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Many people dream about living in the Golden State, and thus many of them pack bags to move there and experience the laid-back life first-hand. But before you throw the sunglasses and shorts into a box, make sure you contact the best California movers money can buy. Trico Long Distance Movers is your finest pick among the moving companies in California, and we’ll ensure a safe and stressless transition.



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        There Are Many California Moving Companies, but Be Sure to Pick the Right One

        Sure, when you google long-distance movers near me, you’ll get overwhelmed by the number of choices the internet provides you with. But it’s quite easy to pick us out from the crowd – we are backed up by experience, and our reviews are stellar. No matter how many details you have to take care of or tasks to handle, our team is there to ensure your cross-country moving to one of California’s cities is smooth and effortless.

        Our California Moving Services Are Impeccable

        If you decide to invest in our unparalleled long-distance moving services, you’re in for a smooth ride. Although long-distance moving is often packed with high stress levels, because of its difficulty and complexity, our long-distance movers can take a lot of it off your plate. If you contact us, we will provide you with a free quote, however complex you believe your move is.

        Relocations are not only complicated, but they tend to be pricey, too. However, you’ll get full transparency with us, as we always base our quote on your inventory. You provide us with a thorough list of items you want us to transport, and we will give you our price. If you change your mind about something you didn’t include in the list, or you want to leave some of those possessions behind, your inventory can easily be updated. You may do so until one workday before you’re set to move out.

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        Let Our Long-Distance Moving Company Handle the Dreaded Packing

        Relocations that spread across several states always imply boxing up everything you own. It’s a lot of hard work, no matter if you’re relocating on your own or you have a family. But our basic quote includes several handy and convenient solutions that will make you give out a sigh of relief.

        At no additional charge, our trained team will handle all your bulky belongings and wrap them up for the road. Do you have any large pieces of furniture? No problem, our crew will disassemble it and ensure it’s safely protected for transport. They will also reassemble each piece once it arrives at your new address. Loading and unloading are also included in the quote, as well as handling appliances that couldn’t fit inside a standard package.

        Our Cross Country Movers in California Will Provide Partial and Full Packing Solutions

        Bulky objects are covered by our initial pricing, but if you’re in need of additional packing services, we can provide you with qualified assistance. Each member of our team is vetted in tackling any type of item, and we can pack up to 15 boxes as our partial packing service. If you want our team to handle more items than that or even pack your whole household, we’ve got you covered with our full packing service.

        If You Have Something of Great Value, It’s Best to Choose Custom Crating

        Some of our customers get worried about their more precious or valuable stuff. So if you own framed artwork and photos, large mirrors, musical instruments, or perhaps expensive electronics, our custom crating will give you much-needed peace of mind. We will measure everything up and create custom-made wooden boxes in which these items will fit perfectly and get ultimate protection.

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        Send Your Vehicle via Our Modern Auto Transport Solutions

        Many of our customers love their four-wheelers and don’t consider them simply a tool to get around with. They wouldn’t give them up just to anybody, but only to highly trained drivers. If you’re worried about your car, you can relax with our state-of-the-art auto transport services. Whichever type of transport you choose, your vehicle will be safely and punctually transported to any part of the country.

        Our Company Has Trailers Which Are Suitable for Any Type of Cars

        Our auto transport consists of different solutions for your vehicle. You can choose between two types of transport – an open trailer or an enclosed one. The first is a more affordable option with which your car will be shipped on a carrier that’s open from all sides. However, it doesn’t mean it’s not safe, only that it is exposed to the environment and different weather conditions.

        Enclosed carriers offer perfect and complete protection to the vehicles, but since they can carry only up to five cars, it’s the pricier option. It’s usually chosen for more expensive vehicles or for colder weather conditions.

        Trico Is a Company That Will Provide You With Pickup and Delivery Suitable for Your Needs

        We also offer two different types of pick up and delivery, and you can choose the one that’s not only more convenient for you but also more suitable for your budget. If you want to save up on your expenses and also choose a pickup and delivery time that better fits your schedule, you can choose the terminal-to-terminal option. You can hand over and later take your car from the designated locations we have in many cities across the country.

        Or you can choose the largely popular, although pricier, solution – the door-to-door delivery. It’s a handy service offered by our company because you won’t have to leave your residence. Instead, our crew will pick up the car from your doorstep. It will later be delivered in the same manner – at your new address.

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        Our Secure Storage Units Always Come in Handy

        Our customers love the fact that relocating with us implies you get to use our storage service completely free of charge, for 30 consecutive days. A month is more than enough time to get settled and get your new place ready in time, so when the stuff from storage arrives, it will be easily unpacked.

