to numerous highly ranked schools.

        The city has an organized Meals on Wheels program and numerous other volunteering activities. They have events and things to do all year round, so don’t worry about entertaining yourself – there’s something for everyone in this incredible community.

        Here are more numbers that make this city interesting:

        • Around 36,000 trees are lining the streets and boulevards,
        • It has around 150 miles of streets and 300 miles of sidewalks,
        • 150 acres of the city are dedicated to natural landscapes and open spaces like parks,
        • There are about 79,000 residents,
        • Almost 3,000 businesses are stationed here,
        • The unemployment rate is around 10%,
        • 85% of the housing units are single-family homes,
        • 52% of the population is female, according to a 2019 census,
        • The poverty rate is 7% (according to the same 2019 census as above.)

        The Cost of Living in Lakewood, Among the 30,000 Trees

        Considering that most homes are single-family units, most people own houses here. Only a tiny percentage of residents are renters, and statistics claim that people are generally happy with the housing conditions.

        The general area is densely suburban and gives off a pleasant atmosphere. Home prices are pretty close to the California average, around $600,000. Those looking to rent, should keep in mind that the median rent is approximately $2,200.

        If you’re looking for more townhouses or attached units, plenty are readily available for purchase. Their median price was around $480,000 in 2019, lower than the California average.

        The Best-Rated Neighborhoods In the City

        The most desirable locations tend to be the central neighborhoods, but the city has many attractive features. Here are its highest-rated communities:

        • Carson Park – this is a neighborhood suitable for families and outdoor enthusiasts, with relatively affordable housing prices, excellent schools, and lots of parks.
        • Civic Center – this neighborhood is great for young professionals because of its central location. It’s also one of the most diverse areas in the city.
        • Lakewood Country Club – the neighborhood with a country club at its heart, also the greenest surface in the city.
        • Mayfair – this area has the perfect combination of urban and suburban homes, with many schools and opportunities for professionals to hone their business skills.
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        Need Our Cross-Country Movers to Help You Leave Lakewood? We've Got You Covered

        If you desire more and need to get out of a tight-knit community like this, it’s normal to consider relocation. We are a moving company in Lakewood, CA, that can help you move both in and out of here. All you have to do is contact us and tell us where you need to go.

        While the city isn’t small, smaller places can become dull pretty fast if you have extensive interests and hobbies. We won’t question any reason you have for relocating and will support the decision if you decide to do it with us.

        Our crews are professional and skilled in making even the most difficult moves easier. If it becomes challenging, know there’s always a contact form and phone number you can use to make your dreams happen with our long-distance movers.

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