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        Arizona Movers

        Arizona has become one of the fastest-growing states. Since the pandemic began, the population rose to 7.3 million and is still growing. Among the reasons many people are drawn to the Grand Canyon State are the low living costs and breathtaking scenery. Our experienced Arizona movers will be able to organize your relocation to this stunning state. Call Trico Long Distance Movers, and you won’t have any regrets.

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        Searching for the Top-Rated Cross-Country Moving Services? Choose Our Arizona Movers

        Have you started budgeting for your move? Do you require all the necessary details well ahead of your relocation? We will be able to make this process much easier and smoother if you contact us in time. When deciding to invest in long-distance moving services, our customer support team will provide you with all the information related to your relocation. Also, with a complete inventory list, we can give you a free estimate.

        Having an inventory list will make it easier for our team to calculate the expenses for the move. We recommend that our customers walk through their homes and note all of their belongings they would like to have transported to the new address. In case the customer forgets to write something down or wants to change something, it’s absolutely fine. Still, our company requires a full inventory list 24 hours before the moving day.

        You won’t deal with any problems or difficulties when moving with our reliable company. Our countless satisfied customers have left positive reviews on our website, and we have considerable experience in relocating people from one state to another. We don’t just transport household items – we can ship your car and store some of your belongings in our safe storage units.

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        Get Our Top-Notch Free Packing Services

        If you are looking for the most reliable crew to pack up your heavy and big items and load them into the truck, you should search no more. Our professional packers have safely packed and prepared various homes for relocation for a number of years now. TVs, dressers, kitchen appliances, couches, beds, and glass tables will be safe in our movers’ capable hands.

        As soon as you request our moving services, you automatically get our standard packing service option. So, one might ask what this option entails? Our packers will arrive at your house with necessary supplies like packing paper, bubble wrap, and mattress covers in order to take care of your things. They will pack up your bulky belongings as well as disassemble and assemble items that cannot fit in a regular-sized box. Your furniture, appliances, and equipment will be safely loaded into our truck.

        Customers Can Choose Between Two Additional Options – Partial or Full Packing Service

        We also offer packing services that come at an additional cost and are not included in the free quote. Each client can choose to request an option that best suits their needs. You should consider informing our long-distance moving company what you want packed so our customer support team can advise you on what is the best option for you. We have two options one can choose from – full and partial packing options.

        The first type is the most convenient since the client doesn’t have to worry about any of their items getting properly packed or loaded into the truck. Our professional crew will bring all the supplies and place all the items in as many boxes as necessary. On the other hand, the second type is reserved for individuals who don’t require all household items to be professionally packed. The crew can use up to fifteen boxes to pack listed stuff. Do not hesitate to contact our agents for additional information.

        What Should The Client Do When They are Preparing Valuables for the Move

        Do you own expensive artwork or modern equipment? Are you worried about transporting your valuable items in regular cardboard boxes? If the answer is yes, we have a simple solution to offer you. In these situations, our team recommends investing in wooden crating.

        If you know the exact dimensions and characteristics of your expensive items, we will be able to provide you with a custom-made crate where all of your items can be safely stored. These wooden crates are specifically designed to protect any item from damage, external factors, and conditions inside the transport vehicle. In short, the client won’t have to deal with any anxiety about transporting their valuables.

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        Do You Require Car Shipping Service? We Are Able to Help You

        Our primary goal is to do everything in our power so that our clients are satisfied with their relocation. Each client can rely on our team’s capabilities and knowledge about transporting belongings to another location. But, we can also handle your vehicle. Each customer can choose to request auto transport service separately or in a bundle with other long-distance moving services.

        We have special carriers that can transport your vehicle to any destination. The client only has to inform us about how many cars they want shipped and their characteristics. The free quote depends on the type of vehicle. If the car is heavier and longer, the price will be higher.

        Select Open or Enclosed Trailers When Cross Country Moving to AZ

        Getting your vehicle across the country is easy with high-quality carriers. The customer has the freedom to choose the type of carrier that meets their requirements in the best way. The options are:

        • Shipping a car in open trailers – This type of carrier is convenient and affordable. We recommend this option to customers who have more than one vehicle ready for shipping. As many as nine cars can be transported on open trailers. The only drawback is that the carriers don’t have a roof, so the vehicles will be exposed to rain, snow, or sun. However, our experienced team will do everything possible to secure and protect each car.
        • Shipping a car in an enclosed trailer – Clients who emphasize the importance of protecting their expensive vehicles should consider requesting this option. The main advantage is the safe and protected space the vehicle will be transported in. The carriers have sidewalls and a roof, so no outside factors can damage the cars.

        What is more, our clients can rely on the best auto insurance in the country. We can assure you that each customer will receive financial compensation in case of any external damage to the vehicle. The cars shipped on enclosed trailers are insured for up to 500,000 dollars and those shipped on open trailers are insured for up to 100,000 dollars.

        Get Door-to-Door Auto Transport or Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery

        Each client will have specific wants and requirements. For this reason, we have prepared two different delivery options one can select. The first option is door-to-door delivery. The client can expect to have their car shipped from their front door directly to the new location. They are only obliged to disable the alarm and hand over the keys to our professional drivers.

