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Looking for a long distance moving company?

At Trico Long Distance Movers, we make your move to or from Austin painless.

Start by getting a moving quote!

At Trico Long Distance Movers, we make your move to or from Austin painless.

Start by getting a moving quote!

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Austin Reviews

  • 5 star ratingGreat moving company! Worked with a guy all the way up to delivery day. He arranged my quote, even with me changing things up several times. He was patient and understanding of our situation every time I called. They had... read more

    Geri L. Avatar
    Geri L.

    5 star ratingSo. Moving across the country can be stress inducing, so say the least. And you'll see from my previous review that this particular move was not going as planned.

    I'm not sure who contacted who, but the day after Trico...
    read more

    Sarah A. Avatar
    Sarah A.

    5 star ratingWhere do I begin?

    I guess I should first make clear that I am absolutely satisfied with the service provided by Trico Long Distance Movers. The whole thing couldn't have gone any better. These people are absolute professionals and I...
    read more

    S Michael S. Avatar
    S Michael S.
  • 5 star ratingWhen I decided to move from Austin to Boston, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Having just graduated from University of Texas, I was convinced I could do anything, and that moving was the easiest thing... read more

    Abo T. Avatar
    Abo T.

    5 star ratingI was born and grew up in LA. I went to school there, and I attended college there. I got my first job in the city. However, having recently graduated, I realized I really needed a change of scenery. That... read more

    Amanda G. Avatar
    Amanda G.

    5 star ratingSearched everywhere for an affordable place to help me move some belongings back to school. At first everything I came across was too expensive, considering that I'm a college student and have a budget. Until I ran into Trico. These... read more

    Eduardo E. Avatar
    Eduardo E.
  • 5 star ratingI found a beautiful home in the isolated part of Albuquerque , New Mexico. It was exactly what I was looking for, I just really wanted to get out of the big city life and move towards a more wilderness... read more

    Andrey P. Avatar
    Andrey P.

    5 star ratingWe received the reference from these guys from an old college buddy of mine who had worked with them in the past few years. We gave them a call and they arrived to our house less than twenty four hours... read more

    Tanya M. Avatar
    Tanya M.

    5 star ratingThe last time my dad was happy with service he received from the moving company was many years ago. However soon as he called these guys and received an estimation from them he knew right away they were the real... read more

    Brooklynn C. Avatar
    Brooklynn C.
  • 5 star ratingFrom the very instant these guys walking to your house you know that you are in great hands, very professional and experienced group of movers. Could not have imagined this entire move to have gone any smoother just for the... read more

    Brooklyn M. Avatar
    Brooklyn M.

    5 star ratingI had to move from Austin to California, but I couldn't drive my car due to my bad health condition at the time. My friend recommended Trico to me and I never regretted it. Very on time and not even... read more

    Tina E. Avatar
    Tina E.

    5 star ratingI used Trico Long Distance Movers to move my 1 bedroom apartment with many valuable stuff. The crew arrived in the morning. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were so professional. They packed everything so fast but carefully.... read more

    Judy L. Avatar
    Judy L.
  • 5 star ratingjust got a new job near Austin and i needed to have my things moved up a week after i arrived so that i could get everything in order. I found this company to be very accommodating to my needs... read more

    Sabrina N. Avatar
    Sabrina N.

    5 star ratingI had to move some belongings from San Marcos and found a discount for Trico Long Distance. They quoted me a great price and came ready to work! All my stuff was packaged very safely and nothing was damaged in... read more

    Carolena S. Avatar
    Carolena S.

    5 star ratingTrico Long Distance Movers Austin showed their great professionalism and desire to make their customer service the best. I enjoyed working with this moving company, because the price for the move was fair and the movers were great. They handled... read more

    Debra N. Avatar
    Debra N.

Top Reasons Why People Choose Trico

Barcode Inventory

Barcoded Inventory List

Hate losing items during a move? We do too. That’s why we bar code your inventory so we don’t miss anything.

Flat price

Get flat price quotes on the services you choose, with no hidden fees.

Flat price no hidden fees

Flat price no hidden fees

Flat price

Get flat price quotes on the services you choose, with no hidden fees.

Easy Booking

Easy booking

Book your job in a matter of minutes as long as you provide us all the info needed.



Explore Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital of the state of Texas. It is the heart of Texas with its relentless growth, economic stability and love for fun. There are endless reasons why to move here. It is not only the fastest growing city in Texas, but in the United States. There is an influx of people flocking to Austin all eager to enjoy the opportunities and wonders the city provides. Despite it becoming a great metropolis that people come to it can still boast on its numerous natural splendors. It is home to great lakes and rivers. The capital is always vibrant and alive with all sorts of activities and awesome people to match. It has developed from a large college town to one of the largest cities in the nation.

Job opportunities

Austin is a great place to start any career since it supports everyone who is willing to work. It has an incredibly stable economy that provides safety to all its inhabitants which in turn enables them to enjoy all the entertainment the city has to offer. Austin is well known for its steady job market, especially for its boom in tech jobs. It is also a city that has its fair share of small businesses all catering to the growing community. With so many companies moving to Austin and jobs opening up, many people move to the city in search of a better job and most find it. The city is so efficient it has an unemployment rate lower than the national average. As a bonus it is in Texas, which means no state income tax.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Austin is a little higher than the national average. This is mostly due to the higher housing cost. But once you take care of that Austin makes up for that with its low cost of living and high-quality lifestyle. Everyone who experiences it falls in love with the lavish life Austin can provide. The low costs of living are worth the higher price range for homes and eventually make up for it.


No matter where you are relocating to you want to be sure that the quality of education is good. There are many educational programmes available to the citizens of Austin There are great schools for all ages and interests. The city offers various public and private schools for all children. As far as higher education some of the best Universities and Colleges are located in the area. Here is a look at some of the best universities in the nation.


There is always something happening in Austin. Regardless of what time of year it is or how late it is, activities are plenty. There are events for all ages and interests. Whatever you are into the city provides:

Music Festivals

Austin is known as the live music festival of the world, and for a good reason. There are countless shows being played, and no matter the time of day or day of the week you are sure to find a great live performance.


Austin is a city perfect for recreation. With its warm weather all year round and countless areas for sports and activities the people of Austin are no strangers to the fit life. The park provides miles and miles for running, biking or hiking. Outdoor activities are plentiful and widespread, any activity you can think of be it swimming, running, acro yoga etc. chances are you will see people taking part in it in Austin.


Any sports fan will fit right into Austin. The city is proud of its powerful presence in all sports be it football, basketball or baseball. Crowds of fans can be seen at games and the atmosphere is always inspirational. If you decide to move to Austin and are a sports fan you have to attend a home game.

Outdoor Activities

Austin in full of places where you can go for a hike or a run. It has the best trails for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Do you think Austin is the place for you? If so, waste no more time- contact Trico Long Distance Movers and let us help you move to your new home. Our representatives will be happy to answer any question you may have and will provide you with additional information about our services.

Does Austin sound like it could be your new home? If so contact Trico Long Distance Movers to get the reliable and affordable long distance movers that will get you to your home. Our customer service will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and procedures. A new life in Austin is just a call away, so there’s no need for you to continue searching for Cleveland movers, you’ve already found one of the best movers in the business.

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