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How to load your vehicle when moving

How to load your vehicle when moving. Are you about to leave your town in a month or two? If so, then it is time to start thinking about the moving company that will do the job in the best possible way.Are you about to leave your town in a month or two? If so, then it is time to start thinking about the moving company that will do the job in the best possible way. Since you haven’t had much experience in this field, we are here to provide you the best solution, and you won’t regret it. Trico Long distance Movers is an expert in all types of long-distance moves. Just contact us to gather some useful tips and schedule your moving date with one of our representatives.

How to load your vehicle when moving

You will leave most of your belongings to be shipped by the movers, but there are still a few things you will take with you and transport in your car. It seems to you that it is not a big deal, but when it comes to loading, you find out you are lack of space and time to reorganize the whole thing. You can’t just squeeze all the bags along with the other passengers, hoping for the best. Have in mind that there is a long trip ahead of you and you want to have your passengers comfortable and your items undamaged. So, here are a few tips to make sure your car is packed right.

List all necessary things you want to have with you

There are some items you don’t want to deliver in the moving truck. Maybe you want to have them right after you enter your new home. It could be a briefcase with all necessary documents, your laptop, things you need for your kid, your pet or yourself along the way. You may need some favorite children’s toys to make him or her comfortable, the first-night box with toiletries, pajamas, beddings, etc.

Sort out the stuff

After you have made a list, select the item that is fragile and requires special attention while packing, the items that can’t break, the things you might need on the road, electronics. Electronics not only need to be wrapped well, but also the must be in a safe, hidden place since they can be stolen in a car park when you are not there.

Distribute heavy items properly

Spreading out the heavy stuff on each side of the car will help you drive smoothly and save the gas consumption. When you see there are too many of them, choose the ones you won’t urgently need and have them shipped by a moving company. You mustn’t overpack your car and cause damage. Think about the weight and consider the option to purchase an overhead luggage carrier. There you can put some fragile stuff and the things you are sure you won’t need during the trip.

Don’t leave empty spaces

To use all the space best, use bags, not boxes for all the items that don’t need a cardboard protection. When you put some bigger boxes next to each other, you will notice that there is some space in the corners, which shouldn’t be left empty for two reasons. First of all, there is always some small bag which must also be taken and some clothes which fit perfectly into a tight space. Secondly, it is smart not to have any space since it protects all the things from moving at all. That way you will prevent any damage. At the end of loading the car, make sure that you can see the rearview and side mirrors since safety comes first and your passengers are comfortable and secure.

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