        Another option is also available – terminal-to-terminal delivery. Clients who live in areas our truck cannot access should opt for this option. The client will have to drive the vehicle to a designated location where our crew will pick it up. They will proceed to ship the vehicle to a regional terminal where the client should come and pick up the car.

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        Cross-Country Movers From Arizona Offer Storage Services Too

        Do you own old books and magazines? Where will you put your old furniture and outdated appliances? What about all the kids’ toys they are not currently playing with? We have a simple answer to these questions. Getting storage units would be the best option for all clients. Place in them all of the things you don’t want to move to your new home right away. We will pack and safely store each item in our climate-controlled storage containers. The spaces are constantly monitored, and only a certain number of people can access the storage. Still, the greatest perk of having your things stored in our available units is that our storage services are free for the first month.


        With Our Company, You Will Have the Best Moving Insurance By Your Side

        No one can know exactly how each relocation will go. Unexpected situations sometimes happen, and terrible accidents can cause some of the client’s belongings to get smashed, damaged, or lost. So, if anything happens, the customer can count on moving insurance. We have two types of insurance – minimum liability insurance and Full Value Replacement. The first type of insurance is included in the estimate and guarantees each client 60 cents per pound for any item that breaks or gets damaged during the move.

        The second type ensures that the customer will receive financial reimbursement at the full value of the damaged object. However, we can only insure the things from the inventory list you provide us with. Also, this insurance can’t cover anything the client packed by themselves.


        What Is Living in Grand Canyon State Really Like?

        Arizona is located in the Southwestern United States, and it is bordered by California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. The popular nicknames for this state are the “Grand Canyon State” and the “Copper State” – the Grand Canyon is located right here, and it has produced copper from mineral deposits. The capital of the state is Phoenix, the largest state capital in the whole country. Also, it is known for its hot climate, desert landscape, and abundant cacti.

        Considered by many to be the most beautiful state in the US, AZ has some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes and topography. There are as many as 22 state parks where you can enjoy gorges, flatlands, hills, mountains, and striped rocks. The well-known natural wonder, the Grand Canyon, has breathtaking views. There are many lookout points and trails in the North and South Rim where one can go and experience nature’s beauty. Other fantastic places are Havasu Falls, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and Red Rock State Park.

        This historically important state is a place of cultural diversity. The population is diverse since it is located near Mexico. Here you will find 22 Native American tribes, some of which are Hopi, Navajo, and Apache. The cultural influences have shaped the tradition, architecture, art, and food in the state. Out of this diversity stems the great importance residents place on cultural opportunities. Numerous galleries, museums, and native crafts represent interesting places to visit. The globally famous Heard Museum showcases the culture of indigenous tribes and has many cultural artifacts and exhibits.

        Apart from cultural opportunities, people also enjoy fun outdoor recreational activities. From hiking and climbing to bike riding, one can find ample opportunities for spending quality time outside.

        Low Prices are the Advantage of Living in the Grand Canyon State

        What is surprising about the Copper State is its low living expenses. The costs are 5% lower than the national average. Life in Phoenix for a four-member family is estimated to cost about 2,700 dollars per month. Of course, this doesn’t include the housing. For a young professional or a student, the calculated costs equal 2,000 dollars. The prices are reasonable and affordable here, with the median home price being 285,000 dollars, while in the biggest city in the state, Phoenix, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 1,500 dollars.

        What Are the Cities in Arizona Like?

        Having a chance to live in Arizona’s diverse cities is a dream come true. Whether you choose Scottsdale, Mesa, or the Phoenix Metropolitan area, you will enjoy living. The key to selecting the perfect cities is knowing your priorities. Here are some cities to look out for:

        • Phoenix – Located in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix seems to be the perfect place for residents. It boasts a rich history, outstanding resorts, and a unique food scene. Tourists and retirees flock to Phoenix because of the low living costs, championship golf courses, and fine restaurants. With a population of 1.6 million people, the city offers a suburban and urban lifestyle where both young professionals and families can find their perfect home. Throughout Phoenix, there are many coffee shops, parks, bars, and museums.
        • Scottsdale – Just east of Phoenix, one will find the city of Scottsdale. It is a place with an abundant number of palm trees, golf courses, resorts, wide boulevards, and exclusive neighborhoods. In the Old Town, visitors usually go to see historic buildings and public art and experience exquisite restaurants. Those interested in outstanding galleries and fashion boutiques would love the west part of Scottsdale. Also, it has an overall suburban feel.
        • Tucson – This small city offers exceptional recreational opportunities and an exciting downtown rich in history. Those that want to relax and escape the stress of big cities should go to Tucson’s luxury resort. Here you will get to see the spacious campgrounds and an incredible national park. Some of the oldest streets in the country are located in the downtown area, where one can enjoy Spanish-Mexican and Anglo-American architecture.
        Phoenix, Arizona, USA downtown cityscape at dusk.

        Are You Leaving the Grand Canyon State? Contact Trico Long Distance Movers Company

        It might be great fun to live in the Copper State and have a chance to enjoy the beautiful canyons and national parks. Still, many residents must leave and relocate to another state. If you are searching for long-distance movers near me to relocate you to another destination, don’t overlook Trico Long Distance Movers. Our capable team will prepare, pack and transport all of the necessary belongings to another home in record time. Just pick up the phone and give us the inventory list.

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