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        You have decided to relocate to a new city. You decided that the major economic hub of the United States, Houston, would be the best place to live in. Before you begin organizing your move and deciding what you should pack, you must hire the best Houston movers. We can help you make the right decision so that the whole process goes smoothly and efficiently.

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        Don't Hesitate to Call Trico Long Distance Movers, The Company Known For Its Great Moving Services

        What you need to know about relocation is that the process itself comes with a lot of stress and anxiety. You can quickly lose track of your belongings or end up with damaged items. As a customer, you want to make sure you leave your things in capable hands. When moving to Space City, consider hiring professional cross-country movers, so don’t hesitate to contact our company – Trico Long Distance Movers. We care about our customers and offer great services.

        If you consider using our long-distance moving services, you must know that a team of professional and experienced movers will be in charge of the move. We have extensive expertise in handling moves of various sizes. You won’t have to stress out over supplies, the transportation of your vehicle, or the safety of your belongings. We can ensure that the relocation will be as smooth as possible.

        What is more, with us, you will always know how to budget and what costs await you in advance. What you can do is draw up an inventory list. Then, reach out to our customer service representatives and request a free quote. The price of the move will depend on your inventory list. If you get second thoughts about the list before the move, don’t worry. You can make changes up until one day before your relocation day. Bear in mind that the quote changes if you add or take out items from your list.

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        Our Houston Movers Will Give You a Chance to Choose Between Several Packing Options

        Boxing up your entire house might seem tedious and physically exhausting. You might get overwhelmed by the number of things you have to label and decide how to pack. Professional packers will know how to handle your belongings appropriately. What is great about our movers in Houston is that they will bring all the materials and supplies needed for boxing everything up properly. You’ll be able to save money as well as precious time.

        If you opt for the standard packing service, you won’t have to pay extra fees. This option is free because you chose Trico Long Distance Movers. We will provide the most necessary materials and supplies. We can pack furniture, all the house appliances, and electronics. If you need something bulky and big transported, we got you covered. We will help you by disassembling and assembling all the belongings that cannot be put in a regular-sized box. We will load them into a truck without any problems.

        Our Moving Company Lets You Choose Between Full and Partial Packing Services

        If you are relocating on a budget or want to move only specific things from your office, you can request a partial packing service. This option is great for customers who want to box up their items on their own, but they have to leave only specific items for the packers. If you select this option, the service covers up to fifteen boxes.

        However, if you need your whole house boxed up or you require more than fifteen boxes for your belongings, the best choice would be to request full packing service. Our professional team will manage to pack everything in record time if you are also relocating in a hurry. You don’t have to worry about your belongings being mishandled since the packers will also bring supplies such as bubble wrap, boxes, and duct tape.

        Additional Packing Services Are Available for Cross-Country Moving to Houston

        In case you own any expensive artwork, sculptures, or video equipment, you will definitely want to secure your belongings by requesting the wooden crating option. Your items will stay safe inside a crate that would be made specifically for your needs. The only thing you will be required to do is tell us the dimensions, weight, and characteristics of the item. We will make sure your expensive and fragile belongings stay protected during the move by adding materials inside the crate that will prevent anything from moving or floating around.

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        We Can Offer You Vehicle Transportation Services

        This option can be requested separately. If you are relocating to one of the largest metropolitan areas in the USA, you will need to have your car. If you are thinking about driving long distances, you must ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Still, it is far safer for you to let us transport your car for you. You can leave your car to our capable drivers who will make sure you get your car in no time.

        If you choose auto transport, you should reach out to our agents and provide more information about your vehicle. We will have to know the weight, length and the number of the cars you want shipped. The details about the car will dictate the price.

        Several Transportation Options Are Available

        The first option is to have your car transported in open trailers. The advantage to choosing this option is that you can transport more vehicles this way. If your family owns two or more cars, this option is more affordable. The only drawback is that the vehicle will be exposed to dust and weather during the move. We use multi-hauler carriers that have enough space for up to ten vehicles.

        In case you have an invaluable vehicle and you want to ensure it stays protected at all times, you can have it transported in an enclosed trailer. There is no need to worry about your fragile or expensive four-wheeler because it will be shipped in an enclosed carrier that will protect it from any unexpected weather conditions. If you are interested in more details about vehicle shipping, contact our helpful team of representatives. We want to inform you that during the whole process of auto transportation, your vehicles will have insurance. We offer insurance of up to 100,000 dollars for those cars transported on an open carrier, and up to half a million dollars for cars that have been transported on an enclosed carrier.

