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        Jersey City Movers

        If you’re thinking about relocating to a new place and you wish to live in a fun and diverse place full of beautiful landscapes, JC might be the best fit for you. Be sure to call our Jersey City movers once you decide to move to this amazing place. We’ll make sure to provide you with a convenient, safe, and stress-free relocation.

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        Our Company Will Provide You With the Best Moving Services

        Because we know how demanding and stressful moving can be, we always make sure to provide our clients with the best long-distance moving services. Our standard relocation package offers the service of packing furniture and appliances and disassembling furnishing if needed. We’ll also provide you with transportation, and our long-distance movers will do the loading and unloading job.

        Our movers in Jersey City, NJ, can also help you put together an inventory list of your household items, which will determine the price of our service. This list can be updated whenever you want until the day before your move, and we’ll inform you of the price changes. What makes us more reliable than other moving companies in Jersey City is that our team has extensive experience, and our prices are very affordable without compromising quality.

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        Our Jersey City Movers Will Help You With Packing Your Belongings

        Having to put your entire house inventory into boxes is a long and stressful job, and that is why most people opt for hiring a cross-country moving company in Jersey City, NJ, to help them out. We offer packing services for anyone who lacks experience and knowledge in packing or just doesn’t have time and energy to deal with that process.

        With our service, you can be sure that all of your possessions are going to be properly packed with adequate materials and supplies for protection. We will make sure your boxes are correctly labeled once they’re packed, and that will allow you to find any item you wish to use easily. Unpacking will be so much easier after we prepare and transport your boxes, not to mention we can unload all the boxes in their respective rooms.

        Our Movers Provide Several Options of Packing Services

        Just by relocating with us, you’ll get the standard packing service for free, and it will allow you to secure large items without spending extra money. However, each new client has its own wishes and preferences, and that is why our team makes sure everyone gets exactly what they need. That’s why our company provides several options for our clients to choose from.

        Our partial packing service is perfect for people that have already done most of the boxing up and don’t need more than fifteen boxes from us. If you have certain fragile items you’re not sure how to pack or furniture you don’t want to get damaged, this package is great for you, and we’ll box them up efficiently. For those who are relocating at the last minute and need everything from their house to be packed in a hurry, we offer full service with an unlimited number of boxes.

        We Can Ensure Additional Protection for Your Most Precious Belongings

        By getting all the previously mentioned services from our long-distance moving company in Jersey, NJ, you can be assured that all of your possessions will be safe and sound. However, sometimes, people feel like they need some extra security during the transportation of their precious items. For these situations, we offer wooden crating.

        Our crates are custom made and are not limited by the size or weight of the item, and you can secure anything you want for your relocation. Usually, people use this type of protection for art pieces, antique items, expensive furnishing, and other valuable things. Whatever question you have about this option, just contact our professionals, and they’ll provide all the answers.

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        We'll Take Care of Shipping Your Car to Your New Home as Well

        People often avoid shipping their vehicle in fear it will cost way too much, and they think it’s an unnecessary expense. That’s why our company can provide you with auto transport service in addition to the package of relocating your home. We’ve made sure to provide our new customers with the ultimate vehicle transportation experience that is both safe and reliable.

        You can also submit a free quote on our webpage and get an insight into the cost of specific car shipments that will surely fit both your preferences and financial capabilities. After the submission, our customer support team will contact you and help you with any additional questions you may have. It’s our job to let you have a say in every part of the transportation process.

        Choose How You Want Your Vehicle to Be Transported

        We offer our customers two types of carries for vehicle transportation. One is an open carrier, and it doesn’t have a cover around it, and the other is enclosed. Because open trailers fit more vehicles, they are more affordable. However, both ways of transportation are super safe, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

        The difference between the two carriers is also in insurance. The open trailers are insured for $100,000 worth-of external damage, while the enclosed ones are insured for a sum of up to $500,000. The chance of your car getting damaged is minimal, but our company believes insurance is vital for anyone that’s relocating.