        Our storage units are kept under tight security, and climate and humidity are perfectly adjusted to preserve any type of items we leave there. The camera surveillance system works 24/7, and the perimeter is regularly checked by the team working for our company. We use a barcode system and label each package to avoid any mixups in the storage. You may also continue to use the unit for as long as you need it, and the price beyond the initial month is calculated daily.


        Our Relocation Insurance Will Have Your Possessions Covered

        Like in any other line of work, mishaps may occur, but our basic moving insurance will cover each object we handle. Called mandatory liability coverage, it will compensate a part of the damaged object’s value – 60 cents per pound. As for any possessions you deem valuable to you, we encourage you to take an additional precaution by buying a policy called Full Value Replacement. It’s eligible only for those belongings that our movers have placed in boxes and packed and which appear on the inventory list.

        As for your vehicle, we’ve got you covered in case there are any negative occurrences. If there’s any damage on the exterior of your car that was shipped on an open trailer, you will get reimbursed up to $100,000. For damage that occurred on enclosed trailers, our customers can expect to get reimbursed up to $500,000.


        Welcome to California, the Golden State of the US

        The official nickname of this state traces back to the discovery of gold, along with the fact that each spring brings fields covered in poppies throughout it. It’s America’s most populous state, with an exceptionally diverse geography. Nature lovers can find everything here because it’s home to a desert, redwood forests, mountains, and the Pacific Coast.

        It’s most famous for its laid-back lifestyle, full of sun, surfing and pristine beaches, with near-perfect weather. Besides natural beauty, the cities hold the main percentage of California’s appeal, offering cultural attractions, world-class eateries, and diverse neighborhoods.

        Get Informed on California’s Economy From All Sides – The Costs and Opportunities

        Before you realize how expensive it is to live in most of California’s cities, you should understand a thing or two about its economy. First of all, it is the world’s biggest sub-national economy. Secondly, if it were a country, its economy would be fifth globally.

        If we’re sticking to numbers, it’s worth mentioning that the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Los Angeles area are in the top three largest urban economies in the US, right after the New York metropolitan area. Five of the world’s ten biggest companies by market capitalization are located right here.

        While some parts of the state can be milder to your budget, with the overall cost of living being only around 5% higher than the nation’s average, some cities are up to 100% more expensive. This is mostly due to the housing prices. According to Zillow, the value of a typical home in this state is around $735,000. But since California’s home to Silicon Valley, nowhere else will you find the same amount of opportunities in the tech industry, start-ups, and entertainment.

        Knowing the State Means Getting Acquainted With Its Cities

        California’s home to some of the globally most famous urban destinations, each offering its own package of attractions, natural beauty, and business opportunities. Here are the state’s most notable cities:

        • We’ll start the list with the second-most populous city in the US, right after New York City – Los Angeles. The city itself has more than three million people, while more than ten million people call its metropolitan area home. Most of the city will look like an urban jungle to a newcomer’s eye, but besides its urban core in the downtown area, it has suburban parts as well. The one thing that will always remind you that you’re in SoCal is the streets lined with palm trees and bathed in the warm sunshine. It’s a glamorous place to be, with world-famous entertainment spots, with miles of sandy beaches for people who love soaking up the sun.
        • San Francisco is distinctively different from other places in the state, especially for its neighborhoods which emanate a sense of European style. Having less than one million residents, it isn’t lacking in the cosmopolitan feel or attractions. It has a charmingly picturesque setting which you can enjoy while riding in the cable cars installed on its steep streets. One of the best neighborhoods is the hip and stylish Nob Hill, but many other parts of the city have something to offer. Victorian houses, chic cafes, and trendy restaurants make up a vibrant blend all around the place.
        • When you say outdoorsy, you will probably think about San Diego – and you won’t be mistaken. The city’s warm and sunny weather combined with pristine sandy beaches is calling future residents and visitors to chill, soak in the sunshine and enjoy outdoor activities. It’s the perfect spot for families, too, as some of the children’s attractions are ranking pretty high. This includes the Balboa Park and the famous San Diego Zoo. The most notable neighborhood is the Gaslamp Quarter National Historic District, with beautiful homes, shopping opportunities, great restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

        Some consider at least one of the mentioned cities their dream destination and a place they would like to spend their lives in, but there are many other perfect spots in the state, too.

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        Trico Long Distance Movers Has Professional California Movers That Can Move You Out of the Golden State, Too

        Living in California, enjoying the sun, and working in one of the many tech companies sounds dreamy to many. But even if you require a complete change of scenery and want to continue your life in a different environment, we are a company that’s got your back. Trico Long Distance Movers is one of the best moving companies California has to offer that can move you anywhere in the country. Contact us, and we’ll be of utmost help and bring our experience to your move to make it as smooth as possible. Storage, packing furniture or any other item, and shipping your four-wheeler – you name it, we’ll cover it, professionally and efficiently.

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