        You Can Also Choose Different Pick-Up and Delivery Options From Our Movers

        There are two options that are available for pick up and delivery of your car. If you choose door-to-door delivery you will get your car picked up from the location of your choosing and delivered to the destination you have also requested. On the other hand, terminal-to-terminal delivery differs in some aspects from the first option. In case the truck cannot access your location, or you simply don’t want such service, you can make an arrangement with the house movers in Houston and leave a car at a designated place and pick it up the same way in Space City.

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        If You Want to Move Out Slowly, We Will Provide You With a Storage Unit

        It’s quite easy to contact the finest long-distance movers near me and book your relocation. But when you realize you might have more stuff than you can fit in your new home, you’ll require available storage units. With our storage service, you will be able to leave your belongings in storage facilities for up to 30 days for free. That is not all – these storage units are climate-controlled as well as monitored. It is a great solution if you need your belongings protected for a period of time.


        Your Items Will Be Safe With Us, Since We Offer a Relocation Insurance

        It is of utmost importance that your items stay intact during transportation. We want you to rest assured that your belongings are safe and well-protected with us. However, in case of accidents or terrible weather conditions, some things might get damaged. That is why we have prepared moving insurance for our customers.

        The first option is mandatory liability coverage – a standard type of insurance you get for free. What you will get is 60 cents per pound for anything that gets damaged. You can also opt for Full Value Replacement. If you are adamant about keeping your items protected, we recommend this type of insurance. FVRI covers only things packed by our team.


        What Can You Expect When You Move to Houston, TX

        This is the city of diversity and beauty. It is the fifth-largest city in the US and the most densely populated metropolitan area. Well over 7 million people live and work in the so-called Big Heart. Here, you can expect to find one of the most beautiful green spaces, museums, theaters, stadiums, and the space center. The city has become home for people born outside of the United States, too. It is estimated that over 1 million people came from other countries and settled in H-town. Everyone has a special nickname for this city in the southeast of Texas. Among the most commonly used are The Big Heart, Space City, Bayou City, and H-town.

        The Big Heart is an energy capital of the world with a strong economy. It is also considered to be a major economic hub for oil. If you have recently graduated or you’re seeking employment, you can find an opportunity right here, because this city is number one in job creation. In case you want to touch a rock from the moon, the Space Center can make that possible. This science museum is a great educational center where you can learn everything about the NASA Johnson Space Center. If you love the outdoors, H-town’s got you covered. It hosts more parks than New York. From Hermann Park to George Bush Park – here you can find numerous playgrounds, lakes, and gardens.

        What Living Costs Await You in Bayou City

        Living in the largest city in Texas is considered to be inexpensive when compared to cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Actually, living in this city is less expensive than the national average. With its strong economy and secure job market, the impact of the pandemic was not great in this Texas city. If you have to pay rent, for a one-bedroom apartment you will need up to 1,000 dollars per month. For bigger apartments, you might need 1,200 dollars a month. If you are looking to buy a home, you’ll be surprised to find out that there has been a drop in real estate prices – the average price for a house is 400,000 dollars. For transportation, you’ll be expected to pay up to 5,000 dollars per year as a single adult. Household utilities which include phone bills, internet, cable, water, heating, and garbage should amount to 150 dollars per month. There are some additional costs you can expect during the summer. Summers in Texas can get pretty hot, so you will have to pay more for air conditioning.

        There are Numerous Neighborhoods You Can Choose to Live In

        What you might not know is that neighborhoods in Space CIty are referred to as wards. There are several wards that offer unique housing costs and educational opportunities. Some of these are:

        • Clear Lake – This is an excellent place of residency. It is near the seaside, so you’ll be able to participate in different water activities. It is the home to the Space Center and offers educational opportunities. It is considered to be the second-best neighborhood in H-town.
        • Kingwood area – It is referred to as “Livable Forest,” which hints at being heavily forested and suburban. What is interesting about the Kingwood area is that 90% of children living here choose to go to universities. There are a lot of public and private schools as well as public libraries so it is an outstanding place for families to live in.
        • Neartown – Montrose – It is located in Harris county and considered one of the best places to live in Texas. Here you will find a lot of restaurants, museums, coffee shops, and parks. Young people choose to live here because of job opportunities and the urban feel it provides.
        • Bellaire – This neighborhood offers an atmosphere of a small town. You can find comfort and tranquility in Bellaire. It is close to Galleria, Downtown, and the Texas Medical Center. Some of the best schools in Space City are located right here.
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        If You Require Moving Services From Houston, TX, We Are at Your Disposal

        The hustle and bustle of H-town might be ideal for you for now. But if you need to relocate out of Space City, all you need to do is contact us. Trico Long Distance Movers can provide you with the best moving services in Houston, so you won’t have to worry whether the move will be performed properly. Pick up your phone and contact our call center agents so you can book your relocation right away. Our crew will be happy to box up your belongings and move you to a new location.

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