        Decide Where Do You Want Your Car to Be Delivered

        Our movers can give you two different options for the pickup and delivery of your car. We can deliver it to your door or driveway or a local company terminal. The first option is more convenient, while the second one is cheaper. If you have any questions about a quote or transporting your car, contact our customer service team. They will do their best to create an optimal transportation and delivery experience for an affordable quote.

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        We'll Offer You Our Storage Services Out of Cost for the Entire Month

        One of the advantages of our relocation services is the opportunity to get to use our storage services for free for one entire month. Storage units are an affordable way of dealing with items you don’t have the space for. Our cross-country movers and packers in Jersey City will pack up the items you wish to store and will ensure their safety.

        The storage units are protected by the finest protection system, including video surveillance and guards patrolling the perimeter. You don’t have to worry about losing your belongings since we also use electronic barcode labels that we place onto each piece of furniture to guarantee its ownership and prevent mixing them up with other people’s belongings. There is also an automated system to record check-in and check-out of all the pieces from our units.

        If you wish to extend the usage of our storage services by any chance, you shouldn’t worry about the price. We will provide you with certain discounts and additional offers, so everything stays affordable. If you have any questions or concerns about the storage, freely contact our professionals, and they’ll be more than happy to talk to you.


        Get Moving Insurance to Prevent Any Stress During Your Move

        Our team always makes sure our clients stay relaxed during their long-distance relocation and help them avoid any unnecessary stress. When relocating, certain unpleasant situations can happen, and usually, they are unpredictable and out of our or our client’s control. That’s why when you’re relocating with us, we provide you with the best possible coverage through our moving insurance.

        With our standard relocation package, we provide you with mandatory insurance free of charge. Each customer is provided with a liability package that ensures each and one of your belongings that was packed and transported by our team gets insured at a rate of 60 cents per pound in case it gets damaged, broken, or lost.

        Upgrade Your Standard Protection to Premium Moving Insurance if Needed

        Some of our customers feel as if the mandatory insurance is not enough protection and they wish to upgrade it, which is absolutely fine, and we can provide that as well. If you’re planning to transport objects of great value with us, like artwork, vintage furniture, or some rarities, you can upgrade the basic package to a full value replacement insurance, also known as FVRI.

        With this type of insurance, if anything packed and transported by our team gets damaged, it will be reimbursed in its full monetary value. Keep in mind that you should let us know about upgrading your package at least one day before the move.

        Our team always makes sure our clients stay relaxed during their long-distance relocation and help them avoid any unnecessary stress. When relocating, certain unpleasant situations can happen, and usually, they are unpredictable and out of our or our client’s control. That’s why when you’re relocating with us, we provide you with the best possible coverage through our moving insurance.

        With our standard relocation package, we provide you with mandatory insurance free of charge. Each customer is provided with a liability package that ensures each and one of your belongings that was packed and transported by our team gets insured at a rate of 60 cents per pound in case it gets damaged, broken, or lost.

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        Why Should You Consider Moving to JC, NJ

        JC is a beautiful place to settle in and call your new home. It is not heavily populated but still offers plenty of opportunities for both personal and professional growth. It is the second-largest place in the state, with around 290,000 people living here.

        JC tends to rank quite well in terms of safety and affordability, but it all depends on the neighborhood you choose to live in. There are plenty of historical sites and monuments to see, like Princeton University Chapel and Thomas Edison National Historical Park, that both adults and kids can enjoy. Besides historical attractions, JC also offers you beautiful nature for recreational activities., such as Hamilton Park.

        What Is the Cost of Living in Jersey City?

        JC is quite cheaper than NY, and average living costs are significantly lower than in any NYC neighborhood. The vast majority of citizens are renters, and, according to Payscale, JC’s monthly rent is around $2,500. If you’re interested in buying property, the average home price is $650,000, which is also significantly cheaper when compared to its neighbor.

        Besides the real estate and housing, JC is also more affordable when it comes to food, entertainment, shopping, and transportation which is great if you like budgeting. You should also keep in mind that this town has a lot of opportunities for getting a job since it’s expanding very fast.

        Choose the Right Neighborhood

        Neighborhoods in JC all vary in job opportunities, real estate prices, and diversity. There is a neighborhood for everyone’s preferences and budget, from family-friendly neighborhoods to ones for young people in search of job opportunities and entertainment.

        • Downtown JC is an urban area with charming architecture and lively town life. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, and cool places to hang out at. Hamilton Park is in this area, so it’s great if you have pets that need regular walks.
        • The Heights, Bergen-Lafayette, and Greenville are the perfect fit for you in case you wish to live away from the city’s urban core, as they offer a more suburban lifestyle,
        • Paulus Hook is a short distance from Manhattan, as the borough is just 1 mile away. This makes it a great choice for people who travel there for work.
        Neighborhood in New Jersey

        We Will Also Help You Move Out of JC Whenever You Wish to Do It

        JC is a great place to work and live in, but many people like changes and don’t want to spend too many years in one place and wish to find a new one. If by any chance you decide to move from JC, don’t waste time searching for Jersey City moving companies or “long-distance movers near me,” but immediately contact our team. We will be more than happy to provide you with a safe and sound relocation and solve any problem you may have.

        Relocations are a desirable part of life, and even though the process can be tiring, we’re here to take all the challenging tasks off of your plate. Once you decide it is time to move to a new town, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll save your money and energy.

        Trico Long Distance Movers Jersey City Reviews

        My boyfriend and I got engaged and we were looking for a place for a month now, and ended up deciding to move to another state! So we packed everything and called this company, they answered right away and were so friendly that we stopped worrying! They came for an estimate the next day, and scheduled our move in 2 days! You have no idea how good it feels to finally find home, and get it done so fast, thanks to Trico Long Distance Movers!

        Victoria F.

        cancelled my original movers because I knew them but they did not have time slot available when my move date changed last minute, so I went online and found this company. My experience was so good that I now I’m glad my old moving company was busy. They took an excellent care of my furniture and they were also quick so it looked very easy. Thank you!!!!

        Suzanne R.

        I was packing for two days 24/7 and I was so exhausted that I had no idea how I’ll cape with moving stuff the next day, all body hurt and I had no desire to do anything. When the movers from Trico came, they started moving furniture right away, and all I had to do was just instruct them here and there a bit. It took them few hours to load the truck, and I received everything at my new place in Arizona just in 4 days. Super smooth.

        Ian H.

        Movers from this awesome company did an outstanding job because we had stairs and heavy musical instruments and sofas. Poor movers, I felt bad for them as they had to do multiple trips. Great thing timing isn’t a concern with long distance moves, as I would rather have them be careful then fast. These movers were very professional, they treated my belongings like they were their own. Thanks, Trico!

        Inessa P.

        The help provided by Trico was exceptional. Trico gave my roommate and me a killer deal and emptied our apartment within a couple of hours! They made sure to keep track of whose boxes are whose, and never stopped working until both my friend and I were fully done with our move. We had no confusion with belongings and everything made it safe and sound for both my friend and me. 5 stars well earned guys.

        Russel H


        Affordable and reliable relocation

        Don’t look any further, you found a reliable company that provides affordable long distance moving and auto transport services!

        Barcoded inventory list

        We make a full list of bar coded inventory for your convenience and provide you with a copy.

        Flat price

        We quote you a price depending on the services you choose, and you can be sure there will be no hidden fees or charges.

        Full service moving

        If you don’t want to stress about packing and unpacking, we offer full service door to door moving packages for your convenience. Our experienced team will take care of all your belongings.

        Full customer support

        Our professional customer service representatives are here to support you every step of the moving process. They will make sure to answer all of your questions and update you on the status of your shipment.

        Easy booking

        Whether you fill out a quote form online or give us a call on the phone, your job can be booked in a matter of minutes as long as we have all the info from you.

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